carl-heyerdahl-181868(1).jpgMy lovely people, I greet you. How has the long weekend been? Mine was more than I had expected of it. It truly was great and for that, I totally give thanks to God. Well, back to normal minus routine. Right? I’m looking forward to eliminating sporadic occurrences for only specific times and just having a good time and consistently. Somebody shout Amen? Thank you my brother for such a big shout…Uh, hallelujah!

I would want for us to speak a little about passion. With this I don’t mean the fruit, I mean something we love and would do anything to see it bring out the best in us. We will use me as an example, as always because this is our blog. I, Lucy Nyambura, has a passion for a few things. They are known but they haven’t brought out the best in me yet. Why you ask? Because I only allowed some good times but sporadically. Therefore, I let down passion.

I love to sing, to read books and to write…I feel like when I have mostly delved into that, I am more than myself. I do things so strategically and happily. When I am far from all these though, I feel like there is something that’s missing in my life. That’s when you realize that your life becomes to routine. For me, I am always waiting for someone to suggest something we could do, while there is already so much on my plate that actually needs to get attended to.

I have realized that life is so much fun when you follow your passion. Often we think that doing what we love is routine but no. Doing what we love is an opening to even greater opportunities in the same line. I have a dream in my heart that someday I will be reaching out to people through the airwaves. You know? I won’t just need to write a blog and share. I am getting to a point of one on one interactions and together we will get to scale higher in this life.

It is not that we are not gifted or talented. All of us have something we are good at and I can tell you for sure that is where your purpose lies. As it brings out the best version of you, others get to grow from the lessons you share. Reading has inspired me. In return I have this blog that I share my experiences on and soon enough, I will be a host or co host to a show in Jesus Name. I stand on that.

So take a moment to think about what you are good at today, and then love that passion. You will make tremendous difference.

My urge, push yourself harder! God’s gat you!

I’m grateful you took your time to read. There is a whole lot more inspiration in this blog. Have the very best time.

From my heart to yours. 🙂



zhang-mickey-295578.jpgHello honey, it is obvious you missed me. Well, as sweet as you are, I mean, as sweet as honey, lol. (Goofyface)…Lu, is this you? Anyway, this week is special for me, for me, and for my entire being. Why you ask? Because in a few days, I am getting married. Yes! I just got engaged and this is just an official message that I am soon getting married to a new year. It is so exciting to know that my birthday is around the corner, yet I still wonder just how much I have done all these years.

Anyway,saying no more about my marriage, I would love to say that it has been a year full of amazing lessons. Full of rocky paths, full of deep hurts and extreme joys, it sure was all worth it. Grace, Grace, Grace and Mercy….It has all been part of the journey. Letting go has been the most difficult thing to do and by this I mean it really. It has been very, very difficult to shed off the old.

So what would I wish to tell you now that I’m still young? Lol. Oh please note, it is not my birthday yet, but it will be in a few days. 🙂 It is happening in a very few days. I want us to talk about the importance of looking into ones availability.

There are times in my life I have felt that I was constantly available for everyone and everything. Not to say that it is a bad thing or that I was extremely idle. Quite the contrary. I was extremely busy and lacked the boldness to say that I was unavailable. In return, i got some very unhealthy attachments that wouldn’t have been if only I was a little wiser.

There are of course times that you are needing to offer 100% of your presence. This is because deep inside you know it is important and you would want for the same to happen, had you been in the situation of the one who’s needing that presence of you. However, there comes a time when we actually let ourselves get pushed away indirectly with our availability, with too much of our presence. You get?

There is a certain image that is seen of you, when you say yes to everything. Has happened to me too by the way. It shows you mean nothing of the much you say. It is something that can easily be swayed and you become quite okay with it. You become very indecisive, because you are always allowing your decisions to be made by other people. Let’s do this today. Let’s go here tomorrow. Let’s not and etc. What are your definite answers though?

So as I am about to turn a year older in just a few days, I wanted to add you and me some positivity to our lives. I wanted to remind you that yes, quality time with self is important, as long as it is not silent treatment you are trying to give. Take time and learn you. What contribution can you make to yourself and to others, if only to make the world a better place? Give time for your talent to grow. Nurture your gift and finally, grow in love.

Here’s the most important bit, when you have quality time for self, you grow in a deeply personal relationship with He who loves you most. God. When you are lost, You will find Him at the solace river. I hope the message came through.

Will you now wish me the best in my upcoming wedding? Marriage? Birthday? Everything? Personally, I wish you all. I wish you God. I will talk to you guys again next year. In a few days, oh?

Thanks for reading. From my heart to yours. 🙂


alex-blajan-223771.jpgIt has taken me an entire week to share this with all of you. It has been somewhat difficult because I didn’t know how to bring enough closure to the entire situation. I didn’t have the courage to talk about it either, because yes, I have been embarrassed, I have feared judgement, I have had a hole in my heart that only this deep truth can get to reveal. Even as I am typing now, words are still failing me. I do not know exactly how I will pass this message and ensure it cuts across to save someone like I received the salvation. I, however, believe that Jesus, in all His goodness will inspire me and help me write it as I intend to. It has taken me courage.

At the beginning of this year, we all had resolves. We all aspired to be better than we were and hoped that when we got to December, it would be a moment of Jubilation, having achieved all of that we had put in our little notebooks. I was among the many who wrote them down, stuck some to the wall and sang about others. If you asked me if any of what I wrote has made me happy, nothing has.In fact, I feel like my life all this time has gone downhill. I know you do not believe me.

It all began when I stopped to fully submit my life to God. I thought that I had the world in my hands and no one would tell me anything. It started off so well. I got a new job and I had it all going well for me. In this same process, I continued to preach what I didn’t use to practice. I preached good, but I hardly lived it.  There is some wine and water phrase they mostly love to use. (                          ). You can put it in there, in that bracket. I can’t remember it.

God was honestly nowhere in my life for months. I slowly began to realize that things were not right anymore. I would boldly reject responsibility that was entrusted to me, that involved God. I didn’t want to be asked to pray anymore. I didn’t want to be involved in church activity anymore. I wanted to be alone and to just think things through. It helped nothing. I needed Jesus, but I swear I didn’t look for Him. As a result, I lost love for self and totally secluded myself from the world. I was constantly on emotional imbalance, I got too clingy, but I really didn’t know it was getting so bad.

On most occasions, I was sad. I got through the situation but would constantly dwell on resolved matters and issues. In the process, I lost some friends but others decided to stick with me through the mess. What actually affected me the most was that I chose to love others but didn’t have the slightest for myself.

I would say that through this period, I made the worst choices with myself. The consequences have been indeed lethal, and I have had a great impact felt from the same. My life would often revolve around the very same people, but I didn’t realize it. I would honestly say that I haven’t had a good social life. It has been totally imbalanced.

I don’t know how truly I can explain the feeling of not having God, not living right in truth, but it is so much of a burden that no one but Jesus could help you carry. Even as I write this now, it is because I am on a start journey. I don’t know how much time it will take me, but I am totally decided.

Another thing I noticed when God has no room in my life is that often, my thoughts were so wrapped in myself. I didn’t seem to notice other people. Even if I did, to me they were more of threats. It is totally a bad feeling. Away with God means together with sin. Grace is not enough to save you because you prefer the other side of sin. There is absolutely nothing good about that particular side.

I got defensive. Many who know me have known me as the church girl. As the prayer warrior, as the go to person for advise. But I had began to get very defensive and asked to be called none of that. This happened when I finally realized that I was so far gone.  There is no way I could be all that and yet I had no God in my heart.

My turnaround point?

It is actually now. It is now that I realize that my life is incomplete without Jesus. A friend of mine mentioned to me yesterday that until I have found my identity in Christ, there will be partial everything. Nothing will come in fullness. Relationships won’t be lived in fullness until I had learned to love God fully. To embrace everything noble, lovely (Thank you Emcee Pato)

Then I was also taught by a friend that I needed to be totally open with Jesus. “Did you give Jesus your heart today?” “Did you let Him know you’re struggling with this sin?” “Why do you condemn yourself yet He has already forgiven and set you free?” I wouldn’t have learned to do all this but now, I know where love is found fully. (Thank you Shiru Nicholas)

Learn to stand in faith that God is indeed turning this situation around for your good. If you are praying so much to see it better, it is because God is in it. Jesus will give you a new song. (Thank you Lois Wanjiku)

A heart that is in desire to please God will receive healing. (Thank you Irene Sifuna).

If you have been called to serve, to lead, it is because people believed in you. You have always had a desire to share God with others. Think about it. (Thank you Mike)

What matters to me now? It is building my relationship with Jesus once again. All else can come second and third. I know He will help me build relationships that are not only beautiful, but necessary ones. I now need God, I need my family. I need a renewed kind of life.

This is what I have learned: “All I once held dear, I count it all loss”

It has been indeed difficult sharing this, but I now feel free to have shared it with you. From my heart to yours.


jeremy-wong-301237.jpgHeeey good people. I love it that I can actually get to write two posts in a week. How cool is that even. I already know y’all are waiting to hear about how I got proposed to and said a big yes without blinking or thinking… Hmmm… Well, let’s say that day too shall come. I love my imagination. Sometimes I just love how i can connect dots and get a story line from just one single picture. The couple up there looks really amazing, but what I will share with you is astoundingly amazing!

I was having a discussion last night with a friend from high school that put me on a whole different level. Yes, it did. I’m sorry I am always on levels and other times I am on none at all. It’s just life. And yes, I have pretty much lacked consistency. Anyway, as I was saying, the discussion was lively, it was enlightening, until I was down on my knees.

I just love how God works. He happened to bring in a warrior in my life who was and is a much greater fighter than I am.My slacking seemed to have a timeline because had this not happened, I think i would have lost my battle. Similar experience, similar battle, that’s what I am talking about. I did not know how to fight most battles on my knees. Most times I would just say, “God help me”. But what help was it I really needed?

Before I go deeper into what I need to say about this battle, let me tell you the similarity between a proposal, and going down on your knees to pray.

  • It takes effort and courage

I honestly would want to imagine the tension that is usually running through a guy’s mind and spine by the time he decides to go down on that one knee. There may be a mixture of emotion but deep down, most expect a yes answer from the love of their life. Courting is good. But imagine the dents that come along with making it refined enough to finally get married. It is a kind of battle. The same way we may be battling with certain situations in our lives. We want them fixed. We want a breakthrough. It will therefore take effort to go down on both knees before God and have the courage to talk to Him about it. As we do, we also need to have the yes mentality. That yes, God will bring forth a breakthrough.

  • It comes with a joy expectation.

When the woman, the love of the man’s life gets to say yes, there is an unexpected kind of joy. One that cannot be fully contained. One that is sincerely genuine. It is so beautiful to watch the tears of joy. And when we are down on our knees? Imagine you are before God, bending on your knees. You tell Him, “Bless me with a job.”, “Pardon my iniquity”, “revive what’s dead in me”, “Bless my marriage”, “Bless my family”, “Bless the love of my life”. “Come and be present in our relationship.” You need to fall down before that throne of mercy believing that God will say yes. He loves you and having that expectation of joy after the prayer is to fully trust God for a breakthrough. Remember Jacob? “Lord, I will not leave this place until You bless me.”

What has been failing for me is that I didn’t realize all of this when my battles were really constraining me. I was suffocated. I knew so much there was God, but I didn’t know how exactly I needed to present my battle, my circumstance. How to cling like Jacob did till i got to receive my blessing. My breakthrough. It was a lot. But I am now thankful that I have just one answer to it all. It is going down on my knees. The words come out so sincerely. The word supplements the entire course and yes, I know that God will bless me and He will bless my friend with whom we have a similar miracle expectation.

I know often we do not know how exactly it is we need to approach the seat of mercy. Other times, we do not even have the exact words to speak. Just go down on your knees and begin.. The Holy Spirit will provide for what else is needed.

I’m so excited to share this with you today and I hope it will be helpful in one way or another. Have a blessed remaining rest of the day.

This is from my heart to yours. 🙂


kelly-sikkema-325895.jpgHello loves and good morning! I trust that you are doing well and that you have had a good weekend. I am only asking now because yes, this is the only chance I am having to write something out for us. Do you see that pretty lady up there? What’s the look on her face? It is joy for sure. As i sit here this morning I have had a lot to think about the expectations that we often make. Sometimes we flop so badly that it later affects us so intensely when things did not really look up as we had expected they would. Yeah? But not to worry. From a personal perspective, I will get to share how exactly we can begin to look forward to a good result of whatever expectation it is we are waiting for.

I have often heard of cases of people who said they were not prepared. This has especially happened with couples who often say, they were not ready for a child. The question has always been, had you taken necessary precaution, none of it would have happened. So usually, it is not being ready, we are just ignorant. I have used this example today because for me it felt best fitting to allow us understand how expectations should really be. It is usually a different scenario however, when the couple has agreed and is ready for that child. You can feel the extreme joy when the woman confirms she is expecting. The joy is double fold because it is something that was initially agreed upon.

Why then have we been so disappointed with most expectations we have had? You can already tell why:

  • Unpreparedness

We are often not prepared for what it is we are engaging in. I will use the best example. A business. I may wake up today with a business idea in mind. In my head, I can already see the end result. The money, the wealth, the customers etc… since I can already see the end from the beginning, I do not even do what is necessary to make that particular end happen. I start my business, just like it was in the head and it is already failing because I was not well prepared for it. What then? An expectation that is only in the head, one that has not even been worked for will most definitely get to fail.

  • Sacrifice

Here. I will use an example of a marriage. This is because it is an end goal. When you talk to most people, they will tell you they want to get married. This is because in their heads they know it is a bed of roses. From the pictures on the internet, to the shows on TV, and a lot more procrastination. If you expect to have a good and flourishing marriage, you must be willing to sacrifice a lot for its success. It could be a bad character, a bad habit, bad company and a whole lot more. That is what it takes to have a good marriage. Know what to work on before you can begin to expect.

  • Be willing to go through pain

In most cases, we are always expecting good things. As the saying goes, nothing good comes easy. You will probably go through loss, disappointment, failure from time to time before it actually is, and a need to polish a lot of blunt stuff in your life. No one is living this life expecting the worst. That’s what we call anchoring on to faith. To have a good expectation come to pass, you must be ready and willing to feel the pain.

  • Embrace change

Who have you been in the past and who are you now? There is often a relation with our characters that mostly tends to affect our expectations. You will find that in most cases, we expect changes while we are still living in the past. There is no relationship whatsoever between today and yesterday. Everyday comes with a whole new package and that is exactly what we should work with. Often, our personal character is what affects our expectations either positively or negatively. If it is not working out right, figure out if the problem is you, or the expectation.

I will not say much regarding this topic today, but I believe that somehow, I have driven the point home. I know how much we get to battle with expectations. If none of the above works for you, then do not worry. It is not the end of the road.Choose not to be too expecting. The solution actually is to live a day at a time. The thing i have mostly struggled with as an individual is that I failed to take a day at a time. That way, I didn’t know what I needed to fix within self and I walked about with so much baggage. That’s a lesson you should learn. When someone tells you live a day at a time, then they know just how powerful it is.

I look forward to hearing from you. You can comment, send me an email (, or you can reach me on any other of my platforms. For now, have the very best time.

From my heart to yours. 🙂



ross-findon-303091.jpgHeeeey loves! Been a while, right? Well, I trust you have been epic. As epic as? This post will be. Yes! I have never really written with such great intention as I am today. I guess this is one of the lessons that not only throw you off balance, they later come and sweep you off your feet. The resilience is great at first, but later, the acceptance is something to be grateful for.

I have been very scared during these last few days to make a few changes. We all know that change is difficult. It’s something that lets us adapt into it after a while. It’s something that troubles us psychologically for a while, until….. I think I would be right somehow, if I allowed myself say that change is more or less making a sacrifice for the better. If and only if, you’re not making weird compromises.

There are certain changes we need to adapt to. Moving into a new place and having to make friends with new people. Getting a new job and having to adapt into the office’s lifestyle. Finding a new church to fellowship in, and having to learn to love the Lord in an amazingly new way. Having to forget old ways and adapting into the new, for you and those around you. You can all agree with me that this isn’t easy, right? We all want to live in that old skin, afraid that it’ll shed off for new to grow. New that’s prettier, new that’s smoother, new that’s more appealing.

Currently, our country Kenya is under so much pressure. I can admit that 99% of the people are afraid of change. We are nearing the elections, and the fear creeps in. Who will be president? What will he do that’s different? What changes can we expect? Then another fear would be, why not stick to what we are used to? Why not just stay as we are? Why change? It’s a whole crazy circle. But change is beautiful, and here is why:

In the book of Esther, we see that Esther had been called for such a time as that. Esther was the kind of woman who only knew that she needed to keep silent until when she learned that someone wanted to completely eliminate her generation. The Jews. She was beautiful, but I would love to use “timid” at the time. When she learned of what was going to happen to her won people, all that changed. She embraced change.

  • Change comes with boldness to let the past go.

Nobody was allowed to go see the King during Esther’s time. It was an offense if he had not summoned you. However, Esther went without being called. In her mind she knew it was wrong, yet the right thing to do. She was not summoned, but when she went to the King, all she asked was granted without question. When we want to change, it is a personal initiative to embrace it. We can indeed help a situation that is falling apart.

  • Change comes with individualism

It is really difficult to change, if we are still living in the past. If there are certain attitudes, certain behaviors, certain people, certain places we are still holding on to. We would rather remain as we are, than drag all these with us and still say we are embracing change 100%. Change does not necessarily mean erasing 100% who we have been. It means either bending a little in humility, or adjusting the knob slightly. This is if only we want to feel the impact of a new life we are so afraid of.

  • Change comes with discomfort………… A lot of it!!!!

If you are not ready to get uncomfortable at the beginning, you are not ready for change. As I had stated earlier, there is a kind of life i have been used to. It has not been the easy, cosy one but I wasn’t ready to make a few adjustments. I feared pain, I feared loss, I feared a different picture. So it was me in a skin that wasn’t appealing and a heart so willing to change. Lack of self love, huh?

Here is something beautiful I have come across: There seems to always be a guarantee in life that change will happen. Change is something we tend to fear and become anxious about because we do not feel in control of life. The good news is that God has a plan for your life to hope, future, and to prosper. If we trust in God and allow the change to grow us to become more like Jesus Christ in how we respond and act, then we are promised that all things will work together for good for those who love Him and keep His commandments! 

I know that’s a statement with weight because we’d often rather have our way. I would however want to challenge those like me today who are very much afraid of change. Sit, think and weigh the situation. Like Esther, you can get to save a situation that’s falling apart. A failing business, a dwindling friendship, a marriage that’s falling apart, a family that’s no longer together, it is a lot. We need to try and look at it from an individual perspective.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope to hear from you, in the comments box below, and anywhere else you can be in touch!

From my heart to yours. 🙂


caleb-ekeroth-7482Hello loves! The going has been great I believe, hasn’t it? Mine has been good…A bit of down moments but I have been coping just fine. As usual, I’m looking forward to a fruitful end of the week and I am trying my best to ensure that it shall be just that.

A few years ago, I was taught some lesson that is still indelibly printed in, on my mind today. The words used at the time were “attention” and “inner wounds” that as a result taught me not to always judge situations and people for not knowing what it is they have been through.

What leaves me still a bit confused up till now, is whether some of the things we do to ourselves today are intentional, or we really have something behind the same. In our mind, we are really chasing after a dream while in reality, its an infatuation, it is fake, it is simply the wind we are after. Something that is not seen, not heard, only felt.

As we have continued to do this, scars have been left in our hearts and in or lives. Some have healed, others have become wounds that have raptured into worse ones. We have sought attention in the wrong places and we have in return forgotten our own values.

Attention seeking often comes about as a result of feeling unwanted. Today we will probably look a little into how we need to deal with that feeling. It is painful, it is heart drenching and it leaves us wondering what kind of people we really are.

I will give an example of myself. It is not once that I have felt quite unwanted. The feeling that comes with it is heavy. One, there is a lump that just won’t go away in the throat. Two, there are tears that just want to fall and you don’t want them to. And three, there is a heaviness in the heart that’s almost heavier than your own body weight, the heart fails to pump the blood right.

However, even in feeling unwanted, I later come to understand that I will not be every one’s cup of tea…. (let’s use tea cos it’s my current love). You will want to be there, you will want to be accepted, you will want to contribute, but not everyone wanted any of that from me. It is difficult to want to be there, but the other party makes you feel not needed.

I would really want to understand if it is the same thing that causes us to start seeking attention even in the wrong places. Some of us will begin to dress provocatively, other times we will land in the wrong company, this is because we need to be felt and to be heard. However, it does not always have to be this way. If at the back of your mind you will know that you will not always be a “yes” to everyone you want to be a “yes” to, you can change.

  • It helps you look into who you are

Rejection always comes with a negative feeling that brings with it a negative picture of your true self. Sometimes it is not the fact that you are not worth the accepting. Sometimes you are more than you think and it believe. The fact that you are exceptional will often lead to rejection. Not everyone can handle how much of a great person you are. This is because as humans, we want to remain on some certain base that’s not of truth.

  • You get the courage to draw away

The more you are rejected, the more you will realize that sometimes you are not the bad person. Other times it is just a way of being told that you can always walk away. Not all company is good, however much we want to be in it. It is painful yes to be unwanted, but it will be better to know you escaped something that would have had a much bigger impact.

  • You will begin to value your time and your space

There is a time I used to be so much available. I was there for everyone and I was available for anything that was mentioned. Lol. As a result, I could not find time to myself. I was lost in doing just what others wanted. I forgot all about me. It does get to that point. However, allowing ourselves have time and a little space to self brings a lot of discoveries that change us. We are on an absolutely whole new level.

The truth is this. You will not always fit in, where you are trying to. You will not always bring a smile on the faces of the people you are often with. You will not always be welcome where you want to be. If it happens, don’t chase the wind. If it happens, say it is okay and cultivate that time with self. It’ll reap a good harvest. You will come out better and smarter than you would ever know.

Thank you so much for taking the time to go through this with me. From my heart to yours! 🙂

I hope to hear from you in the comments box below! 🙂