c8ef9868974ccebf511a363d34b28b90.jpgSo today I’m just sitting here and thinking to myself of how much happiness I have deprived myself. I’m sure so many of you like me have been in my kind of my situation. We have been running so much after what we think will make us happy which unfortunately have made us more miserable in this life. I’m tempted to narrate but I will just lay everything bare today so we learn together. Oh by the way, good morning! I know today is not post day but really, I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to share this with you. It probably is a common one but let’s see if there’s any way we could go round it.

How often have we failed to live the present moment because of a single frustration, and thought to ourselves, “If I’d have done this this in any different manner, then the result would most probably have been awesomely different!” Yeah, yeah… I have heard that so many times it is even boring because I’ve told myself the same thing, I even cried. Lol! I thought I lost an opportunity, I thought I wouldn’t ever be better.

So today and very briefly, I will share with you a few lessons I’ve learnt to use with self and speak to self every morning I wake up that have made me more content and happy. I see the best of each day even when I’d choose to see otherwise. I have come to know that happiness is indeed me. :-). So, shall we?

  • Today is the best day of my life!

Yes Lucy! Today is indeed the best day of your life. Why? You know the usual morning greeting from friends and family when you beginning the conversations in the morning? Could be through SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram etc… “Hi Lucy, good morning, how are you?” And I will boldly respond. “I’m happy.” Then they will ask, “Why are you happy?” I’ll respond, “Because today is the best day of my life.”! I will not lie to you that I’ve been doing this all my life. Actually, I began doing so this week. I have seen a whole lot of difference. When I may choose to sulk over a frustrating situation, I have allowed it pass so quickly and focus on what’s more important. You never know, today could be your last.

  • Utilize what you have

This is where most of us are. I for instance have had a big problem with my current job and for so many reasons at that. I didn’t think any kind of motivation from anyone would come through for me to help me see or think otherwise. Generally, I was tired. It was not until I started giving myself pep talks. I mean sometimes soliloquy and you look absolutely crazy. It has helped a big  deal really. The thing to note is, if you cannot make your present situation different and be happy while at it, it may be difficult to navigate happiness in the next.

  • Choose joy. Choice!

I have a friend who always tells me that only me can make me happy. In fact their theme for life is joy… I mean, even their WhatsApp status says, “Let joy be the theme of your life, with hope and faith leading you on.” Happiness is in itself a virtue and anything else that accompanies it is a virtue. It’s therefore a choice for us all to choose everything that’s a virtue. Joy being one!

  • Live the moment

We are all by nature scared about what the future may hold for all of us. This is because the present is already frustrating so it’s already signalling what the future may be like for us. I would however choose to say and stand by the fact that, the present moment defines the future. Nobody sat us down and assured us that life was some kind of roller coaster. In fact I love the fact that it is very difficult sometimes so we can push ourselves harder to get ourselves out of the difficulty. It teaches us to greatly rely on God who has Himself asked us to make good use of the present moment. He takes care of what we are worried of. The future.

7720ced882b4c910e2956be56ccf6ed2.jpgSO whatever life is currently throwing at you isn’t purposeless. It’s with a reason. It is difficult to build you. It is difficult to mold you. Difficult to harden you. Difficult to make you immune to frustration so that happiness and joy gets to surpass every other negative feeling.

One last mark down. You can’t sit and expect to have someone else motivate you before you’ve started to do a self motivation. Just tell yourself like I do every single morning. “Today is the best day of my life.” Sometimes when I wake up and I’m praying, I can make this statement when I remember, “Lord, I’m thankful for this day. I can’t wait to receive the blessings you have in store for me today.”

Only you can make you happy. Understand that. It all comes from self and you need to choose above all else, anything and everything that’ll be a great contributor of your joy. Don’t allow negativity come between joy and you. If your current situation is frustrating, by all means change it and be happy.

Thanks for reading. We will still catch up tomorrow! From my heart to yours! 🙂



6 thoughts on “HAPPINESS IS YOU

  1. This piece makes my day and leaves me in smiles all over. I really love it. Happiness is me and me only. That tells me how much great power i have to change my own life to being a happy me and how to make a choice of being happy every morning and all day. That translates to a quote i just read this morning “life has no remote get up and change yourself”. It all leaves me in smiles just by the say ” i am happy”. I feel uplifted for today, thanks lulu for this piece. I have drunken deep of joy for today. keep up the good job.


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