To err is human, and to forgive, divine. Well, I know why I innocently used that saying. How are you doing and how is the going lovely people? Still holding your heads I hope because like we’d said initially in a recent post last week, there is no room to bend. 

☝️as it states. It’s a simple rule yes but abiding by it is quite difficult to do. Well, I know I’m still not getting at what I want for us to discuss this fine morning but oh yes, I’m getting at it in a jiffy! 😊

Every single one of us has got a dream they’d want to make a reality. For some it is something small with a very huge impact and for others, it is something very massive in itself, I wonder how it gets to fit in the mind. The good thing however is that it is your dream and only you can make it come true. Only you can make it a reality. 

Life is dynamic and each of us is living it differently. Every one of us is succeeding at it differently. If neither of this is happening to you, my dear I give you permission off your busy day to take a few minutes and have a meeting with self. If your heart isn’t at rest yet, it is probably because you’re sitting waiting for the real thing, which will never come, or there is fear to just do it. The latter is okay until a certain point. In my post today, I will explain a few mysteries and ways we can get to dream in daylight. (My own way of make the dream come true) lol! 

  • Do it on your own first! 

 I tend to believe that something must have caused you to envision yourself at some place in life. Lucy didn’t come and tell you, “I know what you’re thinking Dorah and this is exactly how you need to go round this” no! Just like you’ve envisioned yourself, try all ways possible, failing and rising to get yourself there taking each day at a time. 

  • Speak for self

Yes, this is something very very important. Your dream is vast and may need a lot of resources to just begin, let alone just making it happen. You don’t have what it takes to start but you know once it’s availed to you, you can indeed start doing the Abra kadabras… The magic! The real deal! We know of people that could help and it’s until we’ve spoken for ourselves that the assistance is aided to us. An old woman will ask you to help them with their drum of water, fearlessly, how about you who’s still blooming? 

  • Take chances and risks for your dream

Make friends with people you never thought you’d speak to. Make friends with them because you know they will be for you a network to grow. Borrow ideas, ask for advise. Be proud at a later time when your dream is already beginning to show signs of life. Take risks. For example, be prepared to lose a bit of your social life and even your sleep to start building that great life you’re envisioning. The rest will start falling into place again by itself. 

  • Be all round. 

By this I mean, be a student every single day of your life. I will take the response of Jesus to Satan and explain it in a literal manner.  “Man shall not live by bread alone” Well what I’m trying to say here is that you need to know you’re not average. You are a multi talented and multi gifted person. Whatever your hands can do, let them do. As long as its well worth it, let them do. Don’t live with them mentality of “This is all I have known all my life. It’s therefore the only thing I can do”

  • Be messy, eat a lot but moderately sometimes. 

Well, what I’m I even saying in this point? I mean to say, don’t be boring. Not to yourself especially. Sometimes you may just decide to make yourself a delicious mean and just appreciate it. Sometimes you may decide not to make your bed an entire day. My point is, don’t self judge. Don’t be too harsh on self. You also have a right to be weird, to be crazy and to laugh till your lips begin to crack. Oh yes I mean it. 

Here’s the thing. You only run and chase what you want. Not what anyone else tells you. You will run after being a sales person, because that’s what you love. That’s what you know you can do. You will run into music, because you love to sing and you know you can do it really well. You will do all that makes you happy. All that you know you can take the greatest risks for. 

“To err is human and to forgive is divine” Yes! I know I’m forgiven for not posting on Saturday. I overate and forgot you people but I’m here now. I will keep trying to be as consistent as I can, as we chase those dreams that are currently just in our heads. 

It’s the last week of April and I would love to give you a litu assignment for the week. What is it you would love to change about self that is most probably the reason you are not working towards living your dream? 

I’m wishing you a really great day and catch you again on Wednesday! I’m happy to share with you. From my heart to yours. 😊


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