alexandre-debieve-212961.jpgHello, guys. I trust you have been keeping well, as it has been a while I put up something right here. I didn’t forget you though. I was in some kind of vacay and I had opted to sleep most of the time. But I’m here, I am back and we can continue from where we left. 

Have you ever found yourself simply walking towards that which you wanted to avoid? Either it was hurting you too much or it constantly caused you misfortunes. How have you dealt with such a situation? You have perhaps tried all exits that provided an opposite direction walk but still, you always walked towards that which you have wanted to avoid.

I know this kind of feeling because most of what we want to flee from are what we have held on to for a very long time. Fear. Fear speaks out so loud for itself, you wonder just how big its mouth can be. We entangle ourselves so much to it and we are afraid that letting go may cause us more pain and put us at a place we may not be able to get ourselves out of.

What then can you do, so that what you fear becomes what you get to embrace?

  • Wish good for whatever you’re fleeing from.

It could be a person or a certain situation that you are trying to flee yourself from. Before anything else, wish that something good could come out of the person or the situation so that a remarkable change can begin to be felt and experienced.

  • Know exactly what you want.

Often we are in these situations or with people because we do not really know what we want. However, if we got to understand where exactly we are coming from and where exactly we need to be, we begin to slowly detach and the detangling process begins to get easier.

  • Know your worth

There are certain things that we get to do that demean our worth and our value. We begin to feel of little value and we start being so unappreciative of who we truly are. We forget that we are powerful and unique, and we are God’s children and He loves us. Once we can understand that we are worthy even when circumstances make us feel otherwise, we can get free from the situations that make us feel as we do.

  • Thank God for the situation

I have learned that the most important thing we can do for ourselves is to thank God for whatever situation He allows in our lives. Good or bad, we do not come out the same. Whether a situation has made you feel like you needed to be there even when you were not supposed to, God keeps you at it so that in freeing you or helping you flee, you may learn what it is like to be somewhere you are not supposed to be at.

If we know how exactly we can do everything out of a sincere and genuine love, we will often wish that there was something positive, even just a little from whatever it is we are trying to run from. No one is bad, we only sometimes make choices that are not right. If we love the people whom we think are bad, they will begin to love themselves and start doing acts of kindness.

Sometimes, it takes just one ordeal to realize that there is more to life. God has intended for it to be beautiful, and the “bad situations” are just but milestones to get us to the land of positivity surrounded by all beautiful things and people, and that is us.

Once again, I had missed writing to you people. I will try to be as consistent as I should. I thank you very much for reading, and this is from my heart to yours! 🙂


joshua-fuller-207188.jpgI know when I mention love, most people’s minds go to, boy-girl love, or husband-wife love. Well, loves is universal and by that I mean, it is what controls the world. To prove me true, it was why Jesus hung on that tree on Good Friday. He died for so much love He felt then and still feels now, for you and me. Yes.

Anyways, I haven’t been here quite sometime. I know. I had taken a litu vacation from work and I’m sad, just a litu cos my leave and time to have to sleep all I wanted is almost coming to an end. But well, they all that has a beginning, does come to an end. The past days, maybe week has been quite fair to me in terms of love.

There come that time in life whereby we feel lost and alone. Other times we feel that we are not up to the expectations of other people and we therefore do not deserve any kind of love. If you’ve been there, I know you know exactly what it is I’m trying to talk about.

Would it be queer if I said that we get to deny ourselves the love? Yes we do. Like I said., that past week for me has been fair and insightful. It was the very same people that I would feel loved me least, who turned out to love me the most. So yes, I did deny myself that love and no one got to deny it me.

There is probably a reason you feel unloved. By people and even by God Himself. I would totally get you when you say that. I have however discovered it is during that time you feel God doesn’t live you that He is closest the most to prove that He never left to begin with.

As you enter into this new week, I pray that you shall feel immensely the love you haven’t felt in a long time. It opens your eyes to other virtues like kindness, generosity and you begin to share them with those that also haven’t felt it in a long time.

I thank God for all of you and I wish you a blessed coming week ahead. From my heart to yours… 🙂


carlos-alberto-gomez-iniguez-107821.jpg…. It was just last night we got to have this conversation, well, a different one of course but mayne! this one just had to come through today. First of all, a very good morning to you and I trust that your night was straight and restful. Yes? By straight I mean no too much heat, no too much cold and that you didn’t toss and turn all over the bed to find comfort for your sleep. If you did, I’m sorry. The weekend almost begins and right about now!

I’m positive. So positive that even if not much is going too well in my life right now, there’s still a thread of hope I’m holding on to and that’s exactly the reason I have had a chance to share this with you this morning. By the way. I don’t mean to brag or floss, but God has given me this thing. I may get to meet a person, or observe an object and I can see ideas written all over it. So today I was just able to come up with this whole thing that made me think, oh Lucy, all each and every one of us is a different but favorite spot.

I’m pretty sure as you read you’re already wondering, what the hell is she tryna say? Well here is what I’m trying to say sweetheart but let me tell you what brought it about first. I was coming to work this morning and there is this point that I get to a light at and take about 3 minutes to get to the office. So while I was walking I realized that there’s a lady who’d found herself a spot where she’d sell her mayai. I’m a lover of boiled eggs with kachumbari that has got all the chilly in it. Last evening I had one and I discovered that the guy doesn’t put kachumbari in the chilly. I suggested that he should get an extra smaller tin with hot kachumbari for customers like myself. I hope to find him in the evening, at his spot, with hot kachumbari for me! Lol.

Okay, okay….TMI. Now I will get to my main point. I am pretty sure there’s most of you that already feel defeated because all you have tried has not gotten to work out. It is devastating I know and I say this because I have been there, not once or even twice. But when I got to see this mayai lady I remembered my favorite one who sells hers at the office entrance. I also came across a guy who was selling his mandazis at a corner. Here is what I got to discover, two things needed so that things will start working well for you.

  • Pray to God before you begin

We have this habit of wanting to do something or everything because all others are doing it. We forget that others do it because they can and it is usually not just for show. Yes the Lord asks us to be hands on and get to try much more as long as our hands are strong enough to do so, but there should be a certain kind of attitude towards what we get to do. This is why we should pray to see if God really wills that our lives go in that direction. I can tell you for sure that if He wills it, you will feel an urge to keep pursuing just that and if He does not, then you get to lose interest at it and almost immediately. Seeking God before we pursue our plans gets to call for immense blessing in ways we have not even imagined. He is always right!

  • Find your spot

There is a really big fear of competition. I know! We do not have great discoveries of gravity, or things that happen in space that make us unique and hard to compete against. No. What we have now is a very competitive world and we have to do almost the same things but how we succeed depends on how exactly we get to do it. After you have prayed and received a confirmation, it is then that you get to look for a spot you call your own. Consecrate the place and trust God to be with you at it. When I look at these mayai people and others who sell snacks on the road at specific places, you realize that they have their own specific clients and within a short period, they’ve sold all their goods and are smiling home with good returns.

What then is my point today? It is two points actually. We will often want to help ourselves but it is good we learn that we can only make it through God and therefore, we need to trust Him by seeking His advice, His guidance. He responds, even through people. Secondly, we need to live fiercely and without fear. If you are confident enough to go ahead with what God has confirmed and found your own spot, God will surely send you people that will be able to carry you forward and you will not have to fear competition or not making it at all. The blessings will always be glaring at you directly to your face.

So hey guys! I know I had made a post last night but this one just had to push itself out and I hope by all means it will be helpful, cos it is from my heart to yours. Therefore, before you even get to read, thank you because God has sent you here. Have a super duper weekend!


renee-bigelow-67702.jpgAs I am writing this, I swear my heart and not my mouth is all smiles. O will give you a story of something that happened to me yesterday. I experienced it all kindness.. 🙂 Remembering it once again, my heart and not my mouth is smiling again.

So as usual, I woke and I knew I had a totally busy day ahead. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out but yeeey….I was totally positive for the outcome. Everything went perfectly well but what stood out for me and crystal clear was how much kindness I received. Honestly speaking, it was all out of this world and I could ask myself “are there really nice people in this world?” I couldn’t believe it.

So why did it seem so odd for me? Here is why:

  • Unkindness

The first half of my year has been filled with so much unkindness and from just one place I almost became that kind. I thank God for saving me before I became such a cruel person. From morning till evening, I encountered things and ordeals that weren’t so nice and that totally embittered me.

  •   Inner wounds

Clearly, there is no way you’d be with inner wounds and still expect to kill them with kindness. (Thanks Selena). But yes, part of why we are humans is that we have in us inner wounds that we sometimes do not even understand. Sometimes we are unhappy for nothing, we are always sad and other times we are really angry. You my friend cannot be kind in this state.

  • Depending on self

Here I do not mean Mr or Mrs. independent. No. I mean when you are struggling to get out of a situation and you’re like “hell yeah, I know me best so I can get out of this one real quick” that’s a lie bro! You will often fall back into the same pit because yes, you will need support and especially emotionally to thrive and to be positive so you can spread the same support which sure is an act of kindness.

These are just but a few mentions of things I have encountered in myself that caused me not to be kind. But after yesterday, Wow! I see a different light. I can’t believe the impact was so big I still feel it. I wanna break down for you a litu what happened. Everyone was honestly very kind. I won’t go into the morning details but let me delve straight into what happened in the afternoon.

A month ago, I lost my wallet and you know what that means. Everything in it including my very ugly baby passport disappeared. So I had to replace all of my very important documents because life was beginning to get really hard without them. I didn’t expect to get all of the documents yesterday but I did. Everyone that attended to me was gentle and kind and made me feel like I had known them a million years and that’s something I haven’t experienced in a while.

What seemed slow was hastened for my sake just so I wouldn’t have to wait so long. Moral of the story? Life will often be unkind, but there are beautiful souls out there who will turn your life around and make you a person you’d never been initially. It doesn’t matter how cruel people are towards you. Let’s strive to be kind in return and the world will be a totally different place to live in.

I should go to bed now because it’s night so that means full stop? Yes! Good night loves and thanks a lot for reading….:-) From my heart to yours of course!


comete-el-coco-232109.jpgA long time ago, I met a unicorn….I don’t think Y’all know her but a few of you do. I’m excited to talk about her this morning as much as you are excited to read this post today. Before then though, how is the going and how has last month been? You may not have to tell me how exactly all has been but I know we are looking forward to a positive new month. Isn’t it wonderful to just see the brightness of June? Enough said and now to these Unicorn stories, wuuup! 🙂

I love or rather, we both love to say that we have known each other for a period of ’23’ years. Yes. That’s because it is unicorn’s favorite number. Her name is Jackie and she’s a prolific blogger of positive vibes. I would love to share so much of what we have been through but I want to be generous enough and mention why she’s been a ray of light for me. Why she fights without resilience till she is at that that she hopes to achieve.

At the beginning of this year 2017, I felt like I didn’t know Jackie one bit. Even with the fact that I had known her the previous 23 years. I honestly did try but I didn’t understand why she was so much of a stranger. I didn’t know that during that time of confusion, someone powerful was being molded. Someone who deserved nothing but to shine a light of her own and have others see the brightness of life through that very light.

She’s a girl who has learned more than anything to be independent physically, emotionally and most importantly, spiritually. She has some strength equal to that of a lioness trying to shield her young ones from any impending danger. The strength to fight for her soul and dignity and all the good that she feels she deserves. So while I thought all along that I was a friend to a total stranger, it was really something beautiful to witness what exactly had become of this lovely lady.

Her addictions? I know none but cake alone. I think you’d be totally awesome friends, best friends at that if you promised to get her cake daily. I may not know what exactly triggered a sudden yet very powerful change in Jackie, but she is a proud woman today and I am a proud friend. She’s young, she’s vibrant and she sees Jesus in almost everything and that’s why we connect really well also, except when we don’t which is normal.

So Jackie, once you read this, know that you are a powerful woman. Pam Farrel has written this amazing book, “Becoming a Brave New Woman” and I believe you are at it already.

Thank you for being a light to many I being among the huge number. Know that heaven loves you and I love you too! Keep being that Unicorn you are!

To find out more about what Jackie does, kindly visit https://jack2y.co.ke for more positive vibes.

I wish you all people a wonderful month ahead! 🙂


indah-nur-1547.jpgAnd yes, we are at it again today. I trust you guys are coping just great and that it gets better as we progress. It has been a few days we last interacted and I’m trusting the rewards to this good life are trickling in consistently for you. I’m I, right? Well, let me believe so. I like the photo right above because it can well relate to the season that awaits you, my dear. Brighter is always better and brighter it will be. 🙂

When you have time and have a meeting with self, you can well track the trend of the seasons in your life. There’s the summer when everything seems to go all well. No disappointments, blessings on blessings and oh! We can’t contain the much joy on our faces. Our hearts get to beat more beats per minute at the thought of how blessed we are. And yes, blessed my people, you are!

You have also have had those times that things have been going South every single day and you’re wondering what on earth you did so wrong. May I encourage you brother, sister, friend, lover that all this is part of the seasons of God. You think you are unfortunate but no, you’re the luckiest and most blessed person if I must say. You ask why? Here is why:

  • God is not out to frustrate you.

If indeed we serve a God of the season and that is why in Ecclesiastes He says there is a time for this and a time for that. Whatever is happening in your life right about now is in His plan and for you to understand, then you need to be close to Him. Whether it is good or bad, being His friend will cause you to appreciate the moment, the season.

  • God knows best

I had this conversation with myself, later with my best friend and then with my colleagues. Why we often do not understand a season is because we are out to try out on everything. The question is, whatever it is you are trying, has God sent you out on that you are trying. If no, then why do you say He has let you down when you didn’t give Him a chance to advise? He would, of course, let you know why He puts you through the fire, but you go ahead to rescue yourself before you can understand the situation, the season.

  • Every season is a preparation

For what? You would probably be asking right now. But yes, everything happening in your life right now is preparing you for what is next. We all have a purpose and a call to fulfill while we are on this earth. And the Lord is preparing us in every way to fulfill and accomplish it. He hasn’t promised a smooth sail but He has assured us to be with us all the way and all the days of our lives. Trust Him with that time, the season.


So what does all this lead us to bro, sis, friend, lover? It leads us to understand that even seasons, good or bad have their rewards. A time comes when the leaves of the bad seasons are shed, blown away and forgotten to give time and a chance for the season of triumph to blossom. Do you believe?

Look at your life and where you are at the moment, understand that it is in God’s place to help you understand where you are and why. He will teach you through Holy Spirit to appreciate it as you get prepared for the next assignment.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed season!


andrew-neel-209619.jpgIt’s the 30th of May and I’m well aware it has been forever I posted something. I am so sorry but they say that out of sight is not always out of mind. I had all of you in my thoughts. You, you, you and me… 🙂 Cos we are a team that’s unbreakable and that’s why I’m posting something really positive to get us through today and probably through days we already imagine to have the worst outcome.

You and I and someone else are always having a hard time battling with emotions. Anger, stress, depression, fury, sadness and all other poisonous kinds of emotions that are some wound to the soul and leave the heart sour and the same results in our thinking and even the words we get to speak. The question I will ask you right now and in all honesty is: Is the emotion all worth it?

I have watched myself and people I know get frustrated over stuff and I have seen the result of the frustration. When you allow negative emotions take control of your day, here is what will happen:

  1. It becomes all about you

Negative emotions are selfish in that you are put in some kind of pity party. You are thinking about how sorry your state is at that time and just how helpless you are. You confess and profess about how much of a loner you are and forget all the people around you who’d do anything just to see you happy.

  1. Only negative speech

Your light is dimmed already and so, there’s nothing positive around you anymore. When you utter a word, it is either you are complaining about how bad a person is or how the situation is so bad. There’s no chance whatsoever for some light to get in.

  1. Your health is at risk

Negative emotions will make you sick. Physically and even mentally. Remember how much of a loner you are and you, therefore, feel there’s nothing you need to do right for yourself. You don’t eat well and you no longer take care of yourself… You punish yourself and suffer the consequences by yourself.

There are most certainly many things that the negative emotions come with but remember the question: Is it all worth it? If there is something you can do about it, then no. It is not worth sulking. I know it is difficult especially if it something you have been going through but yes, it is very much possible to overcome it.

Let’s try this. Every morning is different in its way. We can do this exercise when we get to work or even to class. Do something you love for a few minutes before embarking on the duties of that particular day.

For example, I start work at 8 am. I may decide to write a blog post for the first 15 minutes. Writing is something I totally love to do and I’m sure it’ll keep me positive the entire day. You may decide to read a chapter of your favorite book, listening to your favorite song, or chat with someone you love and enlighten each other for the day. Trust me, it works.

Let us not also forget that God has our backs for whatever it is we are going through. Good or bad, he is very much aware but He needs you to acknowledge that He is bigger than whatever it is altering your good mood to the bad.

I’d missed you all. Thanks for reading. From my heart to yours. 🙂


20e90e573cff6a09f76e55eb1262a0d2.jpgAt the usual time and hour, I left work. It felt like the day had been wholesomely good for me and accomplished. The only thing that kept me a bit agitated at the time was the fact that I was a bit hungry. I don’t remember if I’d had anything for lunch. The thing with me is that I sometimes intentionally don’t eat and still feel okay with it. (bad manners Lucy). Anyway, I bought a cookie just outside the gate of my workplace, as there are several kiosks. I got a cookie and chewing gum. For lunch! lol!

I always walk from work to the place where I board my matatu. Did I say my matatu? Lol! I board a matatu at Ngara as I’m a resident of the famous Thika Road where we have this highway that’s called super, as we do not experience traffic at all. What’s more, we have roads on top of others! Hehehehe…

It’s raining and it’s cold, and Lucy is hungry but chewing gum seriously. I have a lot of paper. Waste paper in my bag and I feel like I just want to throw it all out the window. The wind might just blow it away or just decide to carry it to some imaginary bin somewhere. It’s an urge that feels like an itch, and I really want to get rid of that waste paper. THere’s the paper that had the cookie and that of the gum. I had a few options but didn’t get to use any of them. My options were:

  • Sit on the waste papers and leave them right there when I alight.

Lol. Really Lucy? You will all agree with me that this is a feeling most of us have had. We are in a matatu, we either have finished chewing and have the paper with us, we have bought smokie or samosa and we don’t know where to dump the papers after we are full, we have had roast maize and we have the cob in our hands and are in dilemma. You don’t want all of that in your bag, do you? For the papers, you intentionally decide to sit on them so that when you alight, it’ll look like you didn’t have anything at all with you. The waste is left for the seat to deal with. You agree?

  • Intentionally throw the waste out the window

We like to pursue this moment a lot. We like to be in a moving vehicle to do this. Why? This is because we know no one will see. Even the person driving right behind you won’t know who did it, even if they saw the vehicle the action or deed happened. Well for me, I really don’t do this. Sometimes I’m just afraid I’ll throw that banana peel out the window and it’ll get stuck on someone’s head.

  • Intentionally drop it to the ground

It’s funny, very funny when this happens when you’re a centimeter away from the bin itself. I mean, how heavy is that piece of paper or banana peel that you’re too tired to just walk a little and drop it in the bin? I’m asking us all here. What’s this we have so much gotten used to doing, that we have become so careless with ourselves?

These are just but a few behaviors we humans have developed and we have strained our environment, our rivers and every place that needs to sparkle. Sometimes we get to find that our houses look the same way. You won’t mind throwing a piece of paper that had flour just outside your neighbor’s balcony. I mean, what really has become of us?

I’m at Kahawa Sukari now. It is still raining heavily but I’m glad it’s the reverse. By reverse, I mean that I’m headed to the house and not to work in the morning. As I’m walking, there’s a small piece of land enclosed. Probably someone plans on building there. There is a poster “Don’t dump”, but looking at it makes me think it’s actually a dump site. It’s full of all kinds of trash, from papers to food stuff and anything else you can thin of. It’s an area that gets to flood a lot so you can imagine what happens to the creatures that choose to live in there, in that water.

I’m so tempted to throw the papers I put in my bag there, as it wouldn’t make any difference. It’s just a small piece of cookie paper plus the gum wrapper. Will I harm anyone if I do? In the back of my mind, I’m like. “No Lucy, you can’t do this. Your sister fights against things as such. It would be such a shame if you did the exact opposite.” I didn’t I walked with it in my hand. But I had a cob also that I threw to the ground intentionally. I’m so ashamed of myself right now.

This whole thing or post is not just a plea to keep the environment clean. It helped me figure that the things we arent’s supposed to do, are the very things we do that eventually make us wallow in endless guilt. Rather than feel guilty for not doing right, why don’t we do right anyway? Why don’t we promote health and life free from obvious illnesses by keeping clean, starting from our houses and outside? Why don’t we save marine life by keeping the water as clean as it should be?

Good morning happy people and happy Friday! I felt the need to share this piece with you since last evening, and I know together we can promote this good deed. If this post is helpful, kindly share it widely and leave your thoughts/comments right in the comments box below the post itself. For questions or inquiries, my email is lucykiongo12@gmail.com.

Thank you for reading. From my heart to yours! 🙂


0636cfc3ecb53f4361f5192309809fa8.jpgYou’re probably wondering why there’s another post today, yet I did get to do one just yesterday. Today is the original post day, I missed on Monday and as usual and for you, I have to make it up for you. How are you doing though this wonderful morning? I’m personally as bright as it looks and expectant for bigger and better. If I feel this way, so should you! 🙂

Today I’m going to directly delve into something I haven’t done in a long time… I didn’t mean to ignore it, not that anyone suggested it but we will look at it broadly today. Yes? It is the majestic power of God… How greatly it gets to be manifested in little ways and probably the reason we don’t see it happen.

I honestly cannot, not in my position describe His majestic nature, but what I’m about to delve into are a few ways He gets to show His power. In every absolute way, His design has been totally different from our very expectation. I would agree with the fact that we are 100% blessed people because we are children of God. But why don’t we often see the blessing? That’s because we expect God to do things our way and not His, therefore, we feel lagged behind.

About two or three weeks ago, I got listening to a song by one very close friend of mine. Her name is Shiro Nicholas and the link to that song is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyLFGsdQpW8, and for me, other than just perspective, I learned a whole lot more about who God is and since then I have felt more loved by Him than by the world and nothing beats that.

Here are a few words she used to describe God, that I will now explain more deeply.

  • Creator

What do you understand by creating? It is to bring into form something that wasn’t. You can create a car, a doll, something from paper or even metal, but being Creator, (note the upper case for C) is nothing like that. God creates. He brings into form something that wasn’t, but His majestic power is seen when what He creates has breath or rather, life to it. It’s not just a piece of metal or wood, it’s a being with life!

  • Inventor

Many are the times we feel that we are the ones that come up with fantastic ideas and even working towards making them a reality is our effort. Sometimes the idea comes to mind as you sleep. Other times as you walk or even when you are having a conversation with a friend. How does that become your own? God puts all good thoughts and ideas in our minds and we are too proud to admit it sometimes. That is why as soon as the idea comes to mind, we are already working at it without even praying about it. When we mess up, we blame God saying He didn’t offer to help, or rather, direct us.

  • Dream Maker

Sweetheart, what is your dream? Joel 2:28 says “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions. Again, how is this your own? God is the maker of dreams… What we often have are dreams if He has designed it. If it is something totally different from this, then it is more of a mere fantasy. How can we differentiate the two? A dream, a God-ordained dream comes with a great desire of pursuing. We want to make it come true and are constantly praying about it. A fantasy? It’s just talking, we see the reality just in our heads but it never comes to be.

So why did I love this song by Shiro Nicholas? It made me realize that God is not just God to me cos that’s how we mostly take Him. There’s a bigger picture of Him that we need to discover day in day out. His bigger picture is the one that reveals His majesty! My goodness that word makes me want to tremble.

As I’m typing this so I share with you, I’m still amazed at all this power. I mean, nothing compares to Him, nothing ever will. I’m encouraged to let you know that if you need to make your current life a reality of what God has ordained, begin to understand that He is not just God. Believe to see that only Him can do exceedingly, abundantly above all we can hope for or even imagine because He is God!

So once again people, I’m in high but positive spirits today. Whatever it is that’s causing it, we thank the Majestic power of God… I have been able to make more than a hundred posts on my blog and I owe all thanks toGod and to all that have encouraged me to write and write so I keep reaching out. This wouldn’t have been without you so I’m grateful.

For any inquiries you may need to share, I’m reachable on lucykiongo12@gmail.com, and for thoughts and comments, my comment boxes are open for all of that.

Thank you so much and all this is from my heart to yours! 🙂






photo-nic-co-uk-nic-117915.jpgMe drink? Yes, a little water or tea, or porridge, juice…. Name them. I toast them all to the good life I’m living and the best life that I’m welcoming. Good morning great people! I trust the long weekend has had lots of blessings yes? Well, what did you discover about this life? It is vast but you can share with me a little of your lessons right here, in the comments box below. 🙂

So for me, the weekend has not only been amazingly long. It has been beautiful and rewarding in every kind of way. You ask why I say so? Since we are sharing, then I’d be more than glad to do the disclosure. Alright? Here we go… Another toast to life? Yes!

  • Meet the friends of your friends!

Well, I realized just how much fun it is meeting the friends of your friends this weekend… I’m not the only person that appreciates it but I realize it becomes a good thing for your friends too. It is not just about having fun… Join these circles to grow!

  • Explore opportunities

Often we have talked about wanting to grow, wanting to have money so that we have fun and all, yet still we are in our comfort zones. We are seated waiting for the opportunities to find us. I would say for some, the ‘lucky’ ones, opportunities will probably get to find them. But there is no person blessed, as the one who wakes up every morning having in mind what they’re looking for.

  • Realize that every day carries a package of gifts the previous may not have had!

Disclosure I have been for quite a while the kind of person that was always in tension. It was the kind of tension of “how will i handle this tomorrow?’, “where will I get this and that from?’ etc… Rarely did I see the positive things in my life, because much of what I dwelt on was what would happen if the positive things were not there in my life. It’s detrimental and what I’d advise anyone is that life is not so vast to bring bad… If God gives the life, He intends it for good and expects us to be grateful for every little thing. Breathing, seeing, walking, smelling, eating etc… Are most gifts we are hardly grateful for.

  • Make follow-up

Some of you may already get wondering what I’m trying to talk about here. Sometimes, we will want to achieve some things and we know certain people who could help us. Once we talk to them, leaving it at that is more disturbing because we do not even know the fate of the situation. However, making follow-ups gives rest to our hearts and it’s more fun knowing that you’re living an authentic life!

  • Love yourself!

You need to understand that you,my friend, are very very important… You’re important to self and to the world and that’s a thought that unfortunately, you will need to live with. You may choose to feel otherwise about yourself but life doesn’t stop becoming fun. Why? You are in it to enjoy and by unleashing the love for self, you love those around you and are able to start engaging in things that you love!

That’s the much I was able to learn through that long but short weekend, and I can tell you fir sure knowing that there is a lot of good things life holds helped me change my perspective. Being more grateful and finding more situations that bring me joy and not otherwise.

It is the month of May and here is a little assignment.If there is something you want to achieve before the end of this month, do everything possible to achieve it. Pray about it and work towards it.For queries, my email is lucykiongo12@gmail.com

Remember, life is good and this is one last toast to it! 🙂 Cheers!

Thanks for reading as this has been from my heart to yours. 🙂