josh-applegate-141715Good morning guys. I trust your weekend has been a bliss and that you’re looking forward to an even better second week of September. Well, I am. Now what I’m about to share today apparently is a real story. Someone shared it with me and asked me to write about it. I however did not know how to judge the situation as it has been more than two weeks, since I was told about it. Let’s hope we can say something and come to an agreement at the end.

In a certain village, there lived a man who was married to his wife. I do not know much about the man, but I know the wife was devout. In Kikuyu we love to call such a woman, “Mutumia Ngatha”. I believe she is the woman that Proverbs 31 talks about. The woman was the kind who was constantly on her knees. If you asked me, the very strength she had on her knees that she would constantly lift up her husband and her home in prayer, was the same strength that kept the family together.

It was until later that her husband decided to marry a second wife. There is not much to say about the second wife, but she was not as devout as the first. Not much is known about her background and Christianity and so we will not judge the situation. In most cases, when a man decides to go for a second wife, the first is still there but often abandoned. She watches while the new baby is pampered and she wallows in sadness but without a say.

Wife number one continued to pray. She knew her wifely duty was not only to cook and to feed her husband, Her main duty was to keep her family together in prayer. Here is how I didn’t want to judge the situation but a few questions of course did go through my mind.

  • Why would the husband go for wife number 2?

It is a difficult situation to judge but we will often find that something must have triggered the fact that this man did so. However, to have identified his wife and promised to love her till death do them part, is a promise he did not get to fulfill. When a person is not filled with Jesus in his heart, he will often lose sight of the love he first identified. He is able to only see with the physical eyes while the spiritual are asleep.

  • Were the first wife’s prayers not good enough?

They say, prayer changes things. I do not even know whether there came a time that the man let go of the second wife he had brought home. But i know that the first wife was constantly in prayer for her husband and for her home. Could we honestly say that the wife’s prayers often went unheard? No. The thing is that some things we do are still part of God’s plan and the first wife needed to trust the process. It is never easy before the answer comes by but we can stand in the hope that the wife’s tears eventually were wiped away.

  • Was the husband committing sin?

But who am I to judge. Some of us may decide to look at the lives of men of God in the Bible and especially the Old Testament and say, they would often marry two or more. But Jesus came and made everything new. Today we stand on the fact that a man shall leave his family, his father and his mother. He shall be be joined with his wife and they shall become one. So was the husband committing sin?

When we think at this whole scenario, it is difficult to understand. As a human being, it is not in my position to judge the husband or the second wife he got to bring home. I can say one thing however. That there is so much to the process that leads us to marriage. That is where we need to invite the presence of Jesus in our relationships, so that we can endure the challenges of marriage rather than escape to find answers.

You may be in a relationship that is currently on the rocks and the option is to end it. At the beginning, you may have wanted to marry or get married to. What changes? These monsters we begin to see. What brings them about?

The reason why most times relationships and marriages are failing and leading us to alternative options is because we are dissatisfied and either looking for perfection. That should not be the case. We meet people in their scars from the past and wounds that are still healing and lessons he or she is still learning. If you are not patient in that, in a relationship you will quit and in a marriage, you will look for an alternative. That is why love is patient, and it is kind. 

I would say that the first wife really wanted to save the marriage. To keep the husband and have a foundation based on Jesus for the entire home.

I pray today that the Anchor shall steer our relationships. That He shall give us patience and endurance so that we can victoriously get through the challenges of marriage and fulfill the vows we boldly utter before God and all the witnesses.

God bless you for reading. I would so much love to hear from you, and I would appreciate if you shared this widely.

From my heart to yours. 🙂



Hey lovely people. I’m trusting the going has been great. For me, it has been good. Thought provoking and challenging processes but I’m appreciating everything. 

So something happened yesterday along our Thika Superhighway, that has put me at a certain position of thought this morning. It’s obvious that when you are inside that matatu or driving in your own Toyotsu (lol), you will still want to nolstagically look at the spot everything happened. 

In short, there is so much happening in our country. It’s all happening fast and furious, like the torrents of a storm. (forgive my very good English).  Lol. 

It causes me to think about so much we take for granted as people. I imagine all the vehicles that were involved in that grisly road accident. To think that some were just coming from their offices or hustles, and then their lives just end on that spot. 

I boarded a matatu this morning and we couldn’t go further than Githurai. The vehicle was moving too fast, and there was smoke inside, none could see the other. I began to hit the window so hard asking the tout to ask the driver to stop the matatu. This is a true story by the way. 

When we stopped, one man said “Hii gari inachomeka”. How I flew out of that bus, you wouldn’t want to imagine considering my body build. I was out in splits of seconds from the very back seat. As we were storming out, one man says “mnaskiza mwendawazimu akisema gari inachomeka”

That left me thinking. There is so much we take for granted. He ranted that we listened to an insane man, but he still stepped out with the rest of us who wanted to save our lives. Truth be told, the tyres of that bus were smoking and seriously. I tend to imagine what would have happened if we didn’t choose to ask the driver to stop the bus. I wouldn’t want to think of an early morning road carnage. It has been too much. 

These have just been lessons for me in such a short time to show us how much we take for granted. The accident yesterday for instance. We always think that since we are commuting just within Nairobi and taking short distances, accidents are so not a concern. Well, they are. May the souls of the departed in that accident rest in eternal peace. 

This is also the same way we take God for granted when there is so much we assume. When it is clearly stated in His word, obey, it we are the kinds of Christians who are either struggling to obey or choose not to obey at all. How much we have taken Him for granted. 

Think about it today. What is it you are taking for granted? Does it risk your life? Does it risk your relationships? Does it risk your relationship with God? I would sincerely love to hear from you in the comment box below. God bless you. 

From my heart to yours. 


ryan-moreno-99460It is a lovely morning and so should all you guys be. I’m at a really happy place at this particular moment and I will be telling you in a few. But first, how are you and how has the going been like for you? You remember how I have become lately? Inconsistent? It is still not my fault. I keep mentioning it because it is something I am working on and looking forward to making a few changes here and there.

I not only write blogs and stories, as most would think. I also get to read books that typically get me up there. Books with a message. But guess what, I haven’t done that in close to a year? That’s embarrassing and yet we get to say that it is something one loves to do. If you love it, then do it all the time. 🙂

Now here is a little story. There’s this book I have wanted to read since 4 months ago. I would often carry it in my bag. It is a big book by the way and considering I took it from somewhere because I figured out the owner wasn’t reading it, I decided to just read it. Yes, and I ‘read it’. For four months I truly did. Lol!

Anyway, it is a big book and with time I couldn’t carry it in my bag anymore. I mean, who was I lying to? I just placed it on my table ad promised it to read it some other time, when I have time. I like how we humans are. We never have time for anything honestly.

Today, I put it back in my bag. I didn’t assure myself to read it, but I just carried it with me. I use public means to get to work and there is a point along Thika Road, just before survey where traffic gets to build up, and then a little just before Muthaiga through to Pangani. My mind was in soliloquy with itself. ‘Do I just sleep the remaining journey, or do i just stare out like anyone else?’ Guess what! I got the book and began reading the first chapter! What have I been doing all this time?

Here are two things I felt as I was reading that book:

  • A sense of calmness

I felt like there was some inner peace that began to build up the moment I began reading that book. Like every message was an answer to so many questions I have been asking self. You get? It left me looking forward to end of day and getting stuck in traffic when going back home, and I will get to read it again.

  • A great excitement

My day was practically boosted with oomph and joy. I would have wished to jump and down at how I felt really but I held myself. Sometimes I can get insane, really insane and it is a stubborn kind of insane.

So the thing is, there are certain things you know you love to do and you either started them and stopped in the process, or you abandoned it completely. So you have been wondering why you are constantly unhappy and maybe feeling empty. It is mostly because you no longer do what you love to do, and nothing else can give you a lasting fulfillment or excitement.

Maybe you can take some time in your day today to make that review, and see how you can help yourself get back on the fulfilling and excitement track. I’m looking forward to hearing from you today 🙂

Thank you for reading. From my heart to yours. 🙂


Heeeey guys! I need some really good beating because of how inconsistent I have been with writing. But I can be very honest, I’m really trying. How have you been since we last had a conversation? Were you here? 

So some thought crossed my mind today. It is more like giving credit where it’s due, but in simpler terms we will call it being grateful or even simplest terms, appreciating. Yes. Simple right? Well, the impact won’t be this simple. 

There used to be this lady who’s name was Vanessa. She was beautiful, she was young and she had all things going good. She had a beautiful life, so to say because much of what would be known was what was seen. 

Vanessa kept much to herself and not much of what was going on inside her beautiful soul would even be known. One day, she just came up to me and told me how much she would love to feel appreciated by the most sincerest of comments. You know? All she needed was sincerity. 

When I came to think of it at the beginning, I thought to myself, “Really Vanessa? Why would that even matter? ” I mean. She just needed to live her life right? It was her journey, they were her accomplished. 

But come to think of it, I came to see the whole scenario from a different kinda light. When we get to appreciate, it often improves self esteem, it even boosts the zest and morale of doing better even twice as much. 

Imagine if I came to you and I told you, “Lady, you look spectacular today, and I’m loving how you are putting in some extra effort in your daily duties” 😊 Simple yes, but it will honestly go a long, long way. 

Husbands need to often tell their wives they are beautiful and vice versa. If not, then why fuss when someone else appreciates Them? 

Children need to often thank their parents for so much they have done. If not, why cry when they are no more and you can no longer tell them all that? 

Boyfriends appreciate your ladies and vice versa. If not, why lament when it is someone else’s duty to do what you didn’t Do? 

I would have seen Vanessa’s sentiments at the time as very vague and useless, but sometimes it only takes one simple and positive comment of appreciation to make someone better than they have been. 

It takes that simple statement to make one believe in themselves. If you have someone in your life today whom you haven’t appreciated in a while, I dare you to do it this week. 

Tell them you love them. Tell them they are beautiful. Tell them they are handsome. Tell them you appreciate all that they do. It’ll be better than you ever have thought. 

Thank you so much for Reading! I’m looking forward to hearing from you. 

From my heart to yours. 😊


It has yet again been a while before I got here to say something, but I’m ever so grateful for every opportunity that I get. So today I want to get a bit so real with you. I am often used to giving stories and experiences and hardly get to talk about myself. Well to be honest, most of what I write are things I have been through, but then again, give them as lessons we all can learn from.

This past week has been quite good for me. I got to spend so much time by myself and there are answer I must say I got by being in the quiet. It often happened especially during those times that I was in the house by myself and had often hoped to have company. But it was the contrary, alone time is divine and it is powerful.

For the longest, I have walked in the shadow of many. It was quite clear that my opinion never mattered. Not even to self. If I had an idea, I would talk it out and perhaps not even get to implement the same. Not even if it carried so much weight and would possibly have a great reward after.

Right now I sit and say to myself that if I had done things differently, I would be a really different person today. I have been raised up as one who is very quiet but with time I got so outspoken and it became poisonous. Yes. Too much talk and very little action is dangerous and derailing. Ask me, I will tell you how. You would rather be known for one who never speaks at all, yet success speaks out so loudly for you.

Another lesson I got to learn by being alone is that I boldly get to point out something I note. It’s honesty. I was often approached with denial and negativity but still, I spoke out and I remained quite calm there after. I was truly myself. Often spending time with people and never having enough time for myself caused me to live in others shadows than my own true self. I for a long time had lost my sense of purpose because I wasn’t truly me.

Some of my dreams had been long forgotten, yet from time to time they’d linger in my head. I would often remember something I had wanted to do, but didn’t even do it at the end of the day. It’s a painful and sad truth that I only shall live with.

But as they say, there is always a beaming ray of hope. While so much gets into the darkest, there’s a certain kind of light that never goes out. A light that no one ever can dim. If only you got a hold of this light, then you will not need to dwell on what has not been, but you can strongly begin to cling to what can be instead.

This light that’s ever shining bright is you. There can never be another you. That is why, only you can amend the mistakes you’ve done, for many, many years. Only you can remember the very spot you created when you had hoped to make that difference from. You only can trace the steps, it doesn’t matter how long ago you walked that path and along the way took a different direction. You can still find your way back.

The thing I’m trying to say today is, often our minds, and our characters can easily get altered if we do not find some moments to spend with ourselves. Alone however, we are always able to go back to the drawing board and see how we’ve been progressing. In silence still, the Good Lord gets to speak. He gives answers in the most despairing moments and despairing situations.

Today, I can talk. It’s quite different from the time I used to be a little girl. I’m now a grown lady who can often raise concerns and come up with solutions, and mostly alone. Thanks to alone time. It’s truly divine.

Thank you so much for reading. This is from my heart to yours. 🙂


ashley-bean-90639.jpgGuys, did you miss me? You bet I have missed you more! For real. I haven’t been so very consistent in my writing art and that’s because there is a lot happening at the same time. Yes, I don’t know what to fix where, when and how. However, I have chosen to use this day to be able to put something up for you that I have gotten to learn over time. In one way or another, I hope that it is going to help us all and make us feel some typa way.

There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear. That’s the Biblical kinda love and I’m sure most of us are so familiar with this scripture. A good example to it is demonstrated by God, and His only Son Jesus Christ. The first demonstration is in John 3:16- For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him may not perish, but have everlasting life! And illustration 2? Mark 14:36 Jesus prayed, “Father, Everything is possible for You. Take this cup from me, yet not what I want, but what You will”

Christ Jesus gave Himself up not only to fulfill the Father’s will, but mostly because He loved us so greatly and that is why the fear for death on a cross, a painful death on a cross was overcome by a great love He had for all of us. That is why today I want to use an unlimited kind of love as an example to help change the fact that we are so limiting in love to the people we claim to love so much and with all of our hearts.

  • Be honest.

If you love, by all means it needs to be a sincere kind of love. God had the chance to revoke His decision on sending His Son down on the cross to die for us but what He felt for us was so sincere, He didn’t imagine creating us and watching us perish. Jesus also had an opportunity to reject the passion, but out of an honest love, He died and conquered sin. So, would you love in such honesty, without a need to take other different decisions that allow for several other conditions? If truly you love someone, love them without conditions and without limits. Let is flow!

  • Pray and communicate

The only way Jesus maintained a good and steady relationship with His Father and with His closest friends who were the disciples was because He often spent time alone in prayer. He prayed so that He would know when and how to communicate. For instance, when there was a raging storm in the sea and the disciples were scared and woke Him up from His sleep, He stilled the waters in trusting God that the situation would calm, and gently He asked His disciples why they had such little faith yet He was with them.

In the same way, we will experience certain storms of our lives because of love, and when we don’t pray, we fail to communicate the proper way. But in trusting God to calm the storms in our hearts, He is equally able to give us the right words to speak.

  • Be intentional and exclusive

There is bound to be a lot of hiccups in every journey of love. The most important thing is to have an intention and the intention should just be to love. If we allow the wind get to sway us from side to side, if from time to time we let ourselves lean on opinion, we get to forget our intention, which should be the very first thing we should have in our hearts. If Jesus didn;t have an intention to die for our sins because He loved us, if He listened to the inner voices of fear and doubt, we would not be here today. His intention was our redemption and redeemed we were. We got another chance.

Similarly, we too need to have an intention in love. Inner voices will tell us not to go further, inner voices will tell us to seek alternatives, inner voices will tell us to listen to the mind and not to the heart. Intention surpasses all doubt.

  • God’s will over selfishness.

Over time, I have realized that I have prayed so much for what I want. I would tell God this and that, and stick at it with all of my heart. While the Bible says in Psalm 37:4, Delight Yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of Your heart, He means that we need to trust His will. It is okay to tell Him that I desire to love one with all of my heart, to marry them and vice versa, to be with them all the days of my life, but it is even more appropriate to say, “Lord, they belong to You. Not what I want, but what I will”. It is so magical, the beauty that gets to unfold with just trusting God’s will.

I would wish to talk so much about how to conquer fear with true love but the truth is all in God’s word and that is why I quoted a few scriptures. However, the greatest lesson I learned from all of this is that if we are living in such great fear, it is because we are selfish enough not to surrender to God’s will. When we let God and His will manifest greatly in our lives and in the lives of the people we love, He is able to reveal certain truths to us which we never knew before. Love truly. Love greatly. Love intentionally, and most importantly, surrender to God’s will.

Happy Wednesday. #iChoosePeace for my country Kenya!

From my heart to yours with love.


julien-lavallee-93749Hello good people! I trust you are doing great. Me? I am better than you can imagine. It has been more than a month I believe, that I haven’t been able to post anything. Questions came in a lot on my blog silence but I really did want to. Let’s say it was a tightness of schedule that was beyond me, but now I’m back and I will try to be as consistent as I was with you before.

It was in the month of May that I came across this quote, let joy be the theme of your life, with hope and faith leading you on. I did try to live it for a while but I can tell you that on several occasions, I failed miserably. Yes. However, a few minutes ago I was going through my Pinterest and I came across this, A quote is a quote until you implement it. You can agree with me that there is so much truth to that, right?

There will be certain times in life where we would rather allow so much come and steal our joy, even when they are things we can either control or completely ignore. Take for instance, a person whom you have to meet at the workplace everyday, and you are pretty sure you do not like them one bit. It is not like you did anything to them but they perhaps felt you were not worth loving. It is difficult to come to terms with the fact that you are unloved for no reason, and we would rather stick to that feeling that as a result envelopes as hate for another or that specific person that hates you too.

Why then would walking the joy lane be important?

  • It is freeing.

In all honesty, there is a freeing kinda feeling in being a snob of what brings you pain. This is because much of the pain is exerted by ourselves because we are quite scared of the outcome and we end up so worried about life. When I learned there are several people that hate me sincerely and some for o good reason, at first I was so heartbroken. You know? But later in slowly letting go, I have experienced some little freedom and peace.

  • We find other reasons to be happy

Some will choose to dwell on the fact that they are not a cup of coffee for many, while others will choose to simply remind themselves often that I am hated and not liked by some. One person told me that not all people will like me and I learned to deal with the fact that some people simply never will. Since then, I found little ways to keep myself busy and to just allow the little moments of happiness stay with me even if they lasted just a moment.

  • You become yourself.

When you walk under other people’s opinions of why they sometimes dislike you, you will realize that the natural element of being yourself begins to slowly go away. You begin to simply try to impress them to win some love for them. However, letting go and not having to interact with them allows you to keep being yourself. I’m sure you know of so many people who have been themselves, even when the world seemed to be against them. It’s about who and what’s inside you.

While these maybe some of the good experiences you may have if you learned to just be yourself and ignore the fact that you are unloved by some without any just course, it is good for me to mention that it will not be easy. There will always be a lump in your throat when you think about them. This day I pray that we shall find that strength to let go and to believe that we are important. No one is bad or evil, and no one deserves to be despised. We would hate on people’s behavior, but it is so wrong to hate on the people themselves.

If you are carrying that baggage of self pity and low self esteem because you are unloved, embrace what you do best and feel gets to bring an impact. Be around those people who appreciate your company and vice versa, and be as far away as possible from those who seem to hate you, both mentally and physically.

This life is a brood of all, but the most important thing to remember is that you are the most important person in this world. Let joy be the theme of your life, with hope and faith leading you on.

God bless you.