andrew-neel-209619.jpgIt’s the 30th of May and I’m well aware it has been forever I posted something. I am so sorry but they say that out of sight is not always out of mind. I had all of you in my thoughts. You, you, you and me… 🙂 Cos we are a team that’s unbreakable and that’s why I’m posting something really positive to get us through today and probably through days we already imagine to have the worst outcome.

You and I and someone else are always having a hard time battling with emotions. Anger, stress, depression, fury, sadness and all other poisonous kinds of emotions that are some wound to the soul and leave the heart sour and the same results in our thinking and even the words we get to speak. The question I will ask you right now and in all honesty is: Is the emotion all worth it?

I have watched myself and people I know get frustrated over stuff and I have seen the result of the frustration. When you allow negative emotions take control of your day, here is what will happen:

  1. It becomes all about you

Negative emotions are selfish in that you are put in some kind of pity party. You are thinking about how sorry your state is at that time and just how helpless you are. You confess and profess about how much of a loner you are and forget all the people around you who’d do anything just to see you happy.

  1. Only negative speech

Your light is dimmed already and so, there’s nothing positive around you anymore. When you utter a word, it is either you are complaining about how bad a person is or how the situation is so bad. There’s no chance whatsoever for some light to get in.

  1. Your health is at risk

Negative emotions will make you sick. Physically and even mentally. Remember how much of a loner you are and you, therefore, feel there’s nothing you need to do right for yourself. You don’t eat well and you no longer take care of yourself… You punish yourself and suffer the consequences by yourself.

There are most certainly many things that the negative emotions come with but remember the question: Is it all worth it? If there is something you can do about it, then no. It is not worth sulking. I know it is difficult especially if it something you have been going through but yes, it is very much possible to overcome it.

Let’s try this. Every morning is different in its way. We can do this exercise when we get to work or even to class. Do something you love for a few minutes before embarking on the duties of that particular day.

For example, I start work at 8 am. I may decide to write a blog post for the first 15 minutes. Writing is something I totally love to do and I’m sure it’ll keep me positive the entire day. You may decide to read a chapter of your favorite book, listening to your favorite song, or chat with someone you love and enlighten each other for the day. Trust me, it works.

Let us not also forget that God has our backs for whatever it is we are going through. Good or bad, he is very much aware but He needs you to acknowledge that He is bigger than whatever it is altering your good mood to the bad.

I’d missed you all. Thanks for reading. From my heart to yours. 🙂


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