As I was scrolling down my twitter timeline this morning, I couldn’t help but glare for quite a number of minutes, at how hearty people get at the things they love. You know? Preaching and speaking far and wide about it to get support. Why? This is because they knew it would not only be to their advantage but to the advantage of many.

Simple question is, would you destroy anything you love? Something you really treasure? Would you stand and watch as people in joint effort demolished it for their own selfish gain? Where your treasure is, there your heart lies also. All of us hate broken hearts, and it is unfortunate that broken hearts come from those we love.

In the recent past, I have been trying to understand the word “activists” you know? I have followed quite a number on social media and I must say I developed an interest when my younger sister joined the activists club. Little by little, I learnt that they did not do it for recognition, or money, or fame, it has been none of it. They have done it for love, and more importantly for those who couldn’t raise their voices.

It didn’t occur to me that there’d be a great passion for some things that we so often overlook. I agree that sometimes, social media is a great waste of time and especially if those on it share nothing constructive, or you end up sharing nothing constructive as well you know? Attention? Yeah right!

You may be wondering what I’m trying to talk about, yet I’m already 270 words done already. But here is the thing. Well, let’s say I’m almost getting there. A day ago, I was watching Nat Geo world. Apparently I haven’t been a fan or rather, a wildlife enthusiast, but I think I’m beginning to. I’ll quote once more, “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” I was watching the wild cats! The fierce ones at that! Cheetahs, Leopards, Tigers, Lions, Hyenas (oops!) TMI.

I can tell you for sure. I loved the view. I was mum. I just wanted to watch. Just that. Thinking about how much I get to enjoy it, I’m brought to a nostalgic feeling when people poach these animals that entertain us, melt our hearts with love at admiring their beauty, so that they could get skin, fur, mane (from horse) I didn’t know it was called that and a whole lot more.

There was something about me on Monday. These particular animals would kill one another to survive. Lions killing cheetah, cheetah killing antelope, hyena killing wilder beast etc and seeing how they struggled to death kind of pained me. They thing is that they are animals and that’s their only means of survival, so excuse them? They lose nothing, if anything; they get eating to their fill. But it pained me.

There was one incident that pained me most. There were three cheetahs playing and one had been slightly injured. I honestly did not know all my life that cheetahs are afraid of lions and that lions can kill cheetahs and not even eat. I mean, just kill. So when the lion approached, two cheetahs fled. One couldn’t run as fast because he had an injury and that was the end of him. Just like that. He was left for the scavengers.

I will relate this story or rather my experience to our activists today fighting for girls’ and boys’ rights, fighting for peace in our country, fighting for rivers to keep running, fighting to eliminate sewage so that we eliminate cholera and other waterborne diseases. They are the lions in our lives and what they fight for is their treasure. When we contaminate these rivers, exposing it to drying by using it for wrong reasons, we leave the helpless at the mercy of death. Animals and people. We put them in the injured cheetah’s position.

Rather than doing the exact opposite of what they fight for, let us support them. I realized after watching the documentary on Nat Geo, these animals are a treasure for us. They do not have well paying jobs to find themselves flour and fruits to survive on. Thus they kill each other. However if we were to stop the poaching for selfish gain, eliminating them would be hard. Because even if they kill each other to survive, they are still multiplying!

We talk of lagging behind economically, but the truth is we have placed the misfortune on ourselves. Because we have ears and do not listen, eyes and do not see! We have treasures but our hearts are truly far away from it. Salute to all activists out there working round the clock to save what’s been destroyed. I may not have the voice like you do, but trust me I support you 100%. Let us save wildlife, let us save rivers and together we will get moving forward! In the end, let our hearts be tandem with our treasure!


This is all from my heart to yours! 🙂




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