I had never learnt the value of space until recently. Sometimes we will hear so many people say they need space in their lives. We will often conclude a lot from that particular statement. Either they want to get suicidal, maybe they no longer need us in their lives, or they are trying to figure things out. I wonder why I’m using “they”. We are a team, so WE!

Space is a great nurturer or a killer of dreams. Every reason I mentioned up there, of why we ask for space is fortunately or unfortunately very true. There is a lot that happens in the vacuum of that bubble that only we ourselves can understand. I would however want us to focus on the positive aspect of the bubble’s vacuum.

2f68439185f13e00632bedaf629f64f3So Lucy and you other person, why should you be taking time off people or certain things you do?

  • Figuring things out.

This should be more an advantage. Figuring things out should result in making you a better person. If there is anything you need to put together, focus on how to do it so at the end of the day it generates a result that grows you. For example, you are always underperfoming at work or in school. Take a moment to find out the do’s and the dont’s, and implement everything that’ll succeed you.

  • Implement thought of ideas.

We beings are smart people. I would say it is the reason God took so much of His time and focused so much on creating us. He knew when He put us on this earth, we would make a lot of positive difference. We have so many ideas that come to mind. Let’s say I’m walking past a shop in town, I will see something and from it an idea can blossom. I could use it to start up something of my own that may grow me financially and physically. Take time off to implement ideas, not to kill dreams!

  • Give back

Another reason you should be asking for space is to find out ways to give back to life. This i mean, life may have been harsh or quite good to you. Our lives involve the supreme God, our families, our friends and even colleagues. Some have been greatly rewarding and we have become better people because of them. Take time off to find out how you can give back from the lessons each instilled in you.

  • Reach out

In our lives, we may find ourselves among the very same people from morning till evening. We let our lives revolve around them so much that we hardly have time to recreate or reach out to others in need. If you are to ask for space from your “persons”, let it be to reach out to those  who’ve not had the advantage of spending time with you, yet it would have been of great value and worth to them.

  • Nurture your long dreamed dream.

I will tell you something I discovered and even tweeted about yesterday. Your own space is very powerful. You could use it to nurture a dream you have had for a very long time, or you could use it to kill that very dream that would have made you the very person you’d have wanted to be. A dream is like a mustard seed. It doesn’t bloom suddenly. Sometimes due to failed results, we let go. But space allows you to dare to dream again, until we’ve made it happen.

  • Grow Spiritually with God!

My last points are always my most important because they involve the most important person for us all. Life is almost 98% about Spirituality. This is because there is one person we should always be accountable to who is God. We are His creatures and He is our Creator. When God put us on this earth, He had a purpose for us, tasks and dreams we needed to make come true. We can only do so if we consult Him. Life has become so busy, we have forgotten to whom we belong and from where we can find the answers. Take time off people to bond with Your God. Do you remember when Moses bonded with God 40 days on the Mount of Sinai? The Bible tells us His face was glowing. That’s because God had given Him answers to life He’d been seeking.

The same way today we hear people saying, “I’m going up the mountain today”. If you have been keen you will realize they take time off everything else to be with the Creator. If you are looking for balance, to discover your purpose or to live your dream the right way, to handle your work, friendships, relationships, ask for space and go up the mountain. It is never the same.

Good morning lovely people! I’m trusting the last 2 days of the week have been amazing and there is overwhelming positive difference and dreams that don’t come to an end. We can’t afford to stagnate. So live this day and tell yourself, “Today is the best day of my life” Believe it and so shall it be. 🙂

Thank you so much for reading. It’s always from my heart to yours. 🙂

I’m praying with you!



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