20e90e573cff6a09f76e55eb1262a0d2.jpgAt the usual time and hour, I left work. It felt like the day had been wholesomely good for me and accomplished. The only thing that kept me a bit agitated at the time was the fact that I was a bit hungry. I don’t remember if I’d had anything for lunch. The thing with me is that I sometimes intentionally don’t eat and still feel okay with it. (bad manners Lucy). Anyway, I bought a cookie just outside the gate of my workplace, as there are several kiosks. I got a cookie and chewing gum. For lunch! lol!

I always walk from work to the place where I board my matatu. Did I say my matatu? Lol! I board a matatu at Ngara as I’m a resident of the famous Thika Road where we have this highway that’s called super, as we do not experience traffic at all. What’s more, we have roads on top of others! Hehehehe…

It’s raining and it’s cold, and Lucy is hungry but chewing gum seriously. I have a lot of paper. Waste paper in my bag and I feel like I just want to throw it all out the window. The wind might just blow it away or just decide to carry it to some imaginary bin somewhere. It’s an urge that feels like an itch, and I really want to get rid of that waste paper. THere’s the paper that had the cookie and that of the gum. I had a few options but didn’t get to use any of them. My options were:

  • Sit on the waste papers and leave them right there when I alight.

Lol. Really Lucy? You will all agree with me that this is a feeling most of us have had. We are in a matatu, we either have finished chewing and have the paper with us, we have bought smokie or samosa and we don’t know where to dump the papers after we are full, we have had roast maize and we have the cob in our hands and are in dilemma. You don’t want all of that in your bag, do you? For the papers, you intentionally decide to sit on them so that when you alight, it’ll look like you didn’t have anything at all with you. The waste is left for the seat to deal with. You agree?

  • Intentionally throw the waste out the window

We like to pursue this moment a lot. We like to be in a moving vehicle to do this. Why? This is because we know no one will see. Even the person driving right behind you won’t know who did it, even if they saw the vehicle the action or deed happened. Well for me, I really don’t do this. Sometimes I’m just afraid I’ll throw that banana peel out the window and it’ll get stuck on someone’s head.

  • Intentionally drop it to the ground

It’s funny, very funny when this happens when you’re a centimeter away from the bin itself. I mean, how heavy is that piece of paper or banana peel that you’re too tired to just walk a little and drop it in the bin? I’m asking us all here. What’s this we have so much gotten used to doing, that we have become so careless with ourselves?

These are just but a few behaviors we humans have developed and we have strained our environment, our rivers and every place that needs to sparkle. Sometimes we get to find that our houses look the same way. You won’t mind throwing a piece of paper that had flour just outside your neighbor’s balcony. I mean, what really has become of us?

I’m at Kahawa Sukari now. It is still raining heavily but I’m glad it’s the reverse. By reverse, I mean that I’m headed to the house and not to work in the morning. As I’m walking, there’s a small piece of land enclosed. Probably someone plans on building there. There is a poster “Don’t dump”, but looking at it makes me think it’s actually a dump site. It’s full of all kinds of trash, from papers to food stuff and anything else you can thin of. It’s an area that gets to flood a lot so you can imagine what happens to the creatures that choose to live in there, in that water.

I’m so tempted to throw the papers I put in my bag there, as it wouldn’t make any difference. It’s just a small piece of cookie paper plus the gum wrapper. Will I harm anyone if I do? In the back of my mind, I’m like. “No Lucy, you can’t do this. Your sister fights against things as such. It would be such a shame if you did the exact opposite.” I didn’t I walked with it in my hand. But I had a cob also that I threw to the ground intentionally. I’m so ashamed of myself right now.

This whole thing or post is not just a plea to keep the environment clean. It helped me figure that the things we arent’s supposed to do, are the very things we do that eventually make us wallow in endless guilt. Rather than feel guilty for not doing right, why don’t we do right anyway? Why don’t we promote health and life free from obvious illnesses by keeping clean, starting from our houses and outside? Why don’t we save marine life by keeping the water as clean as it should be?

Good morning happy people and happy Friday! I felt the need to share this piece with you since last evening, and I know together we can promote this good deed. If this post is helpful, kindly share it widely and leave your thoughts/comments right in the comments box below the post itself. For questions or inquiries, my email is

Thank you for reading. From my heart to yours! 🙂


5 thoughts on “THE IRONY… JUST DO IT!

  1. scottwahinya

    “…I didn’t I walked with it in my hand. But I had a cob also that I threw to the ground intentionally. I’m so ashamed of myself right now…” haha, after thinking u’d do the right thing with that cob😂… ama Ulisema cob ni biodegradable, hehe
    Yes, we should 1st agree to change then work towards that change progressively. it’s not easy changing these bad habits, but with commitment, anything is possible. Wonderful Post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Scott. No bad habit is easy to break from but it is all about a step at a time. It starts with self, with those little pieces of gum wrappers to tissue paper, and then we could learn to dispose nothing badly but use every tight procedure for the same.


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