joshua-fuller-207188.jpgI know when I mention love, most people’s minds go to, boy-girl love, or husband-wife love. Well, loves is universal and by that I mean, it is what controls the world. To prove me true, it was why Jesus hung on that tree on Good Friday. He died for so much love He felt then and still feels now, for you and me. Yes.

Anyways, I haven’t been here quite sometime. I know. I had taken a litu vacation from work and I’m sad, just a litu cos my leave and time to have to sleep all I wanted is almost coming to an end. But well, they all that has a beginning, does come to an end. The past days, maybe week has been quite fair to me in terms of love.

There come that time in life whereby we feel lost and alone. Other times we feel that we are not up to the expectations of other people and we therefore do not deserve any kind of love. If you’ve been there, I know you know exactly what it is I’m trying to talk about.

Would it be queer if I said that we get to deny ourselves the love? Yes we do. Like I said., that past week for me has been fair and insightful. It was the very same people that I would feel loved me least, who turned out to love me the most. So yes, I did deny myself that love and no one got to deny it me.

There is probably a reason you feel unloved. By people and even by God Himself. I would totally get you when you say that. I have however discovered it is during that time you feel God doesn’t live you that He is closest the most to prove that He never left to begin with.

As you enter into this new week, I pray that you shall feel immensely the love you haven’t felt in a long time. It opens your eyes to other virtues like kindness, generosity and you begin to share them with those that also haven’t felt it in a long time.

I thank God for all of you and I wish you a blessed coming week ahead. From my heart to yours… 🙂


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