indah-nur-1547.jpgAnd yes, we are at it again today. I trust you guys are coping just great and that it gets better as we progress. It has been a few days we last interacted and I’m trusting the rewards to this good life are trickling in consistently for you. I’m I, right? Well, let me believe so. I like the photo right above because it can well relate to the season that awaits you, my dear. Brighter is always better and brighter it will be. 🙂

When you have time and have a meeting with self, you can well track the trend of the seasons in your life. There’s the summer when everything seems to go all well. No disappointments, blessings on blessings and oh! We can’t contain the much joy on our faces. Our hearts get to beat more beats per minute at the thought of how blessed we are. And yes, blessed my people, you are!

You have also have had those times that things have been going South every single day and you’re wondering what on earth you did so wrong. May I encourage you brother, sister, friend, lover that all this is part of the seasons of God. You think you are unfortunate but no, you’re the luckiest and most blessed person if I must say. You ask why? Here is why:

  • God is not out to frustrate you.

If indeed we serve a God of the season and that is why in Ecclesiastes He says there is a time for this and a time for that. Whatever is happening in your life right about now is in His plan and for you to understand, then you need to be close to Him. Whether it is good or bad, being His friend will cause you to appreciate the moment, the season.

  • God knows best

I had this conversation with myself, later with my best friend and then with my colleagues. Why we often do not understand a season is because we are out to try out on everything. The question is, whatever it is you are trying, has God sent you out on that you are trying. If no, then why do you say He has let you down when you didn’t give Him a chance to advise? He would, of course, let you know why He puts you through the fire, but you go ahead to rescue yourself before you can understand the situation, the season.

  • Every season is a preparation

For what? You would probably be asking right now. But yes, everything happening in your life right now is preparing you for what is next. We all have a purpose and a call to fulfill while we are on this earth. And the Lord is preparing us in every way to fulfill and accomplish it. He hasn’t promised a smooth sail but He has assured us to be with us all the way and all the days of our lives. Trust Him with that time, the season.


So what does all this lead us to bro, sis, friend, lover? It leads us to understand that even seasons, good or bad have their rewards. A time comes when the leaves of the bad seasons are shed, blown away and forgotten to give time and a chance for the season of triumph to blossom. Do you believe?

Look at your life and where you are at the moment, understand that it is in God’s place to help you understand where you are and why. He will teach you through Holy Spirit to appreciate it as you get prepared for the next assignment.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed season!


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