comete-el-coco-232109.jpgA long time ago, I met a unicorn….I don’t think Y’all know her but a few of you do. I’m excited to talk about her this morning as much as you are excited to read this post today. Before then though, how is the going and how has last month been? You may not have to tell me how exactly all has been but I know we are looking forward to a positive new month. Isn’t it wonderful to just see the brightness of June? Enough said and now to these Unicorn stories, wuuup! 🙂

I love or rather, we both love to say that we have known each other for a period of ’23’ years. Yes. That’s because it is unicorn’s favorite number. Her name is Jackie and she’s a prolific blogger of positive vibes. I would love to share so much of what we have been through but I want to be generous enough and mention why she’s been a ray of light for me. Why she fights without resilience till she is at that that she hopes to achieve.

At the beginning of this year 2017, I felt like I didn’t know Jackie one bit. Even with the fact that I had known her the previous 23 years. I honestly did try but I didn’t understand why she was so much of a stranger. I didn’t know that during that time of confusion, someone powerful was being molded. Someone who deserved nothing but to shine a light of her own and have others see the brightness of life through that very light.

She’s a girl who has learned more than anything to be independent physically, emotionally and most importantly, spiritually. She has some strength equal to that of a lioness trying to shield her young ones from any impending danger. The strength to fight for her soul and dignity and all the good that she feels she deserves. So while I thought all along that I was a friend to a total stranger, it was really something beautiful to witness what exactly had become of this lovely lady.

Her addictions? I know none but cake alone. I think you’d be totally awesome friends, best friends at that if you promised to get her cake daily. I may not know what exactly triggered a sudden yet very powerful change in Jackie, but she is a proud woman today and I am a proud friend. She’s young, she’s vibrant and she sees Jesus in almost everything and that’s why we connect really well also, except when we don’t which is normal.

So Jackie, once you read this, know that you are a powerful woman. Pam Farrel has written this amazing book, “Becoming a Brave New Woman” and I believe you are at it already.

Thank you for being a light to many I being among the huge number. Know that heaven loves you and I love you too! Keep being that Unicorn you are!

To find out more about what Jackie does, kindly visit https://jack2y.co.ke for more positive vibes.

I wish you all people a wonderful month ahead! 🙂


2 thoughts on “UNICORN

  1. Jack2y

    HHHHHUUUUUEEEE!!!!! I don’t know what to say. Thank you so much for making my day, hehe maybe even my month and also trying to make me almost as happy as cake does. Only light would recognize light so you are definitely a light as well, beaming in the darkness. God bless you and each and every person you touch with your light.

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