76f05f3bb713864742b0a6db63c1337a.jpgNikita, a young girl of 15 years had a great desire in her to get married. She’d often tell it to her sister who was way younger and they’d both get very excited about it. However, they both came from a very poor family. Nikita tried all sorts of jobs so her and her sister wouldn’t sleep hungry. At times she’d think her dream to get married someday was quite absurd, given the kind of life they currently lived. She was very pretty, had a good heart and was always there for people that needed her. Whenever she didn’t have anything tangible to offer as help to all that called on her, she’d give all her time just so the other person felt cared for. She didn’t have it all, but she lived a happy life regardless and that came from the joy she’d often bring into people’s lives.

Daily, Nikita would pray to God so that their condition would change someday. Poverty is painful and it hurts even most when you are so much willing to help and can do nothing about it. Nikita still reminded God how much she dreamed of getting married. To a man she loved and live a happy life. This was her biggest dream at the time. To have a wonderful family of her own. She also wanted her sister happy. Her sister had wanted to be a doctor and help patients who had heart problems. She too hoped that someday, heaven would open and rain down favor. They believed in a God who turned great impossibilities to unimaginable possibilities.

Sometimes Nikita thought to herself, maybe because of my status, the fact that I’ve been born poor and still living poor, I may never get married. No man will ever look at a poor person and desire them. At least that’s what she thought. What she didn’t know is that status has not earned many anything. What earns us is our personality, our kindless, our good deeds and our faith in God. :-). So of course she had her doubts but her dream and desire would still linger numerous times in her head. She still dared to hold on to hope and to her dream. When she was 21, she met a man who loved her I imagine more than she even loved herself. Apparently he was a man from a good background. That kinda scared Nikita, but the man loved her anyway. For a while she wondered what people would think. Would they think she was with him for his money? All these crossed her mind and she would often hesitate. The man still loved her. It didn’t take them long, they got married and Nikita was able to put her sister to school. A lot did happen after that but it’s about you, I want us to learn that nothing’s impossible. 🙂

0c68b32752d833bb4260af2fe9b1e2d2.jpgNo one holds your dreams for you. No one gets to know what it is you desire to become, until you tell them. I have learned with time that people talk and people change. But that shouldn’t deter you from moving forward. I have also come to learn that God knows even before it happens, what will happen on specific days and times. He knows you will laugh today, cry tomorrow. He knows you will hope today, give up tomorrow. He knows you will have in abundance today, nothing tomorrow. That’s what is important. To understand that He knows even our dreams and desires and hopes we could keep claiming them in His Name.

There will come a time when people will laugh at you, jeer at you, curse at you, mock you and say all sorts of things. However, what do you think of yourself? Will you let your dream pass simply because everyone else imagines you’re not the kind to achieve? Are you almost always worried about what others say or think about you? Remember, your heart is your voice and where it directs you, you go. If today you dream to fly to Paris for a 3 months holiday, claim it in Jesus Name. If today you’re dreaming to change the lives of many who’ve probably lived your kind of life, one of fear, claim it and just begin small. If today you’re hoping to own your own company, claim it in Jesus Name. The Lord is in love with people that claim their dreams in His Name. It’s just the beginning of an unlocked potential and soon you will be blessing and celebrating. Be kind, be silent and just pray. The Lord is still fighting. Walking the paths He intends you walk through so that at the end of the day, you will achieve that dream. Claim it!

Exodus 14:14 says, The Lord will fight for You, you have only to keep still.

I’m speaking to one out there who’s dream has been crashed by people’s opinion. It is not too late to dream again. That dream you have is God’s calling for you. That dream you have will not only change you. It’ll change the world and do something more miraculous and great. It’ll bring God all the glory and all the honor and that is what we are here for. To live it all for God. Keep dreaming and keep hoping because at the end of the day, you will have lived your purpose.

Thank you for reading. From my heart to yours. 🙂


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