Hey all and Happy New Month! Well well… I know it has been a while we guys got in touch but I’d love to assure you that things are already looking up, and the spark getting brighter. They say the harder you hit the ground, the stronger you rise! So, any plans for the new month? I don’t know what you’re looking forward to currently but the past month should give you a heads-up on how exactly this one needs to begin,. So let’s begin.

I hate to talk about problems all the time because the effect is that, the more we are always talking about our problems, the more we will have them and it results in us never having any solutions at all. I believe this has been something we have struggled with. I mean, we always want to show how much we are suffering and how down we are weighed. Well, here a re a few lessons I would wish to share in my first post for the month of April. Are you excited?

  • Stand out!

I know I sound too much off the line but yes, let you r problem make you unique. What I mean to say is, you may be having a problem similar to another someone else is having. How you choose to handle it however makes you unique. If you choose to dwell on it, you claim defeat. If you choose to rise up stronger and to conquer it, you choose to stand out!

  • Move on

The thing with having positive people around you is that in every way, they will get to inspire you. The best kinds of friends are those that will not agree with you to everything. So I have this friend who told me this, when I had chosen to hold on to a pain and deemed it my fate or circumstance. “Lulu, you have to move on cause it’s enough how much you’ve sulked about this problem. Problems will always be there, but you choose to either move on or to think about them and stay at the same place!” Yea! It hit me right to my face!

  • Have a strategy

Yes, I realized that things didn’t need to be the same every single day. To be very honest, routine is boring. Life becomes exciting when we choose to do something new. Make it daily, or weekly, just make every single month count with whatever. Make friends with whom you can develop positive habits with, and try initiating the changes within self. You won’t remain the same. J

  • Keep touch with friends

I have had this habit for a while now but I’m glad the last month gave a platform to learn. In most cases when I have had issues within me, I choose to seclude myself from everyone. In my head I know that I can take care of everything myself. Hell no! It is not the case. The more you move away from people, the deeper you drown in the problem. What I learnt is that friends will tell you a certain kind of truth that you are perhaps evading. Something that’ll probably illumine a dark area of your life. Learn to talk to a trusted friend who is not afraid to tell you the truth.

  • Forgive

Lucy! What do you man forgive? Yes, I mean that people will hurt you, offend you, criticize you, look down on you, but holding on to them only means you’re giving them credit. Perhaps all their critics maybe true, but have you taken time to evaluate and speak about it? Holding on to the pain solves nothing. Talking, praying and forgiving gives you wings to fly!

  • Do something crazy!

Last week I decided to just make some funny video recordings and send them to my persons. I mean, I loved the fact that I could just laugh at myself and have fun sending them around. Normal is sometimes boring… Be crazy and allow yourself some fun. I’m about to say sometimes bend the rule a litu and go out of your way to just have some positive fun. Life is too short.

  • Pray and believe it’ll get answered!

They say, save the best for last. God is and will always be the most important person we will have. This is a new month. Take a moment to pray about every plan you have for the next 27 days. Pray about the desire you want met this month. Pray about the dream you want come true, the set goal you want to achieve and the growth you wish to see. Believe it in your heart with all faith that God is not deaf. Change is coming fast and furious!


Hello people! We will now have a system. I’ll catch you every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and we will get to share some good talk about getting MAD! I mean, Making A Difference!

Thank you for reading. From my heart to yours! Welcome to April loves! 🙂


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