5ece59a330bafe3d27cec5c935c8fd6aYou will agree with me that the commitment bit is never so easy. She’d come back yes,but it wasn’t easy. In fact, the relationship was a bit difficult to stay in this time. There were so many insecurities around her and many times she opted to leave the relationship. The very insecurity she suffered with was distrust and and unforgiveness. When she’d been away, things had always seemed to go south because her love was no longer there to give answers to her questions.

She found it difficult to look into the eyes of her love like she would do before. This is because of all she’d allowed into her life during that time they’d been apart. She was in love and in pain at the same time. He love’s feelings didn’t seem to fluctuate like hers did. She had found a love that had come to stay,a love that was swilling to take back,a love that was willing to forgive totally.  This was however the assurance her love gave to her.

  • When I said I do, I took you as you were, I still do

What an assurance of love. For most relationships, you will hear statements like, “You have really changed.”, “This is not who I intended to marry.”, “I don’t think we still stand a chance of  doing this together still.” Slap me right in the face if all these I’m saying is a lie. Lol! He knew she belonged with her and it didn’t matter how many times she’d come in different states. She loved her and she knew that this love would eventually change her. At least His hope was never swayed.

  • My forgiveness is everyday, my mercy new each morning!

My goodness. When last did your love say that to you? He probably was was so furious and threw all your stuff out the window. Oh, or vice versa. I’m not trying to speak badly of commitments, I’m only trying to drive this point home. When He assured her of the forgiveness and the mercy, He truly meant it. That encouraged her to know that every time she fell, she had a place to empty herself. A place to cry and obtain mercy and forgiveness without condition.

  • No matter how far you run, you will never be too far gone from me

This is what anyone of us would want. I mean,knowing that when I decide to slam the door in your handsome face and leave, I wold turn back and find you right there. Hahaha, I’m I dreaming? You’d have locked the door after the slamming and gone ahead to watch that amazing series without me. His was special. You slammed that door, He open it and waits for you to look back and He is there with open arms. “My love, are you there waiting for me like this?” I’m sure He smiled at me too and said, “My Princess, I have been here all this while.”

  • Do not feel embarrassed in my presence

It is obvious that when we have gone and done all that stuff, we feel like we don’t want to come back. Deep down we know we are unlovable,we are dirty,we are filthy and we have stooped so low and looking up to Him again becomes an act of strain. For Him, He didn’t look at all that. He looked at the heart and its willingness to come back and that is all He had looked at all while.But her pride, well. It is a love you cannot resist coming back to.

Why did I write this “I do post” and twice? It is a lesson to us that feel we can longer face Him. I’m sure if you have read my previous post, you probably know that I am already planning to take Him from her…… (I’m joking). You have probably been at a similar place. You have fallen deep in sin, and you are clothed in filth. It’s what we like to say.

It’s amazing that the Lord,our love has not been looking at all that. All He has been waiting for was your change of heart. He has been waiting for your heart to spark with love for Him once more. His heart has been bleeding in pain at your coldness towards Him. In all this pain, His love didn’t change.

Are you ashamed?Have you stopped coming to church because you know you will find Him and He will probably reject you? One, you will not find Him in church only.When He says “You are not far gone”, He means that even when you go to the ends of the earth, you will only need to take a step back. He is closer than close.

He calls you in your state.He loves you as you are and His love is ready to transform you once again. Come as you are, He will set you free. John 8:36 says “If the Son of man sets you free, You are free indeed!”

Hey people and Happy Saturday! Well this is part two and the last part of a post I did two days ago, and I hope the message has been passed. This is one love you cannot resist.A love that is not racist,a love without condition, a love that bleeds with pain at your rejection. You may prefer all else, but this love will wait for you without getting tired.

Thank you so much for reading and getting encouraged. I’m open to receive your thoughts in the comments box below,and for questions, reach me on my email; lucykiongo12@gmail.com. Have a great long weekend and this is all from my heart to yours! 🙂


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