renee-bigelow-67702.jpgAs I am writing this, I swear my heart and not my mouth is all smiles. O will give you a story of something that happened to me yesterday. I experienced it all kindness.. 🙂 Remembering it once again, my heart and not my mouth is smiling again.

So as usual, I woke and I knew I had a totally busy day ahead. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out but yeeey….I was totally positive for the outcome. Everything went perfectly well but what stood out for me and crystal clear was how much kindness I received. Honestly speaking, it was all out of this world and I could ask myself “are there really nice people in this world?” I couldn’t believe it.

So why did it seem so odd for me? Here is why:

  • Unkindness

The first half of my year has been filled with so much unkindness and from just one place I almost became that kind. I thank God for saving me before I became such a cruel person. From morning till evening, I encountered things and ordeals that weren’t so nice and that totally embittered me.

  •   Inner wounds

Clearly, there is no way you’d be with inner wounds and still expect to kill them with kindness. (Thanks Selena). But yes, part of why we are humans is that we have in us inner wounds that we sometimes do not even understand. Sometimes we are unhappy for nothing, we are always sad and other times we are really angry. You my friend cannot be kind in this state.

  • Depending on self

Here I do not mean Mr or Mrs. independent. No. I mean when you are struggling to get out of a situation and you’re like “hell yeah, I know me best so I can get out of this one real quick” that’s a lie bro! You will often fall back into the same pit because yes, you will need support and especially emotionally to thrive and to be positive so you can spread the same support which sure is an act of kindness.

These are just but a few mentions of things I have encountered in myself that caused me not to be kind. But after yesterday, Wow! I see a different light. I can’t believe the impact was so big I still feel it. I wanna break down for you a litu what happened. Everyone was honestly very kind. I won’t go into the morning details but let me delve straight into what happened in the afternoon.

A month ago, I lost my wallet and you know what that means. Everything in it including my very ugly baby passport disappeared. So I had to replace all of my very important documents because life was beginning to get really hard without them. I didn’t expect to get all of the documents yesterday but I did. Everyone that attended to me was gentle and kind and made me feel like I had known them a million years and that’s something I haven’t experienced in a while.

What seemed slow was hastened for my sake just so I wouldn’t have to wait so long. Moral of the story? Life will often be unkind, but there are beautiful souls out there who will turn your life around and make you a person you’d never been initially. It doesn’t matter how cruel people are towards you. Let’s strive to be kind in return and the world will be a totally different place to live in.

I should go to bed now because it’s night so that means full stop? Yes! Good night loves and thanks a lot for reading….:-) From my heart to yours of course!


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