She feared she could rise, fight her fear and stand, yet all that power was within her.

e9a1c12061aaba6150d53ee1c2ff396e.jpgCherono was a young beautiful Kalenjin girl who lived in Kenagut, a shanty town in Bomet county. Born and raised by her grandmother, that was the only parent she’d known all her life. Often she’d see her mates with parents but in her very early years, she never got to meet her parents. They were there, very alive but life’s busyness had gotten them so much to that extent they wouldn’t spend time with their little girl.

Cherono however worked very hard and would often perform exemplary in her studies. One thing limited her though, she didn’t have that courage and oomph to stand up for herself. She often sought the approval of others before she’d make any decision. Everything that was crucial in her life depended entirely on others opinions.

Many years passed and Cherono continued to live under the shadow of others. She couldn’t recognize her shadow so she’d come out of it and eliminate whatever barred her success. Sometimes it is usually something from within that at times takes a lot of time to define. Was it her fear? Was it her attitude? What really was going on?

Cherono now had grown into a lady. She had done well in school, completed college and gotten herself a luxurious life. Something was still missing despite all this. She didn’t have a good relationship with almost all the people she interacted with, but she did have some friends and others who were her supporters. This greatly disturbing her, she decided to perform an exercise to see of things for her would get changing:

  1. She prayed.

I will not delve much into her story but I will use these things she did to explain how life can get to turn around when all may be going well, but the most important stagnating. Do you remember a verse in Ezekiel 36, where God speaks to Prophet Ezekiel and assures Him that He will change the people’s hearts of stone to hearts of flesh? Cherono asked the Lord to change her heart so she could relate well with people and for sure the Lord had her. She began to win positive relations and friendships.

  1. She took time to self.

Cherono decided to for a moment take time to self and evaluate her life and its pattern. Sure enough she discovered that there were things which were so routine and didn’t grow her in any way as they were always the same things.Sometimes, we tend to accustom ourselves to the kind of life we have known. We do not want to go that extra mile because we are afraid of the outcome. However, Cherono discovered that routine and normal is boring and discovered she needed to learn new and pursue greatness.

  1. Self decisions

There comes a time in life where in a good way we get to say enough is enough, and appreciate the consequences of our decisions. That’s where growth comes in. Making a wrong decision, seeing its implication and knowing that next time, you could do better. Our decisions are what either build us or destroy us depending on what we choose to do. However letting others decide us for us leaves us with regret for a lifetime as well as the urge to keep blaming those that decide for us if it fails.

4. The Bold Step!

Finally, after we have made the decisions and its stuck on us like tattoo, we now take the bold step. We begin to do the unimaginable and the unthinkable. We begin to give a chance to what we couldn’t do, we begin to become fierce and the fear begins to go. We begin to express our thoughts and our feelings boldly, without naivety! We become completely new versions of ourselves.

So what now? Sometimes what limits us to growth is the fact that we think that time has already gone against us and we therefore cannot be where we had intended to be. The past can of course not be changed, and it is what it is. However, there is a high probability that the present and the future can change, depending with your determination.

5d248029451a864d2f0955aca2ff0c57.jpgWhile it is true that your decision to start growing and being independent will cause some conflict within and without, I say go for it. Make the boldest of choices without fear and celebrate the fact that your humble beginning results in prosperity.

Hey guys! It has been forever I posted something for us, but let’s say today I just decided I would. Well, it has been a not so good month for me but things are slowly looking up. Here’s to positive vibes for Monday, all from my heart to yours! 🙂



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