Hey guys! This is me again. Tonight’s post has been inspired by a discussion I have had with a friend after work today. Love, love, love. Did you ever love something or someone so much that you’d constantly dread losing it or them? I have been here. It could be a person, your job, your pet, something really close to you. You want to do possibly everything and anything just to keep it or them. 

So in discussing this whole issue called love, I got to understand that the dread to lose is more of fear. It comes and overtakes the love that is in itself pure and very genuine. We begin to make judgements, we begin to point out faults so that they are easily and quickly corrected before all hell breaks loose and the loss takes effect. 

Sometimes the fear causes us to take matters into our own hands. It comes to make us slaves of ourselves and of others. We deny others their freedom to express themselves, cause we want them to be what we already picture them to be in our minds. This results to friction cause there will be constant misunderstandings, arguments and all other unnecessary stuff. 

I think we shouldn’t dwell on fear when it comes to love. Whatever is meant to be will be. There’s not a need to try too hard to impress. Whatever is meant to be appreciates us as we are and accomodates it. Instead of trying to make us versions of who we are not, it focuses on making us better than we are today. 

Last but most important, love should teach us to seek and desire God more than anything else. Where God is, there is absence of fear. Where God is, there is certainty and surety of what’s already happening. Where God is, there is an unshakable foundation that’s not easily destroyed by fear. He is the answer. 

Today, tell the person you love fearlessly that you do. If it’s your job, work at it like you never have before. True love has a lasting reward and only God gives that reward. 

Thanks for reading. From my ♥ to yours. 😊


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