carlos-alberto-gomez-iniguez-107821.jpg…. It was just last night we got to have this conversation, well, a different one of course but mayne! this one just had to come through today. First of all, a very good morning to you and I trust that your night was straight and restful. Yes? By straight I mean no too much heat, no too much cold and that you didn’t toss and turn all over the bed to find comfort for your sleep. If you did, I’m sorry. The weekend almost begins and right about now!

I’m positive. So positive that even if not much is going too well in my life right now, there’s still a thread of hope I’m holding on to and that’s exactly the reason I have had a chance to share this with you this morning. By the way. I don’t mean to brag or floss, but God has given me this thing. I may get to meet a person, or observe an object and I can see ideas written all over it. So today I was just able to come up with this whole thing that made me think, oh Lucy, all each and every one of us is a different but favorite spot.

I’m pretty sure as you read you’re already wondering, what the hell is she tryna say? Well here is what I’m trying to say sweetheart but let me tell you what brought it about first. I was coming to work this morning and there is this point that I get to a light at and take about 3 minutes to get to the office. So while I was walking I realized that there’s a lady who’d found herself a spot where she’d sell her mayai. I’m a lover of boiled eggs with kachumbari that has got all the chilly in it. Last evening I had one and I discovered that the guy doesn’t put kachumbari in the chilly. I suggested that he should get an extra smaller tin with hot kachumbari for customers like myself. I hope to find him in the evening, at his spot, with hot kachumbari for me! Lol.

Okay, okay….TMI. Now I will get to my main point. I am pretty sure there’s most of you that already feel defeated because all you have tried has not gotten to work out. It is devastating I know and I say this because I have been there, not once or even twice. But when I got to see this mayai lady I remembered my favorite one who sells hers at the office entrance. I also came across a guy who was selling his mandazis at a corner. Here is what I got to discover, two things needed so that things will start working well for you.

  • Pray to God before you begin

We have this habit of wanting to do something or everything because all others are doing it. We forget that others do it because they can and it is usually not just for show. Yes the Lord asks us to be hands on and get to try much more as long as our hands are strong enough to do so, but there should be a certain kind of attitude towards what we get to do. This is why we should pray to see if God really wills that our lives go in that direction. I can tell you for sure that if He wills it, you will feel an urge to keep pursuing just that and if He does not, then you get to lose interest at it and almost immediately. Seeking God before we pursue our plans gets to call for immense blessing in ways we have not even imagined. He is always right!

  • Find your spot

There is a really big fear of competition. I know! We do not have great discoveries of gravity, or things that happen in space that make us unique and hard to compete against. No. What we have now is a very competitive world and we have to do almost the same things but how we succeed depends on how exactly we get to do it. After you have prayed and received a confirmation, it is then that you get to look for a spot you call your own. Consecrate the place and trust God to be with you at it. When I look at these mayai people and others who sell snacks on the road at specific places, you realize that they have their own specific clients and within a short period, they’ve sold all their goods and are smiling home with good returns.

What then is my point today? It is two points actually. We will often want to help ourselves but it is good we learn that we can only make it through God and therefore, we need to trust Him by seeking His advice, His guidance. He responds, even through people. Secondly, we need to live fiercely and without fear. If you are confident enough to go ahead with what God has confirmed and found your own spot, God will surely send you people that will be able to carry you forward and you will not have to fear competition or not making it at all. The blessings will always be glaring at you directly to your face.

So hey guys! I know I had made a post last night but this one just had to push itself out and I hope by all means it will be helpful, cos it is from my heart to yours. Therefore, before you even get to read, thank you because God has sent you here. Have a super duper weekend!


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