On that particular morning, she’d woken up feeling so bad with herself and with everything that surrounded her. She didn’t know that this was the actual day of her turn around. Not that anything would happen, but because it was the actual day that things would begin to make a huge difference. All along she thought that she needed huge support. That she needed a person right there with her to remind her constantly of things she needed to and not to do. She forgot the most important thing of all, that she needed herself most before anyone else came into the picture.

Metilda was a fine young lady who lived in a small town of Nairobi city. She was a conservative kind and always had lots of dreams in her head. The big question to her had always been, “how will i make my dream come true?” Often she’d feel quite sad because she’d hoped that sooner and not later, answers would come her way. Nothing and it remained so for a very long long time. Her life had been routine. She seemed to be doing the same things and was at the same places and points for many years of her life.

3d43d5410ddcd1012b75a8b5ed15037b.jpgOne fine morning, Metilda woke up feeling quite disoriented and disorganized. She didn’t have anything to look forward to that day. As you all know, no day should turn out the same as the previous. Because no single day presents opportunities similar to what’s already past. What does that mean? That every single day is a chance to be better, brighter and happier! Ola! That wasn’t the case for Metilda. In any case, she felt like she’d taken ten huge strides back! Aweful, right? 😦

It’s very insane to think that you’re moving backward, unless you’re doing the very same things you’re trying to eliminate that keep pulling you backward. It’s insane! Metilda had a fine routine for everyday. It was however different today. I don’t know why but since she’d hoped all her life to find balance and purpose, this probably meant that she’d know where exactly to begin. She knew inside her there was a calling. But everytime she tried to live that calling, doubt would cloud her vision. She’d begin to make comparisons of herself to others that had already made it. You know what mistake she often made?

Metilda made a fuss out of her past circumstances. She’d often relate her present situations to either things that have happened in the past, to people she’d hurt and already apologised to and much more which at the end of the day was more of a cross to carry. Do you think it’s easy carrying a cross? Well, No! Her life never got to have any meaning. She was never truly happy. Others came before her and she had not had time to truly make herself happy. She lived to impress and when she felt it didn’t go that way, everything went downhill. 😦

35bb78d9f0d72ba2c4e185b901571f7aThis was her time for one big bold step. Metilda didn’t know when or how she’d begin, yet she knew just what it is her heart was yearning for. On this particular day, she was beyond excited. She knew that her time to finally make the difference had come. The time for her status to finally change was now. Status? Yes, yes…. She felt a little bit fizzy from flat! She had wanted to let everyone know just what she felt inside, but something told her, “begin first, the share the joy.” πŸ™‚ It’s a good feeling to know that there’s something inside of you. It becomes the best feeling ever to know that it is exactly what your heart settles for. Metilda knew that from then, she’d begin to make a litu, even a huge difference for herself and more for those she found in her path. This turned out such a great joy!

Darling, here is the thing. Perhaps today, you’re walking in Metilda’s shoe. You may perhaps have wanted to know what happened to her after she realized what brought rest to her heart? The exact same thing that would happen to you today, if you began to command your life, and your status and your days!

Often we will want to hear from others what they think about us. Remember you will meet different kinds of people, and each will have their own to say. If you choose to live by that, then you choose to walk in different skins. Because you’re ready to live every single opinion you have heard about yourself. Difficult eh? Last week, I happened to get listening to an amazing singer, Brandon Flowers. The song was, “Never get you right.” and there were some words to the song:

Everybody talks from the wrong side of the mask
Gliding through the universe as the world goes rolling past
But don’t give in to the pressure ’cause it isn’t gonna stop
The world goes on around you whether you like it or not

Your opinion about yourself should count most. Your decisions should matter more cause at the end of the day, what you choose, you become! Take that bold step today. To let go of others, and begin being yourself with courage. Sometimes you want to say or do, but you’re afraid, “What will they think or say?” If it is for your good, then do it. Change shall begin to come fast and furious! Hehe. πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading! From my heart to yours. πŸ™‚


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