eb2808fde6cf9fdff5e487345d22c09f.jpg“Lucy, what are you doing here today, now and at this hour?” My readers asked. “Well, I decided to just share. To let it off my chest. To bond with you and to just flow with the vibe.” I responded with a funny looking but genuine grin on my face. Haha! How are you guys today? I’m doing extremely well. First, I wore make up today which I haven’t done in a while, second, I love the jeans I’m in cos I look a bit skinny in it, third, I felt really nice having some really awesome conversation with a friend while in the matatu today, and lastly but most importantly, this is the day that the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it! Did you just feel some vibrating in your heart when I said rejoice? C’mon! Did your heart vibrate?

Let me say I’m not trying to be cheeky this morning. For your information, I don’t even write on Fridays. It’s usually a day I’m preparing an outpouring for Saturday but my heart was pumping too hard I had to. For you. Goodness, don’t I love you guys? Thank you for loving me too, I’m grateful lol. That’s how good today feels. Before I forget, there’s some purple color on my lips today…. uuuuuuuh! I mean, lipstick. Yaaaas!

Let me now get into what I’m driving at. Who are you? What do you know about yourself? Is it enough to help you make an evaluation of what to and what not to do at certain points and times? That’s how important you are in this universe. Both heaven and earth are cheering on you and my friend, you have a task to keep your light shining bright, alright? Yes. Shining bright.

This morning, I was graced enough to have a morning conversation in the matatu (public vehicle) for those not from Kenya who don’t know what I mean by matatu. Yes. Basically what I do most days when I sit in that matatu, (public vehicle) I read that morning word of the day, lsten to music as I find out how people are… Alternatively, I sleep. It’s a free world and I’m as free enough to choose to continue that siesta. Hehe

It was a great coincidence to find out my friend has a passion for writing, like I do! At that moment in time I realized I could open up as much as I could… Wow! Another coincidence, we both had books in our bags that were graduation gifts, how cool is that!!!! Well there is so much we shared and I must tell you, that’s when the idea to do this blog came to mind and I’m here typing, how many words per minute again? Yes! Pause

Continues So like I was saying, where was I again? Yes, I was inspired to bombard you with some humor and some positive vibes today… 🙂 Clap for me cos it’s just about getting real now? Thank you. Madness. I know there is something you have tried for a while now, yes you and it has failed dramatically, it’s unbelievable and now, you’re frustrated enough, you don’t want to talk to me anymore. Well, that’s alright but I’m here, talking to you and giving you a way round it so that you see just how much you’re worth… Okay? Yes, thank you.

  • If it fails after several attempts and efforts, appreciate you tried.

I noticed that so many of us, myself included beat ourselves so hard at the fail of a first or several attempts. Its true yes, but sad. However, in feeling so bad about the failures, we forget the ideas were our very own and the fact that we tried was something. You’re a smart person so you know if from time you have ideas. Let them fail, they are not all meant to be something.

  • Do it differently, or do something different.

Maybe you need to think of it is this way; Why is it always failing? Why is nothing coming from it, even the slightest? That’s when you stop dwelling on the failure and start looking for a solution. The solution is you either need to do it differently, or do something totally different. Things to try are so many, there’s no way we could exhaust them all.

  • Soul search. There’s something inside of you.

I have dwelt on this particular point for the longest. Why? Because I’m affirmative that you are a power that’s moving about.. A power that’s unstoppable and a power that can do the unimaginable. You need to believe it. I also don’t believe it all the time and especially when things are going South for me and I get grouchy, but I’m making an effort.  Once you discover that thing inside of you, a talent or an ability, use it in place of the idea that first failed.

  • You’re blessed

I mostly haven’t seen any of that and it is because the heaviest par of my mind and body chose to lean on the fact that I’m kind of unfortunate. You know? I forget the blessing, the breath and every little thing and don’t see the blessing. But now I know that more than anything, I’m living in the Lord’s abundance and nothing’s gonna change that. He told me (he can relate when I say this) that I needed to appreciate the little things. He loves to tell me that “small blessings open bigger rooms” and I need to start seeing that. I have because today, I’m happy. 🙂

What I’m I trying to drive at in all these? I’m trying to drive at the fact that you won’t succeed at everything because that’s not how it works. It’s going to fail at some point. It’ll get demoralizing yes, but it’s a call to try differently or do something totally different with more enthusiasm. Like Maya Angelou puts it, whatever it is you do; Do it with compassion, with some humor, and some STYLE. Wuuuh! You’ve got all that my dear.

And finally, whatever life throws at you, it shouldn’t alter your kind of person. It shouldn’t allow everyone else notice that you’re going through something. It’ll be much easier to handle all the blows and you’ll still remain standing tall and strong. It is Friday and this was just some positive vibe I couldn’t hold in. Yes, I mean it. So once you read, kindly share your feel, your thoughts in the comments box right below. Ask your questions as well. My email is lucykiongo12@gmail.com.

Thank you very much for reading. All this, from my heart to yours. 🙂



10 thoughts on “WHEN IT IS NOT WORKING……

    1. Oh yes I am in a good mood Morgy…. And I don’t want to say it’s cos its gonna be a long weekend, no…. It’s just that day that sets the pace for the rest. Thank you so much for passing by and for the thoughts. There’s more coming! 🙂


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