Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! This is going to be somewhat hilarious today… I can feel it in my marrow! Lol! You know what I’m actually going to write about this afternoon has been what has made my day all day today.

So, good afternoon wonderful people? Been a while right? I know I’m used to very early morning posts but I was late to get to the office today and it just slipped. TMI, yes? Alright I’m quiet. I looove Pinterest. They call it the world catalogue of ideas. So being Lent, I decided to go to Pinterest to get ideas on how best I can live this period and get to feel it’s impact. Well, as I was scrolling down, I came across one #CatholicProblems picture that left me intrigued. Lol! My curiosity led me to look for more of just that and I’ll share a few and you will tell me if you can relate. Ha! Ha! Ha!… It is bout to get a bit funny here, let us laugh together. Lol!

d37c870db7b9a907c6335431920edbeb.jpgY’all know this happens mostly on Sundays and especially when you have to sit on two benches at the same time. People are so many and you do not have a choice. So what happens when it is time to kneel? Lol, do you see yourself with your legs distanced a bit from each other? You’re kneeling on two different kneelers and sitting on two different pews. Hehe!

ead7fdf64d840452f0963750c81983ef.jpgLol! This has happened to me quite a number of times and especially during weekday Masses. Most times I go last and on coming back, everyone is seated and looking at you. You left your bag on the seat but you can’t trace what specific row you sat on. No one even bothers to wave that you had been sitting next to them. Oh, problems. Hehe! Have you had a share of this embarrassment?


How many years has it been again since these changes happened? And then during this time you are the loudest saying “And also with you” you wonder why everyone is staring at you, left right and center and you decide to remain quiet the entire Mass. Don’t you love being Catholic? 😀 😀 😀 😀


bd42ac10d2a741aefe5b7e2d91976e86.jpgWell to be honest, this actually happened to me just today morning. I was at the Chapel praying the Rosary and had hoped to finish before time for Mass. Then the bell went ringing and I had to go finish it in church before the Priest came in.. I was concluding with the Memorare. …”Remember Oh most Gracious Virgin Mary…… And at the end I found myself, And after this our exile, show unto us the Blessed fruit of your womb Jesus….. ” Ah ah! What is this!

Alright, let me get sharing at least two more of our problems and then we get concluding. I would have loved to share almost all I came across today: 4619b07ba564ed962bb16276ae38670b.jpgHahahaha! Lol, all these are pointing to me today! The last final blessing goes like, “And may the Almighty God bless you, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” So today the Priest went ahead and said, “And may the Almighty God bless you…. (Lucy’s hand on forehead), and your families (Lucy drops hand), and your jobs, in the Name of the Father (Lucy takes back hand to forehead) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

d56ac2295972dd3f2c9c076a53345c32.jpg Hehe, when this is actually your special intention for Mass that day cause you need the Lord to give you an answer and He answers you through the Priest’s Homily.


Don’t tell me I’m lying. How many times did you accidentally lick Abouna? Hehehehe, and how many times did he miss your tongue and went for your teeth? You wonder what angle it is you are receiving Our Lord Jesus with.

9a95733fc6599142808e1b0a8c68a1ae.jpgWe will all admit that this last one is the bomb. Do you know how much courage it takes to go to confessions and confess it? I mean, the heart-wrenching confession of your life? You are even sure the Priest would probably ask you to say at least 5 Rosaries and offer 9 Masses. Then he goes on to say, “For your penance, go and love your neighbor.” Eh, lol!

I can tell you after seeing all these confessions kinda thing on Pinterest today, I couldn’t be happier and more proud being a Catholic. Well I came across quite a number but i had to share just a few and make your afternoon, or rather your evening. Would you go ahead to share with me your “Catholic Problems?” Hahaha.

Finally, as we enter into this period of Lent which started today, I would love to wish my fellow Catholic Brethren a Holy moment. May it be a time to love Our Lord and others more than self. May it be our time to receive all healing from our woundedness and at the end, may we experience that crown of victory from our Good Lord Jesus for having persevered with Him through the entire 40 days.

Remember even if it is a period of fasting and abstinence, the Bible asks us not to look like the Pharisses would do with pale faces. Anoint your head with oil and live in glamour. It is not your physical the Lord is interested in this time. As always, it is your heart He is calling to. That is where love dwells. 🙂

Thank you very much for reading. Share with a fellow Catholic. Have a blessed time.

From my heart to yours. 🙂



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