Have you ever found yourself in a situation whereby you are trying to break free from something? You’re probably the drug addict who always makes promises to self to quit. The sex pervert that’s fighting month after month for chastity. The person in toxic friendships and relationships and trying to break free. In doing an analysis of your life, you truly are trying. You have found it working for a time and then soon enough falling back again. 

I was up at around 4:04am today and for some reason, I couldn’t go back to sleep. It’s a weekend and for me, it’s the day I should sleep the longest hours but no. I took my phone and started looking up stuff. My mind was often like “Why don’t you read St Augustine ‘s story?” it was what I did. I downloaded A few PDF articles to better understand the life of this man. 

St Augustine was one man whose soul completely belonged to the world. If he would study some theology and along the way fall because scripture proved difficult, then he belonged to the world for sure. It was until something triggered  a change in his life. I wouldn’t wish to give his entire biography but his life is one example to look at for anyone struggling to build a relationship with God. 

I’ll get delving into a few things we could do, through this battle and come out free and happier. I’m not the best at it, I’m no psychologist, but I know we can learn. 

  • Ask yourself why you keep doing what you do. 

If you’re trying to break free from drugs, sexual immorality, gossip, malicious talk, too much sleep and laziness, anger, then take some time so self to find out why you do it. It’s not always intentional. There’s always a trigger behind it that needs consulting. Once you discover, little by little you understand how to let free. 

  • Is it important? 

Whatever it is you’re doing now, is it really important? How does it make you feel after you do it? Does it leave you better or broken? There’s a Swahili song we Catholics sing “namdhania Yesu Mokozi, nafanya dhambi ninavyopenda. ……….. Najidanganya na ulimwengu, ambao kesho nitauacha” So often we’ll be so into something that gives us a temporary kind of happiness. It is at that time that we begin to feel a little empty that we start wanting to break free. 

  • Where does it leave you? 

You will often find that what you’re doing will in most cases leave you at a place of loneliness. This is the power of being self aware. At the time you’re doing it, you’re alright. You feel fair and free until your subconscious mind is awakened. You’ll feel lonely than you ever have before. 

These are just but a few things I’d wish to point out. There are certain things I’m struggling with as well. You will find that you probably stopped smoking 13 years ago. The urge is starting to come back now. Well, it’s a normal occurrence but we have been given a fighting to win spirit. 

I’m one person that greatly appreciates a friend who’d keep one accountable. Pursue that. Walk with God and let God give you someone to remind you that you can do it and thus remain accountable. There is one famous quote of St Augustine that says “Our hearts are restless, until they’ve found rest in You God”

When you keep trying, the trend is that what you’re trying to break free from will start to dwindle. (happens to me) and it’ll eventually be gone. Don’t give up. St Augustine lived his life anyway he wished at the time, lavishing himself with all pleasure. But with the help of his prayerful mother, (his accountability partner), He converted! 

So to conquer this is to keep trying until you’ve broken free. That’s what I mean, do it! Do the one at a time exercise of “I wont do it today” do the same tomorrow because you’ll be the one to answer at the end of the day. Trying never killed anyone. It instead brought about a successful freedom. Do not let what the others will say stop you from trying. Do it for you. 

Good morning! It’s post day and I’m as excited as you are. I have a very busy day today… Thus the post came through early enough. I care this much. Hehe. Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!

From my heart to yours! 😊


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