5ece59a330bafe3d27cec5c935c8fd6aYou will agree with me that the commitment bit is never so easy. She’d come back yes,but it wasn’t easy. In fact, the relationship was a bit difficult to stay in this time. There were so many insecurities around her and many times she opted to leave the relationship. The very insecurity she suffered with was distrust and and unforgiveness. When she’d been away, things had always seemed to go south because her love was no longer there to give answers to her questions.

She found it difficult to look into the eyes of her love like she would do before. This is because of all she’d allowed into her life during that time they’d been apart. She was in love and in pain at the same time. He love’s feelings didn’t seem to fluctuate like hers did. She had found a love that had come to stay,a love that was swilling to take back,a love that was willing to forgive totally.  This was however the assurance her love gave to her.

  • When I said I do, I took you as you were, I still do

What an assurance of love. For most relationships, you will hear statements like, “You have really changed.”, “This is not who I intended to marry.”, “I don’t think we still stand a chance of  doing this together still.” Slap me right in the face if all these I’m saying is a lie. Lol! He knew she belonged with her and it didn’t matter how many times she’d come in different states. She loved her and she knew that this love would eventually change her. At least His hope was never swayed.

  • My forgiveness is everyday, my mercy new each morning!

My goodness. When last did your love say that to you? He probably was was so furious and threw all your stuff out the window. Oh, or vice versa. I’m not trying to speak badly of commitments, I’m only trying to drive this point home. When He assured her of the forgiveness and the mercy, He truly meant it. That encouraged her to know that every time she fell, she had a place to empty herself. A place to cry and obtain mercy and forgiveness without condition.

  • No matter how far you run, you will never be too far gone from me

This is what anyone of us would want. I mean,knowing that when I decide to slam the door in your handsome face and leave, I wold turn back and find you right there. Hahaha, I’m I dreaming? You’d have locked the door after the slamming and gone ahead to watch that amazing series without me. His was special. You slammed that door, He open it and waits for you to look back and He is there with open arms. “My love, are you there waiting for me like this?” I’m sure He smiled at me too and said, “My Princess, I have been here all this while.”

  • Do not feel embarrassed in my presence

It is obvious that when we have gone and done all that stuff, we feel like we don’t want to come back. Deep down we know we are unlovable,we are dirty,we are filthy and we have stooped so low and looking up to Him again becomes an act of strain. For Him, He didn’t look at all that. He looked at the heart and its willingness to come back and that is all He had looked at all while.But her pride, well. It is a love you cannot resist coming back to.

Why did I write this “I do post” and twice? It is a lesson to us that feel we can longer face Him. I’m sure if you have read my previous post, you probably know that I am already planning to take Him from her…… (I’m joking). You have probably been at a similar place. You have fallen deep in sin, and you are clothed in filth. It’s what we like to say.

It’s amazing that the Lord,our love has not been looking at all that. All He has been waiting for was your change of heart. He has been waiting for your heart to spark with love for Him once more. His heart has been bleeding in pain at your coldness towards Him. In all this pain, His love didn’t change.

Are you ashamed?Have you stopped coming to church because you know you will find Him and He will probably reject you? One, you will not find Him in church only.When He says “You are not far gone”, He means that even when you go to the ends of the earth, you will only need to take a step back. He is closer than close.

He calls you in your state.He loves you as you are and His love is ready to transform you once again. Come as you are, He will set you free. John 8:36 says “If the Son of man sets you free, You are free indeed!”

Hey people and Happy Saturday! Well this is part two and the last part of a post I did two days ago, and I hope the message has been passed. This is one love you cannot resist.A love that is not racist,a love without condition, a love that bleeds with pain at your rejection. You may prefer all else, but this love will wait for you without getting tired.

Thank you so much for reading and getting encouraged. I’m open to receive your thoughts in the comments box below,and for questions, reach me on my email; lucykiongo12@gmail.com. Have a great long weekend and this is all from my heart to yours! 🙂


18197804_1340730199336938_1019437622_n.jpg It’s amazing how fast these children grow.. It was just the other day, she was being held in our arms. It honestly feels like last night. She would cry so much and especially when her mommy was not around. I remember one night her mum had traveled out the country and we had to stay up all night soothing her to sleep which she would not do.

Days, years have now passed and this Angel turns four today. I must admit she’s one confident girl I have known in my life. Sometimes I ask myself where all this confidence comes from cos I’m almost the exact opposite. Hehe!

So Foi, this is my prayer for you as you get into an absolutely new chapter of your life, of days that are to come that you know nothing about.

  • May the Lord bless you and favor you.
  • May you grow to serve in the presence of kings.
  • May you always find an avenue to express yourself and who you are.
  • May you not be failed by health but enjoy health of body and peace of mind.
  • May you increase in knowledge and great wisdom.
  • May this very day mark the beginning of the best days of your life.

From my big heart to your beautiful little one, Happy birthday dear cousin! 🙂


eb2808fde6cf9fdff5e487345d22c09f.jpg“Lucy, what are you doing here today, now and at this hour?” My readers asked. “Well, I decided to just share. To let it off my chest. To bond with you and to just flow with the vibe.” I responded with a funny looking but genuine grin on my face. Haha! How are you guys today? I’m doing extremely well. First, I wore make up today which I haven’t done in a while, second, I love the jeans I’m in cos I look a bit skinny in it, third, I felt really nice having some really awesome conversation with a friend while in the matatu today, and lastly but most importantly, this is the day that the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it! Did you just feel some vibrating in your heart when I said rejoice? C’mon! Did your heart vibrate?

Let me say I’m not trying to be cheeky this morning. For your information, I don’t even write on Fridays. It’s usually a day I’m preparing an outpouring for Saturday but my heart was pumping too hard I had to. For you. Goodness, don’t I love you guys? Thank you for loving me too, I’m grateful lol. That’s how good today feels. Before I forget, there’s some purple color on my lips today…. uuuuuuuh! I mean, lipstick. Yaaaas!

Let me now get into what I’m driving at. Who are you? What do you know about yourself? Is it enough to help you make an evaluation of what to and what not to do at certain points and times? That’s how important you are in this universe. Both heaven and earth are cheering on you and my friend, you have a task to keep your light shining bright, alright? Yes. Shining bright.

This morning, I was graced enough to have a morning conversation in the matatu (public vehicle) for those not from Kenya who don’t know what I mean by matatu. Yes. Basically what I do most days when I sit in that matatu, (public vehicle) I read that morning word of the day, lsten to music as I find out how people are… Alternatively, I sleep. It’s a free world and I’m as free enough to choose to continue that siesta. Hehe

It was a great coincidence to find out my friend has a passion for writing, like I do! At that moment in time I realized I could open up as much as I could… Wow! Another coincidence, we both had books in our bags that were graduation gifts, how cool is that!!!! Well there is so much we shared and I must tell you, that’s when the idea to do this blog came to mind and I’m here typing, how many words per minute again? Yes! Pause

Continues So like I was saying, where was I again? Yes, I was inspired to bombard you with some humor and some positive vibes today… 🙂 Clap for me cos it’s just about getting real now? Thank you. Madness. I know there is something you have tried for a while now, yes you and it has failed dramatically, it’s unbelievable and now, you’re frustrated enough, you don’t want to talk to me anymore. Well, that’s alright but I’m here, talking to you and giving you a way round it so that you see just how much you’re worth… Okay? Yes, thank you.

  • If it fails after several attempts and efforts, appreciate you tried.

I noticed that so many of us, myself included beat ourselves so hard at the fail of a first or several attempts. Its true yes, but sad. However, in feeling so bad about the failures, we forget the ideas were our very own and the fact that we tried was something. You’re a smart person so you know if from time you have ideas. Let them fail, they are not all meant to be something.

  • Do it differently, or do something different.

Maybe you need to think of it is this way; Why is it always failing? Why is nothing coming from it, even the slightest? That’s when you stop dwelling on the failure and start looking for a solution. The solution is you either need to do it differently, or do something totally different. Things to try are so many, there’s no way we could exhaust them all.

  • Soul search. There’s something inside of you.

I have dwelt on this particular point for the longest. Why? Because I’m affirmative that you are a power that’s moving about.. A power that’s unstoppable and a power that can do the unimaginable. You need to believe it. I also don’t believe it all the time and especially when things are going South for me and I get grouchy, but I’m making an effort.  Once you discover that thing inside of you, a talent or an ability, use it in place of the idea that first failed.

  • You’re blessed

I mostly haven’t seen any of that and it is because the heaviest par of my mind and body chose to lean on the fact that I’m kind of unfortunate. You know? I forget the blessing, the breath and every little thing and don’t see the blessing. But now I know that more than anything, I’m living in the Lord’s abundance and nothing’s gonna change that. He told me (he can relate when I say this) that I needed to appreciate the little things. He loves to tell me that “small blessings open bigger rooms” and I need to start seeing that. I have because today, I’m happy. 🙂

What I’m I trying to drive at in all these? I’m trying to drive at the fact that you won’t succeed at everything because that’s not how it works. It’s going to fail at some point. It’ll get demoralizing yes, but it’s a call to try differently or do something totally different with more enthusiasm. Like Maya Angelou puts it, whatever it is you do; Do it with compassion, with some humor, and some STYLE. Wuuuh! You’ve got all that my dear.

And finally, whatever life throws at you, it shouldn’t alter your kind of person. It shouldn’t allow everyone else notice that you’re going through something. It’ll be much easier to handle all the blows and you’ll still remain standing tall and strong. It is Friday and this was just some positive vibe I couldn’t hold in. Yes, I mean it. So once you read, kindly share your feel, your thoughts in the comments box right below. Ask your questions as well. My email is lucykiongo12@gmail.com.

Thank you very much for reading. All this, from my heart to yours. 🙂



e1ccc96f562d498c8d028555a7069f5b.jpg She could remember just how much joy she’d experienced, the day she’d said yes to Him. At the time, it had automatically seemed to change everything drastically. Most of which she’d not even expected would change. Her face was always radiating and there was a great light in her eyes. She couldn’t explain the great feeling but deep inside she knew that the longing she’d had for a very long time had been filled finally. She needed nothing more. For her, she’d found the love of her life.

Her very good life, bright smiles, sparkling eyes, went on year after year. Nothing seemed to go wrong for her and if anything did, she knew just whom to talk to. Him. Anyone would be surprised to know that one’s love had answers to everything. Yes! Her love, was her answer and to problems, He was a solution. She didn’t want to back out…. This was the life!

………… Her ring was missing, 😦 Her life was in shambles. Her decisions were failing and everything was falling apart. He was still there but it is not like she needed Him anymore. She knew there was something she needed to do but she preferred to do things her way in the meantime. She even gave herself a timeline to be away from Him. She’d allow wrong decisions, bad company, in place of Him. He never had room in her heart and He never got to receive any consultations from her over anything.

While she did all this, she could feel He still loved her greatly. He didn’t judge her at any point. She’d fallen into a life of filth, but He still remained. He didn’t say a word to her, all He longed for, was her coming back to Him. She had said “I do” once and He hoped she’d say it one more time. He could feel her wounded heart, He could see just how much she was trying to choose between her life and Him.

One day, she decided to just allow herself time from everyone. While life away from Him was temporarily worth it, it didn’t fulfill her longing. It had not been as tranquil, peaceful and full of joy as when with Him. It broke her heart to pieces to see and even feel the genuine love from Him. See it through His eyes yet she was so distanced from Him. Her heart was in pieces.

Revelation 2:4-5 Yet I hold this against you, you have forsaken your first love. Remember the height from which you have fallen! Repent and do things you did at first. If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lamp stand from its place.

She now understood why her life had not been the same. All the things she’d done when with Him, all the joy she’d felt when with Him and that great experience she had with Him was no longer there. His place had been taken by so much and her life was more filled with filth.

She was however encouraged in knowing that, His love remained and she needed to come back because her rightful place was with Him! She boldly went back to Him in all her shame for abandoning Him, in all her filth and said to Him, “My love, once more……… I DO!”

Good morning guys! It has been a really great experience sharing this with you. I feel like it is something I just started that will probably need to be continued. I will do so in my next post which is this coming Saturday.

In the meantime, keep looking up because this day is lovely as you are. Share your thought with me in the comments box below. Have a lovely day and thanks for passing by. From my heart to yours. 🙂


To err is human, and to forgive, divine. Well, I know why I innocently used that saying. How are you doing and how is the going lovely people? Still holding your heads I hope because like we’d said initially in a recent post last week, there is no room to bend. 

☝️as it states. It’s a simple rule yes but abiding by it is quite difficult to do. Well, I know I’m still not getting at what I want for us to discuss this fine morning but oh yes, I’m getting at it in a jiffy! 😊

Every single one of us has got a dream they’d want to make a reality. For some it is something small with a very huge impact and for others, it is something very massive in itself, I wonder how it gets to fit in the mind. The good thing however is that it is your dream and only you can make it come true. Only you can make it a reality. 

Life is dynamic and each of us is living it differently. Every one of us is succeeding at it differently. If neither of this is happening to you, my dear I give you permission off your busy day to take a few minutes and have a meeting with self. If your heart isn’t at rest yet, it is probably because you’re sitting waiting for the real thing, which will never come, or there is fear to just do it. The latter is okay until a certain point. In my post today, I will explain a few mysteries and ways we can get to dream in daylight. (My own way of make the dream come true) lol! 

  • Do it on your own first! 

 I tend to believe that something must have caused you to envision yourself at some place in life. Lucy didn’t come and tell you, “I know what you’re thinking Dorah and this is exactly how you need to go round this” no! Just like you’ve envisioned yourself, try all ways possible, failing and rising to get yourself there taking each day at a time. 

  • Speak for self

Yes, this is something very very important. Your dream is vast and may need a lot of resources to just begin, let alone just making it happen. You don’t have what it takes to start but you know once it’s availed to you, you can indeed start doing the Abra kadabras… The magic! The real deal! We know of people that could help and it’s until we’ve spoken for ourselves that the assistance is aided to us. An old woman will ask you to help them with their drum of water, fearlessly, how about you who’s still blooming? 

  • Take chances and risks for your dream

Make friends with people you never thought you’d speak to. Make friends with them because you know they will be for you a network to grow. Borrow ideas, ask for advise. Be proud at a later time when your dream is already beginning to show signs of life. Take risks. For example, be prepared to lose a bit of your social life and even your sleep to start building that great life you’re envisioning. The rest will start falling into place again by itself. 

  • Be all round. 

By this I mean, be a student every single day of your life. I will take the response of Jesus to Satan and explain it in a literal manner.  “Man shall not live by bread alone” Well what I’m trying to say here is that you need to know you’re not average. You are a multi talented and multi gifted person. Whatever your hands can do, let them do. As long as its well worth it, let them do. Don’t live with them mentality of “This is all I have known all my life. It’s therefore the only thing I can do”

  • Be messy, eat a lot but moderately sometimes. 

Well, what I’m I even saying in this point? I mean to say, don’t be boring. Not to yourself especially. Sometimes you may just decide to make yourself a delicious mean and just appreciate it. Sometimes you may decide not to make your bed an entire day. My point is, don’t self judge. Don’t be too harsh on self. You also have a right to be weird, to be crazy and to laugh till your lips begin to crack. Oh yes I mean it. 

Here’s the thing. You only run and chase what you want. Not what anyone else tells you. You will run after being a sales person, because that’s what you love. That’s what you know you can do. You will run into music, because you love to sing and you know you can do it really well. You will do all that makes you happy. All that you know you can take the greatest risks for. 

“To err is human and to forgive is divine” Yes! I know I’m forgiven for not posting on Saturday. I overate and forgot you people but I’m here now. I will keep trying to be as consistent as I can, as we chase those dreams that are currently just in our heads. 

It’s the last week of April and I would love to give you a litu assignment for the week. What is it you would love to change about self that is most probably the reason you are not working towards living your dream? 

I’m wishing you a really great day and catch you again on Wednesday! I’m happy to share with you. From my heart to yours. 😊


68b4b8baabe49c2eff6dc8f8c8a395a2.jpgI woke up feeling a bit lazy, just that one morning. It is either my bed had begun getting too comfortable, or I just didn’t want to wake up at all. It was raining outside, I knew I had to get up cos the day ahead would be busy, but I lazed about and didn’t know why it had to be this different today. I stepped out of bed, said my morning prayer and heated my water so I’d take a shower.

There’s this one message that kept ringing in my head. “You’re trying hard enough, but it’s not the best yet.” I had often been made to feel low because of an effort that had not seemed to pay for a very long time. Rejections that came in too quick while I had waited hopefully for an acceptance. The cloud seemed darker than normal and mt faith’s intensity began to feel percentages lower.

I was done with the preparation and I stepped out of my house, heading for work. The walk was slower than usual. Something was indeed unusual. Was i too expecting or was I not trying hard enough? Those were two questions I kept battling with in my head and in my mind. I knew that good things came to those who wait but why did I have to wait so long?

As i sat in that matatu, I could only stare out, as if hoping that someone with an answer to my questions and holding them high on a some pluck card would get walking past, or that a message on my phone would just answer it all, but nothing did. It was just me and my face looking out the window. No stranger, no text message, just me. It was a hopeless morning for sure and I didn’t get to give myself my usual affirmation that it would be the best day of my life!

It wasn’t such a long ride and I alighted, took the next matatu to work. I realized however, that there is no comfort at all in depending on others to give you answers to your ideas. I can tell you for sure you will often find yourself alone. It is not until the ideas have started brewing, that anyone or everyone will begin to show up. Initially, very few or zero will. It’ll just be you and your will.

Here is something I’ll need to tell you though, if you’re one who’s felt like i did today. Alone, and like you needed answers from anyone or from everyone, because everything seemed to go like you didn’t expect it to.

  • Whatever you fail at, try again.

The best thing about this life is that there is always room available to try again, no matter the times you get falling. If it’s something your heart rests at, keep trying and try differently each time. At the right time, it’ll be successful because your passion got you pushing for it.

  • Encourage yourself, push yourself.

The biggest mistake of all time I have made too many times and you probably have is to sit and wait for others to cheer you on. Something like, “oh, yes that’s a great idea. What next?” and when we haven’t received that, we probably feel like ah, it probably isn’t the best. Let me think of something else. No. To succeed, you encourage yourself first, and then push yourself. You take the risks alone.

  • Cheer yourself on and continually.

I happened to be at an interview last week. First thing is, I couldn’t remember what post I had applied for, it was something I’d never done in my life before, and the questions were quite tough I almost gave up at the panel. Needless to say, I still went ahead. After the interview, outside the gate I told myself, “I may not have impressed them, but Lord in your eyes, I know I’m the best. I’m the best. I’m the best.” Cheer yourself on, even when you try something great and mess up a little. What’s important is you tried.

  • PRAY

During that long Easter weekend, I happened to be part of a hangout with friends. Truth be told I had never learnt so much like I did on that day. Many are times we have ideas in mind and immediately work on them. We do not even consult God so that He gives us a go ahead or not. We perhaps feel it is too little to consult on. However, I learnt that when you ask God if or not it is okay to go ahead, it is actually much easier. That’s because when He says yes, He provides a way on how to go round it and when He says no, He probably feels it’s not the best of ideas. It’s the last but most important point. Pray about everything and anything. God never disappoints.

I share this with you today because it is what I’m feeling at the moment. Good thing is that no situation is permanent. When it hurts just a little to fail, rise up stronger and try harder. People succeed by trying not just once but a number of times. Whatever it is you’re trying and failing at, yet you believe it’ll give your heart rest when it succeeds. Keep at it. Fall and rise until you get there. Cheer yourself on when you try and fail because the prize is surely waiting to be received by you dear!

Good morning and happy Wednesday! :-). Timely, timely is my post today! I’m so happy to share this with you today and below on the comments box, get sharing your thoughts, your critics and all else. Trust me I’ll take it all positively. I love you guys. Thanks for reading. From my heart to yours. 🙂


e1368785724d59539d914b6a0879716e.jpgHi guys! Happy Belated Easter wishes! 🙂 Well first and very apologetically, I know I should have vibed you guys yesterday, but I didn’t. I take the blame. Really, I do. There’s no good enough reason of why a post wasn’t put up, but i was genuinely tired and clueless. I know you understand. I however hope that the let down won’t get repeating itself again. Let’s continue to feel the waves of positivity moving in and out, in and out.

So, did you ever find yourself in some kind of dilemma you’d wanted so much to get out from? What worse time than Easter, to be in a dilemma. Well, it did happen to me this weekend.. The best feeling after a dilemma is knowing what exact path to take, but it becomes dilemma again, when you don’t know where exactly to begin. Well, it has never been easy and it’s not going to start now. Regardless of that however, I’d like for us to look at how we keep our heads looking up.

  • Tell yourself it is possible.

Well, whatever it is you look into doing, or starting, it is possible. The fact that it came to mind wasn’t an infatuation or a fantasy, it was rather God’s way of patting you on the back and saying, “Daughter/Son, I’m trusting you to handle this one.” So walk head high and smile on cause you’re about to do something so wonderfully.

  • Believe you’re multi talented.

Are you the kind that believes that wherever you are is the only place you ought to be? Well let me fill you in honey. No, that’s not the only place you need to be. You can sing, you can act, you can play guitar/piano. All you need to do is to commit to learning and find yourself not only changing you, but the world also.. How’s that??

  • Try something new

I have made a promise to self to try something new this week. That’s because I’m a very firm believer that routine is boring. Maybe you’re used to just going to work and back to the house Monday to Friday, and that’s routine. Maybe this week you could call your best friend and meet up. Discuss an idea. You never know where it’ll land you.

  • Be crazy

Let me tell you something I have had to struggle with for a very long time. For most people I have had to interact with, I’ve been viewed as very cold, arrogant and proud. Let us laugh together. Ha! HA! HA!…. I honestly do not want to prove anyone or everyone that I’m the exact opposite of that. I let it come out naturally. I get crazy and shock them Try it, it is fun!

  • Pretend you know lyrics to songs

Well I know this is weird but Lucy, are you not saying too much about yourself? Did you ever take a video selfie with music in the background and you were all over the place? I mean, whom does it hurt? That moment you’re especially stressed out and feeling like crying because everything seemed like it was going downhill, do this kinds of things. Do not give yourself room to bend!

I’d like to give us all a challenge this week. There is probably something you’ve admired in someone. Could be on Tv, on YouTube, twitter or whenever. What exactly did you like about them? If you were so much attracted to them and what they did, it most probably is something you could try out. People have similar giftings. The thing is to do it differently to impart.

Get researching on how they began and how they got there, you know? And maybe find yourself working your way up. Do not hesitate. No one started smoothly and you won’t be an exception. It’s a mountain you’ll climb and your determination will get you to the top.

Final and finally, make yourself available for you. This is so important and especially if you’re the person trying to find out what you’re gifted in. When you have little or no time to self, it is hard to get to realize what you can do. It first begin with self, and then gets to you finding people who are like minded.

So what are you waiting for? Your mountain’s calling. No mountain moves downwards so there’s no way you’re letting yourself bend. Ah ah!

So once again I’m so sorry for not posting yesterday. But here we are. Share your thoughts on the comments box below, and perhaps let me know what you’d like us to look into next. I’m more than willing to do that for us cos you mean more to you and to me than you’ll ever know.

God bless you for reading and this is from my heart to yours! 🙂



And I couldn’t tell whether really it was out of the brokenness that I began to realize just how much dependency I had developed towards self. This truly wasn’t me. 

As I sat in my room’s little corner, I would not marvel at anything. So much had changed over time and had become something I honestly didn’t expect. Everything seems like it wasn’t moving. 

I could only ask myself questions and being alone in the room, I didn’t have anyone to give me answers. Some projects began and failed at the middle. Dreams were not brought to the pass, ideas were never implemented.

There was a little void that was somewhere that needed filling. I could tell what it is, but I didn’t give it a chance. Lucy wasn’t there anymore. It was just an imagination of her, where she wanted to be but all that was a fuzzle. 

I don’t know if you’ve gotten to a place in life, you either felt like it was too late to dream again, you either felt like time was never on your side, you started contemplating moving backward and taking the easy way out. 

I feel it in my heart that, that’s the time you need to take charge. That’s the time you need to make compromises and sacrifices. That’s the time you need to sweat to succeed. 

Everyone experiences brokenness, but even brokenness is mended. It may never leave the pieces the same, but it doesn’t always render it useless. This is a time to have a meeting with self, and understand why everything has gone against you. 

Brokenness has one particular thing it does. It makes us feel like even God has forgotten us. You’ll find in most cases, it’s the other way round. In forgetting Him, life shows us so much more that drifts us away from Him, and when consequences start to pay, we remember Him. 

Grace and mercy in Him are however abundant. If you want to shine again, believe that broken is still beautiful. Broken is more stronger. 

Hey guys, I wasn’t sure I was going to post today. I haven’t been well since yesterday but I thank God I could share a little something to help us feel the light’s not too dim. 

I would very much want to hear from you. In the comments section, share your thoughts and what next you’d want us to talk about. I promise we will move together and delve into opportunity. 

Happy Easter guys! From my heart to yours. 😊


There comes a certain point in life where there are just twists and turns. Yesterday for me had been one of those days where I could honestly say, justice has never showed its existence in my life. Not that anyone had wronged me, not that I had been a victim of rape or theft, it was something deeper. I would ask myself questions like; “Does God really love me like He does when I’m always a good girl?” “When I sin, does He begin to love me less?” “Is my wrong doing the reason I’m not seeing any breakthrough?”

I came to understand that a Christian has many battles and many times, we let the devil take the crown. Why? Self condemnation is what we get comfortable in, rather than looking at how we could make it better and live right with God. I’ll state the few lessons I learnt from a friend and I wish I noted it all down but let us share what I remember.

As I’m writing this, I know deep in my heart it’ll be a lot helpful to someone who’s struggled to put the broken pieces of life together because of one or several other occurrences that most probably bruised their relationship with God and with people.


  • He paid the price


Bible says in John 3:16; For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. When Jesus came to earth, He came to reconcile man to God and He paid the price so painfully. Often I have been told that each time I choose to believe I haven’t been forgiven, I nail my Jesus back on that cross yet in conquering death He set me free.


  • He calls you beloved

There is one thing I have struggled to understand all my life, and it something I never will, till I get to see the Lord face to face. Several years back, I was going with a friend to KU for music rehearsal, and we just had a lovely conversation on God’s love. There is a question she told me she once asked God that remains indelible in my mind to this day. The questions was; “God, why do you allow yourself get hurt this much?” You know the deeper you love, the deeper the hurt. But we shouldn’t put ourselves in God’s position. He hurts yes, but He doesn’t cease to love. That’s why regardless of the intensity of your sin, He will still call you His own and wants you to confess your weaknesses to Him. Not use them as an excuse to sin.

  • Repent, Move on and come back

Okay what exactly do you mean Lucy? I mean that we will all sin. Sometimes our sins become as many as grains of sand. And that’s okay because we are carnal and the body sometimes is stronger and more willing. However, the reason Christ died is because He gave us an access to the Father by conquering death. He gave us the access so that in admitting our failings through repentance, He makes us strong and better. He doesn’t condemn. He corrects.

  • Do it for God, not for You

When you’re trying every way to become a better Christian, it is not to give you honor. Philippians 2:9 says, “Therefore God exalted Him to the highest place, and gave Him the Name that is above every other name. That at the Name of Jesus, every knee should bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” I’d like to make a clarification that, in becoming aware of your sin and confessing it, you don’t glory to yourself, but to God’s Name that’s worthy of all glory and honor.

  • There’s no condemnation

Bible says that there is therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Romans 8:1. If you are in Christ and truly believe in His life, death and resurrection, then condemnation shouldn’t have room in your life. In our lives. It would rather be replaced by admitting, accepting and asking for help. We all have fallen short of God’s glory, but He calls us to come to Him with humble repentant hearts so He could change us.


I love to go through inspiration quotes on instagram when I’m free. I came across one quote once that said, “If you think you have blown God’s plan for your life, then rest in this; You my dear, are not that powerful.”

The lesson at the end of the day from all self pitying and condemnation is, that the more we do it, the more comfortable in sinning. That’s because we are not living on anyone’s account but ourselves. Yet God asks us to come to Him in all our weaknesses, because only then does He make us strong. He assures us that His love doesn’t grow minimal with our sin. He knows we are carnal and our flesh fails us. Yet He loves us more everyday because He is willing to help us.

Whatever you’re struggling to break free from, talk to a friend. You will begin to appreciate self and God’s love in knowing so many have been in your situation and they fought. It was only because they believed that they conquered. I’m here to encourage you and tell you that it’s okay to fall and hit the ground hard. And it’s overwhelming to know that no matter how many times you fall, and no matter how hard you hit it, God has still got you and ain’t even leaving you. God bless you.


Hey people, I have really struggled to structure this post today. Let’s say my mind has been all over. They say a promise is a debt and if i promise to share some good vibes every Wednesday, it definitely has to come through, whether it feels confused or not. So enjoy!

Thank you so much for reading. This is from my heart to yours. 🙂



DO IT……..

7d7ee5fb73d048a7eb000b73783dc4fd.jpgGood morning super people and how has been the weekend? (I know someone who’d roll their eyes after they read that statement). Well, it is a new week and you know what that means? New opportunities, a chance to dust off all weekend hangover and start getting better than you were last week. Yes?

Anyway, today I’m going to speak a little about fear and what its prevented us from doing. I’ll give a few silly and a few meaningful examples and see where it’ll get us at, by the time I’m done with today’s vibe. Well, you just sit right there and wait, and shortly it is coming through. :-). Shall we?

I have honestly come to understand that investing in time to self has never been a selfish thing if its answers and growth you’re looking for. What would be messy is getting alone and drinking your sorrows away. There is however a huge difference margin between this, and what I’ll be talking about today. Living in fear and still getting there! 🙂 Wuup wuup.

9d0628925468c0c882946c48718db090.jpgThere is something I have so much wanted to do since last year. I can tell you I was excited when the idea came to mind, and I’d talk about it non stop. I would tell my friends about how I knew it’d grow me, it’d develop me greatly. You would feel the excitement all the way, having known me or not.

The talk died away slowly and I didn’t do the slightest thing about it. That’s because, there were so many factors screaming so loudly that made me feel I couldn’t do it. I listened to the screaming though because until now, I haven’t done a thing yet. Seriously! I haven’t taken any step because I told myself that I’ll wait for the right time to do it.

Right time? I can tell you for sure that the right time was then. When the idea popped into my head. That’s the very moment I needed to do the pursuing.Let me tell you something, a unicorn introduced me to a unicorn and I think I’m headed that way also? We will see.

A unicorn called Jacky, introduced me to a unicorn called Lilly Singh (btw I’m still reading her book and I think after I’m done, I will read it once more)…. Apparently, most of what I’m writing today has been happening to so many of us. Procrastinating and waiting for the “right time to come”

You probably want to quit your job because you have a business idea, but you are waiting to get a few more salaries so that you will start your business on stable ground. Well, that’s wise but maybe the salaries may not be enough to begin even if you waited a hundred years. Why? There’s not just the business waiting to be funded. There’s bills to pay and upkeep expenses as well. Just decided and let passion do all that for you.

You are probably the lady or gent that’s waiting for the opportune time to tell them how you’ve been feeling about them. While it does not have to be so direct, what are you doing in the meantime? IS there any communication going on to at least keep the touch? How about you, in your waiting realize that the opportune time may never come and you may never have them? (Well, that’s a kalame one but it still makes a little sense)

Sometimes we are sitting waiting for gold so that we start maximizing and utilizing, but we haven’t done any mining for it. By this I mean, we haven’t put any little effort to just begin. The moment you realize you could begin even with the fear, the you will probably move a mile you never imagined you would.

The mustard seed that’s too tiny takes thousands of years to grow… Your idea may blossom in years, months, weeks or just a day. All you need to do is to just begin. Just do it! Whatever it is, however insignificant it feels, it is your idea. Make it count by doing it. It is never the wrong time, but there is  a best time which is now.

Well guys, don’t think I’m already doing what I needed to do, but I intend to for sure… Life is so beautiful when you begin to make use of your gifts, talents and little ideas that come to mind. They are as important as you.

Looking forward to a wonderful week because its gonna be the best week of your life sweetheart! Thank you for reading. Have a lovely day and see you again Wednesday.

From my heart to yours. 🙂