68b4b8baabe49c2eff6dc8f8c8a395a2.jpgI woke up feeling a bit lazy, just that one morning. It is either my bed had begun getting too comfortable, or I just didn’t want to wake up at all. It was raining outside, I knew I had to get up cos the day ahead would be busy, but I lazed about and didn’t know why it had to be this different today. I stepped out of bed, said my morning prayer and heated my water so I’d take a shower.

There’s this one message that kept ringing in my head. “You’re trying hard enough, but it’s not the best yet.” I had often been made to feel low because of an effort that had not seemed to pay for a very long time. Rejections that came in too quick while I had waited hopefully for an acceptance. The cloud seemed darker than normal and mt faith’s intensity began to feel percentages lower.

I was done with the preparation and I stepped out of my house, heading for work. The walk was slower than usual. Something was indeed unusual. Was i too expecting or was I not trying hard enough? Those were two questions I kept battling with in my head and in my mind. I knew that good things came to those who wait but why did I have to wait so long?

As i sat in that matatu, I could only stare out, as if hoping that someone with an answer to my questions and holding them high on a some pluck card would get walking past, or that a message on my phone would just answer it all, but nothing did. It was just me and my face looking out the window. No stranger, no text message, just me. It was a hopeless morning for sure and I didn’t get to give myself my usual affirmation that it would be the best day of my life!

It wasn’t such a long ride and I alighted, took the next matatu to work. I realized however, that there is no comfort at all in depending on others to give you answers to your ideas. I can tell you for sure you will often find yourself alone. It is not until the ideas have started brewing, that anyone or everyone will begin to show up. Initially, very few or zero will. It’ll just be you and your will.

Here is something I’ll need to tell you though, if you’re one who’s felt like i did today. Alone, and like you needed answers from anyone or from everyone, because everything seemed to go like you didn’t expect it to.

  • Whatever you fail at, try again.

The best thing about this life is that there is always room available to try again, no matter the times you get falling. If it’s something your heart rests at, keep trying and try differently each time. At the right time, it’ll be successful because your passion got you pushing for it.

  • Encourage yourself, push yourself.

The biggest mistake of all time I have made too many times and you probably have is to sit and wait for others to cheer you on. Something like, “oh, yes that’s a great idea. What next?” and when we haven’t received that, we probably feel like ah, it probably isn’t the best. Let me think of something else. No. To succeed, you encourage yourself first, and then push yourself. You take the risks alone.

  • Cheer yourself on and continually.

I happened to be at an interview last week. First thing is, I couldn’t remember what post I had applied for, it was something I’d never done in my life before, and the questions were quite tough I almost gave up at the panel. Needless to say, I still went ahead. After the interview, outside the gate I told myself, “I may not have impressed them, but Lord in your eyes, I know I’m the best. I’m the best. I’m the best.” Cheer yourself on, even when you try something great and mess up a little. What’s important is you tried.

  • PRAY

During that long Easter weekend, I happened to be part of a hangout with friends. Truth be told I had never learnt so much like I did on that day. Many are times we have ideas in mind and immediately work on them. We do not even consult God so that He gives us a go ahead or not. We perhaps feel it is too little to consult on. However, I learnt that when you ask God if or not it is okay to go ahead, it is actually much easier. That’s because when He says yes, He provides a way on how to go round it and when He says no, He probably feels it’s not the best of ideas. It’s the last but most important point. Pray about everything and anything. God never disappoints.

I share this with you today because it is what I’m feeling at the moment. Good thing is that no situation is permanent. When it hurts just a little to fail, rise up stronger and try harder. People succeed by trying not just once but a number of times. Whatever it is you’re trying and failing at, yet you believe it’ll give your heart rest when it succeeds. Keep at it. Fall and rise until you get there. Cheer yourself on when you try and fail because the prize is surely waiting to be received by you dear!

Good morning and happy Wednesday! :-). Timely, timely is my post today! I’m so happy to share this with you today and below on the comments box, get sharing your thoughts, your critics and all else. Trust me I’ll take it all positively. I love you guys. Thanks for reading. From my heart to yours. 🙂


4 thoughts on “CHEER YOU ON…

  1. As I read this encouraging words, I recall a very important quote by Les Brown, “When you fall, make sure you fall with your face up….because with your face up it means you can rise again.” Great work

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    1. Do not let yourself fall and remain to the ground. Everyday should make you better and stronger. Do it for you cos you’re important. Thanks for the thoughts and I’m glad I imparted.


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