e1368785724d59539d914b6a0879716e.jpgHi guys! Happy Belated Easter wishes! 🙂 Well first and very apologetically, I know I should have vibed you guys yesterday, but I didn’t. I take the blame. Really, I do. There’s no good enough reason of why a post wasn’t put up, but i was genuinely tired and clueless. I know you understand. I however hope that the let down won’t get repeating itself again. Let’s continue to feel the waves of positivity moving in and out, in and out.

So, did you ever find yourself in some kind of dilemma you’d wanted so much to get out from? What worse time than Easter, to be in a dilemma. Well, it did happen to me this weekend.. The best feeling after a dilemma is knowing what exact path to take, but it becomes dilemma again, when you don’t know where exactly to begin. Well, it has never been easy and it’s not going to start now. Regardless of that however, I’d like for us to look at how we keep our heads looking up.

  • Tell yourself it is possible.

Well, whatever it is you look into doing, or starting, it is possible. The fact that it came to mind wasn’t an infatuation or a fantasy, it was rather God’s way of patting you on the back and saying, “Daughter/Son, I’m trusting you to handle this one.” So walk head high and smile on cause you’re about to do something so wonderfully.

  • Believe you’re multi talented.

Are you the kind that believes that wherever you are is the only place you ought to be? Well let me fill you in honey. No, that’s not the only place you need to be. You can sing, you can act, you can play guitar/piano. All you need to do is to commit to learning and find yourself not only changing you, but the world also.. How’s that??

  • Try something new

I have made a promise to self to try something new this week. That’s because I’m a very firm believer that routine is boring. Maybe you’re used to just going to work and back to the house Monday to Friday, and that’s routine. Maybe this week you could call your best friend and meet up. Discuss an idea. You never know where it’ll land you.

  • Be crazy

Let me tell you something I have had to struggle with for a very long time. For most people I have had to interact with, I’ve been viewed as very cold, arrogant and proud. Let us laugh together. Ha! HA! HA!…. I honestly do not want to prove anyone or everyone that I’m the exact opposite of that. I let it come out naturally. I get crazy and shock them Try it, it is fun!

  • Pretend you know lyrics to songs

Well I know this is weird but Lucy, are you not saying too much about yourself? Did you ever take a video selfie with music in the background and you were all over the place? I mean, whom does it hurt? That moment you’re especially stressed out and feeling like crying because everything seemed like it was going downhill, do this kinds of things. Do not give yourself room to bend!

I’d like to give us all a challenge this week. There is probably something you’ve admired in someone. Could be on Tv, on YouTube, twitter or whenever. What exactly did you like about them? If you were so much attracted to them and what they did, it most probably is something you could try out. People have similar giftings. The thing is to do it differently to impart.

Get researching on how they began and how they got there, you know? And maybe find yourself working your way up. Do not hesitate. No one started smoothly and you won’t be an exception. It’s a mountain you’ll climb and your determination will get you to the top.

Final and finally, make yourself available for you. This is so important and especially if you’re the person trying to find out what you’re gifted in. When you have little or no time to self, it is hard to get to realize what you can do. It first begin with self, and then gets to you finding people who are like minded.

So what are you waiting for? Your mountain’s calling. No mountain moves downwards so there’s no way you’re letting yourself bend. Ah ah!

So once again I’m so sorry for not posting yesterday. But here we are. Share your thoughts on the comments box below, and perhaps let me know what you’d like us to look into next. I’m more than willing to do that for us cos you mean more to you and to me than you’ll ever know.

God bless you for reading and this is from my heart to yours! 🙂



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