photo-nic-co-uk-nic-117915.jpgMe drink? Yes, a little water or tea, or porridge, juice…. Name them. I toast them all to the good life I’m living and the best life that I’m welcoming. Good morning great people! I trust the long weekend has had lots of blessings yes? Well, what did you discover about this life? It is vast but you can share with me a little of your lessons right here, in the comments box below. 🙂

So for me, the weekend has not only been amazingly long. It has been beautiful and rewarding in every kind of way. You ask why I say so? Since we are sharing, then I’d be more than glad to do the disclosure. Alright? Here we go… Another toast to life? Yes!

  • Meet the friends of your friends!

Well, I realized just how much fun it is meeting the friends of your friends this weekend… I’m not the only person that appreciates it but I realize it becomes a good thing for your friends too. It is not just about having fun… Join these circles to grow!

  • Explore opportunities

Often we have talked about wanting to grow, wanting to have money so that we have fun and all, yet still we are in our comfort zones. We are seated waiting for the opportunities to find us. I would say for some, the ‘lucky’ ones, opportunities will probably get to find them. But there is no person blessed, as the one who wakes up every morning having in mind what they’re looking for.

  • Realize that every day carries a package of gifts the previous may not have had!

Disclosure I have been for quite a while the kind of person that was always in tension. It was the kind of tension of “how will i handle this tomorrow?’, “where will I get this and that from?’ etc… Rarely did I see the positive things in my life, because much of what I dwelt on was what would happen if the positive things were not there in my life. It’s detrimental and what I’d advise anyone is that life is not so vast to bring bad… If God gives the life, He intends it for good and expects us to be grateful for every little thing. Breathing, seeing, walking, smelling, eating etc… Are most gifts we are hardly grateful for.

  • Make follow-up

Some of you may already get wondering what I’m trying to talk about here. Sometimes, we will want to achieve some things and we know certain people who could help us. Once we talk to them, leaving it at that is more disturbing because we do not even know the fate of the situation. However, making follow-ups gives rest to our hearts and it’s more fun knowing that you’re living an authentic life!

  • Love yourself!

You need to understand that you,my friend, are very very important… You’re important to self and to the world and that’s a thought that unfortunately, you will need to live with. You may choose to feel otherwise about yourself but life doesn’t stop becoming fun. Why? You are in it to enjoy and by unleashing the love for self, you love those around you and are able to start engaging in things that you love!

That’s the much I was able to learn through that long but short weekend, and I can tell you fir sure knowing that there is a lot of good things life holds helped me change my perspective. Being more grateful and finding more situations that bring me joy and not otherwise.

It is the month of May and here is a little assignment.If there is something you want to achieve before the end of this month, do everything possible to achieve it. Pray about it and work towards it.For queries, my email is lucykiongo12@gmail.com

Remember, life is good and this is one last toast to it! 🙂 Cheers!

Thanks for reading as this has been from my heart to yours. 🙂



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