18197804_1340730199336938_1019437622_n.jpg It’s amazing how fast these children grow.. It was just the other day, she was being held in our arms. It honestly feels like last night. She would cry so much and especially when her mommy was not around. I remember one night her mum had traveled out the country and we had to stay up all night soothing her to sleep which she would not do.

Days, years have now passed and this Angel turns four today. I must admit she’s one confident girl I have known in my life. Sometimes I ask myself where all this confidence comes from cos I’m almost the exact opposite. Hehe!

So Foi, this is my prayer for you as you get into an absolutely new chapter of your life, of days that are to come that you know nothing about.

  • May the Lord bless you and favor you.
  • May you grow to serve in the presence of kings.
  • May you always find an avenue to express yourself and who you are.
  • May you not be failed by health but enjoy health of body and peace of mind.
  • May you increase in knowledge and great wisdom.
  • May this very day mark the beginning of the best days of your life.

From my big heart to your beautiful little one, Happy birthday dear cousin! 🙂


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