toa-heftiba-295066Hello, guys! I trust that life’s been treating you fairly on your end. I have been great and this far I’ve come and the far I’m yet to go, I give God all the glory and all the honor. Today, I would like to get a little deep. My topic may also be somehow difficult to comprehend but I am writing this today, upon request. Like yesterday, I also want to speak today to all the single persons and those that are already in the lane of dating. Is it fast moving or is there manageable control? Someone asked me these two questions yesterday.

  • How can one avoid the temptations of the flesh?
  • How does one reconcile with God after?

I would wish to handle each on its own, using my very own opinion, and then you can tell me about yours in my comments box below, once you’re done with the reading. Yes? So let’s get to it.

  • How can one avoid the temptation of the flesh?

A long time ago, the lived two friends. There was Tommie the Cat and Timmy, the Mouse. It’s unusual that at the time, these two were friends but really, there is nothing that God cannot do. One day, they both decided to go on a spree together, in some lonely Island where no people lived. It was just them but it was really a beautiful place for two friends who’d been together a long time to retreat. Tommie sincerely loved Timmy. They had been friends for over 6 years when each of them was so tiny. It got to a time, however, that Tommie began to lust after Timmy. The lust was a kind that, he wanted to eat Timmy. At the back of his mind, he knew it’d be so wrong to do that, even though Timmy at the time looked so delicious. The desire was so great, but the love Tommie had for Timmy allowed for him to control that desire he had to eat his poor little friend. He still went ahead to tell Timmy what he’d intended to do. Timmy was rather understanding because they had heard stories before where cats ate mice all the time. The desires would often come and each time Tommie felt this way, he talked to Timmy and they’d focus on other stuff.

  • How to reconcile with God after falling into temptation.

There was once a little boy named James who had the habit of stealing fruits from a nearby school. He didn’t attend the school but there were so many fruit trees in the fruit compound, he wouldn’t resist the urge to steal. He knew what he was doing was wrong and he began to look for help. He immediately went to see a Priest in his church and told him what had been happening in his life. The Priest was very kind and gentle with the child and these were the words he told him. “My Son, even as you committed this deed, the Lord still loved you. It hurt Him to see you do it, but He knew you would eventually see that it was wrong. He not only forgives you for that mistake, the most important thing is that He never stopped loving you.”

What can we, therefore, learn from these short stories above? From the temptation point, my very fist answer would be, you cannot avoid temptation. But you can resist it. If Christ Jesus who is God was tempted, then we too must expect the temptation from time to time. Many people who are in relationships are struggling with temptations and urges, and have beaten themselves up from time to time, and wallowed in sadness and unforgiveness. Tommie and Timmy’s story teaches us to resist and we can only do so if we understand why we are together. He valued the friendship, more than he did a temporary desire. He understood that eating his long time friend would leave him without a friend to trust and he opted to communicate with his friend. When you communicate with your girlfriend/boyfriend or with your spouse, high chances are that you may either get rejected or more understood. You may create a supportive bond where both you can teach each other how to grow, and how to resist. We call this Self Control, which the Holy Spirit gives to us as a fruit but only if we show the desire.

Reconciling ourselves to God after the sin? The second story teaches us that God doesn’t stop loving us. Not even during that time we are sinning. He doesn’t move away from us. We do when we sin. So yes, it is our duty to reconcile ourselves to Him and to His love, because He didn’t stop being friends with us. He never left us. We can, therefore, rest knowing that God loved us first and still loves us today. He is the only one that can give us the control, and that way we can treasure the hearts of those whom He has entrusted to us. What’s important to remember is that He was tempted, but He got strength.

Mark 14:36 is a verse I would wish to leave you with. It says: “Abba, Father,” he cried out, “everything is possible for you. Please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine.”

Sometimes I tend to feel like this was a second temptation Jesus encountered. He almost gave up and if He had, I don’t know where you would today. He instead called out to God who strengthened Him and He endured the entire painful passion for our salvation.

This same God will strengthen us and help us through our temptation, and make His will greatly manifested in our lives. The solution is not in giving up. The solution is in loving God and yourself, and that way you can love your friends even better.

I wrote this upon request and I hope it will get to impact in one way or another. May you be blessed as you read. Have the best time!



  1. I loved the read. It’s about time we talk about these kind of challenges. I in particular liked the way you approached the topic using the stories -simple but impactful. And most importantly what does God have to do with it. Let us strive to live our lives as those that will honour God. It is a journey we all get to work on


  2. Thank you for your stories and insights. I would also like to point out one connection that I noticed at the end with the verse you shared in relation to the first story. Jesus did want to give up because it was a lot of suffering just like the cat wanted to eat the mouse but they both talked their desires out to those who would be first impacted by the consequences of their actions, so that the mouse became understanding and God gave Jesus the strength to persevere. Thank you for your post and thank you whoever requested this topic to be discussed.

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