Child, I know how often you’ve been alone. How many times you have felt alone and assumed that you lived this life alone. I can feel how much your soul and not just your heart have been clouded by fear. How scared you are to take a leap of faith. You may want to call yours a leap of fear and therefore opt to remain as you are. Naïve and alone.

Child, things have gone so wrong for you and you already can tell that there’s darkness in your future. Sicknesses, rejections, losses, name it all. You’ve been through it all. But that is just the beginning. It’s instilled in you a lot of fear when it happened but little by little you begin to get fierce.

Child, little by little it has felt like the pain of the stab of a knife. Tears trickling down your cheeks at the thought of the darkness that surrounds you. You wonder to self, “When will this ever end?” It feels like it has been long overdue, and it is now the time to take the risk. It doesn’t matter the cost.

Child, for so many years of your life, you lived another you. You have never been your truest version, rather someone else. People have met a different you. They haven’t really known the real you. Fear changed you. Hurt changed you. Pain changed you. You let life change you.

Child, you think of the decisions you have made. Things you did that you regret now and wonder how to make amends. You wonder if life will ever shine it’s bright light towards you, or it’ll always be against you. Too long you justified everything you did, because you were scared of change.

Child, people have loved you so much. People have cared enough for you. People have gone out of their way to bring you joy. The sad thing is, regardless of the kind of life people have made you live, lavishing you with joy, wanting the best for you, you didn’t give either of that to yourself. Your life has been determined by just what you received. So if it was negative critic, you dwelt on just that.

Child, you now probably feel like you need a whole lot of answers to your life. It feels like you’re escaping while in real sense, you are taking the first greatest risk of your life. You do not know about tomorrow, nor about what’s in store for your future. It is kinda scary, but something inside tells you “go for it!”

Child, it is encouraging to see how much you thirst for growth. Your past life is of course pitiable, but it has resulted to someone a little fierce. You now want to do things by yourself, believing in yourself and it is amazing. The hurt may have been intense but it brings forth a great breakthrough! It’s nice and exciting to see what you’re becoming.

Child, my final and last statement will be to wish you well. There is no one who matters more than you. Everyone else may think you cannot, but the truth is you can. When you’re overwhelmed by fear, tell yourself it’ll pass and have a winning spirit. You were not born to suffer, and your life shouldn’t be one of suffering. It is never too late to make a difference. Every single heartbeat counts. Every moment of your life is a time for difference. An opportunity to clean the slate and start all over. You’re a diamond and thus should live as one.

Now this is from my heart to the heart of a diamond who has been and still as fierce, and is now in pursuit of living life fearlessly! I wish you well and I wish you God. 🙂



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