And I couldn’t tell whether really it was out of the brokenness that I began to realize just how much dependency I had developed towards self. This truly wasn’t me. 

As I sat in my room’s little corner, I would not marvel at anything. So much had changed over time and had become something I honestly didn’t expect. Everything seems like it wasn’t moving. 

I could only ask myself questions and being alone in the room, I didn’t have anyone to give me answers. Some projects began and failed at the middle. Dreams were not brought to the pass, ideas were never implemented.

There was a little void that was somewhere that needed filling. I could tell what it is, but I didn’t give it a chance. Lucy wasn’t there anymore. It was just an imagination of her, where she wanted to be but all that was a fuzzle. 

I don’t know if you’ve gotten to a place in life, you either felt like it was too late to dream again, you either felt like time was never on your side, you started contemplating moving backward and taking the easy way out. 

I feel it in my heart that, that’s the time you need to take charge. That’s the time you need to make compromises and sacrifices. That’s the time you need to sweat to succeed. 

Everyone experiences brokenness, but even brokenness is mended. It may never leave the pieces the same, but it doesn’t always render it useless. This is a time to have a meeting with self, and understand why everything has gone against you. 

Brokenness has one particular thing it does. It makes us feel like even God has forgotten us. You’ll find in most cases, it’s the other way round. In forgetting Him, life shows us so much more that drifts us away from Him, and when consequences start to pay, we remember Him. 

Grace and mercy in Him are however abundant. If you want to shine again, believe that broken is still beautiful. Broken is more stronger. 

Hey guys, I wasn’t sure I was going to post today. I haven’t been well since yesterday but I thank God I could share a little something to help us feel the light’s not too dim. 

I would very much want to hear from you. In the comments section, share your thoughts and what next you’d want us to talk about. I promise we will move together and delve into opportunity. 

Happy Easter guys! From my heart to yours. 😊


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