DO IT……..

7d7ee5fb73d048a7eb000b73783dc4fd.jpgGood morning super people and how has been the weekend? (I know someone who’d roll their eyes after they read that statement). Well, it is a new week and you know what that means? New opportunities, a chance to dust off all weekend hangover and start getting better than you were last week. Yes?

Anyway, today I’m going to speak a little about fear and what its prevented us from doing. I’ll give a few silly and a few meaningful examples and see where it’ll get us at, by the time I’m done with today’s vibe. Well, you just sit right there and wait, and shortly it is coming through. :-). Shall we?

I have honestly come to understand that investing in time to self has never been a selfish thing if its answers and growth you’re looking for. What would be messy is getting alone and drinking your sorrows away. There is however a huge difference margin between this, and what I’ll be talking about today. Living in fear and still getting there! 🙂 Wuup wuup.

9d0628925468c0c882946c48718db090.jpgThere is something I have so much wanted to do since last year. I can tell you I was excited when the idea came to mind, and I’d talk about it non stop. I would tell my friends about how I knew it’d grow me, it’d develop me greatly. You would feel the excitement all the way, having known me or not.

The talk died away slowly and I didn’t do the slightest thing about it. That’s because, there were so many factors screaming so loudly that made me feel I couldn’t do it. I listened to the screaming though because until now, I haven’t done a thing yet. Seriously! I haven’t taken any step because I told myself that I’ll wait for the right time to do it.

Right time? I can tell you for sure that the right time was then. When the idea popped into my head. That’s the very moment I needed to do the pursuing.Let me tell you something, a unicorn introduced me to a unicorn and I think I’m headed that way also? We will see.

A unicorn called Jacky, introduced me to a unicorn called Lilly Singh (btw I’m still reading her book and I think after I’m done, I will read it once more)…. Apparently, most of what I’m writing today has been happening to so many of us. Procrastinating and waiting for the “right time to come”

You probably want to quit your job because you have a business idea, but you are waiting to get a few more salaries so that you will start your business on stable ground. Well, that’s wise but maybe the salaries may not be enough to begin even if you waited a hundred years. Why? There’s not just the business waiting to be funded. There’s bills to pay and upkeep expenses as well. Just decided and let passion do all that for you.

You are probably the lady or gent that’s waiting for the opportune time to tell them how you’ve been feeling about them. While it does not have to be so direct, what are you doing in the meantime? IS there any communication going on to at least keep the touch? How about you, in your waiting realize that the opportune time may never come and you may never have them? (Well, that’s a kalame one but it still makes a little sense)

Sometimes we are sitting waiting for gold so that we start maximizing and utilizing, but we haven’t done any mining for it. By this I mean, we haven’t put any little effort to just begin. The moment you realize you could begin even with the fear, the you will probably move a mile you never imagined you would.

The mustard seed that’s too tiny takes thousands of years to grow… Your idea may blossom in years, months, weeks or just a day. All you need to do is to just begin. Just do it! Whatever it is, however insignificant it feels, it is your idea. Make it count by doing it. It is never the wrong time, but there is  a best time which is now.

Well guys, don’t think I’m already doing what I needed to do, but I intend to for sure… Life is so beautiful when you begin to make use of your gifts, talents and little ideas that come to mind. They are as important as you.

Looking forward to a wonderful week because its gonna be the best week of your life sweetheart! Thank you for reading. Have a lovely day and see you again Wednesday.

From my heart to yours. 🙂



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