Good morning lovely people. I’m trusting y’all are feeling good and lovely this Thursday morning. Lately I have not been as consistent with my writing or let me say with my keeping in touch but hey! I think about you still. I’m grateful that I’m stuck in traffic to be able to share a few positive thoughts today. 

You can all agree with me that since the gear started, we have either tried to come up with plans or certain patterns. Almost 3 months down the line, we are still struggling to keep up. When I say we, I’m including myself so much. 

What I’m I talking about for example? 

1. Waking up early and at a certain time. 

Well, what we do when it comes to this is every week we set a new alarm. We keep doing this until we can adjust to one and keep at it. But it’s failing. 

2. Healthy eating. 

We say it in our mind. “Oh yeah! This year and the years to come, I will start to eat healthy so that my body and my mind are positively alert all the time! Wuup wuup… Great! You flop

3. Sleep early. 

After making this decision, you are the one that sleeps last and latest in your house. Lol! 

Well anyway, these are just but a few examples. There are so many more. The truth is that once the body is accustomed to a certain way of life, adjusting to something new is a bit uncomfortable. Change is never comfortable at the beginning. 

On thinking about it though and a few struggles of my own, I figured I’m not putting in as much energy into trying. I still want a little comfort as much as I want the change to come. The two can never go hand in hand. They will probably meet and kiss later but not at that time you are beginning. 

So whatever change you are making, start small. Start with a little adjustments. You too Lucy. And I believe at the end of the day, if our focus becomes the result of the change we make, we will get doing it. 
Lets be a bit brief today. Thanks for reading. From my heart to yours. 😊



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