I have for a very long time been friends with my best friend Malia. Let’s say I have known her almost for a duration I have gotten to know myself. Malia has been one person who’s greatly imparted my life in all areas. Physically (workouts), emotionally, spiritually and even socially. I would have been something totally different, say a weirdo? If I didn’t have someone help me get back on track.

I have lived with the worst kind of paranoia for almost all the years I have lived on this earth. “God, this is crazily ridiculous”! I preferred to sense danger where it wasn’t and even see smoke where there wasn’t a fire. Ahhh.. I know that does not make sense somehow but I’m almost getting into something quite serious.

There comes a time in a girl’s life, that she gets to separate herself from her friends. Its queasy cause in most cases, it is never intentional. This mostly gets to happen when the girl starts to “grow” and get a little bit more social. You feel me there? I wish I’d use myself as an example but “Hey Malia! I’m about to spill some porridge right here!”

Malia got herself a really wonderful boyfriend. I didn’t get to talk much about our kinds of traits but honestly speaking, she’d be the one who helped me come out of my cocoon. I had not known that all this time, there was something about her that needed to be ridded off her. She’d have great insecurities that’d often lead her to make crazy assumptions and conclusions.

Love has not changed really, but a lot that involves it has changed. In days of old, we wouldn’t hear or see much of what we here now, I wonder if our forefathers would call their spouses or even their girlfriends, babe, hun, sweetheart, pancake, name them.. Let alone all that, how did they even meet? I remember a time I met a guy in town. I held on to some dustbin that’s near Hilton Hotel. I mean, I didn’t have balance. Ha! Ha!

I’m trying to think of so many people right now. My grandparents, my parents, my aunts and uncles already married, how did they meet? How did they react? Were there dates during their time? And texts? How about when they argued? Had insecurities? This is it! This is what I want to delve into!

Malia had an amazing boyfriend. She loved him so so much but she was so very insecure. Often she’d call me and tell me all these things she felt. It’s weird when your best friend calls you to advise on such and you’re there thinking about how your grandparents survived it. Ah! It is not easy oh! I had to learn to help anyway. In the process, I would also become a perfect student of modern love today.

Malia often told me about how she would want her marriage to be like. As girls, we all have these dreams. We’d even book a gown before we have even met our mate. Now the greatest thing we forget is that when we have seen so far, which is not a bad thing is of course, we forget to live that present moment. When our mate tells us to focus on the present and make it better during that time that we have the opportunity to, we think they are not serious in the relationship. Sometimes we start having imaginations and wishes like “Oh, I wish I met him and we got married the next day!”

Malia had great goals and visions for their relationship. The only thing that caused it not to feel like it’d ever happen was that she didn’t live that moment. All she talked about was marriage, a house and children. Her insecurities were honestly too great because her amazing boyfriend had to give her 100% attention even as they walked along the streets. She had a bad anger and it was mostly over nothing and preferred not to trust anyone, even her boyfriend.

Well, as inexperienced as I was, I decided to sit her down and made her understand how to handle love today. I don’t mean to say that I had all the juicy information to give that’d transform the relationship in a snap, no. I honestly knew nothing at the time but yes, I did talk to my bestie. Hehe.

Young people today are very much exposed to so much. There’s exposure of good and bad and some of this has contributed to either growth or destruction. From what we watch, listen to, read, we choose how to shape our lives from the same and we teach or show others what we’ve become. Malia had known me, all her life and I’m the only person’s traits she’d read best. She needed an adjustment and that was how to understand love today. Her guy may have as many friends, but if he was often there, it meant that she was so important to him.

I didn’t really know if this conversation was leading us anywhere, but I asked Malia to learn to live the present moment. What was special about each hour they spent? How were they to create any memories if their lanes were miles apart? One thing I knew, as inexperienced and the rookie I was in love, even romance needed a day at a time. It needed to be taken step by step. A day at a time gives us room to learn and to be better. Same applies to love.

As it is today, Malia hardly looks for me to talk about her romantic boyfriend. But she does look for me when she needs to take me out for a pizza. We can’t water a second flower when the first us already withering. Love needs to be nurtured where it is and that’s where it gets to bloom from. To this day, Malia always tells me that this was one conversation that taught her to take everything a day at a time. Everything and not just the relationship!  I’m a proud love rookie!


As I was scrolling down my twitter timeline this morning, I couldn’t help but glare for quite a number of minutes, at how hearty people get at the things they love. You know? Preaching and speaking far and wide about it to get support. Why? This is because they knew it would not only be to their advantage but to the advantage of many.

Simple question is, would you destroy anything you love? Something you really treasure? Would you stand and watch as people in joint effort demolished it for their own selfish gain? Where your treasure is, there your heart lies also. All of us hate broken hearts, and it is unfortunate that broken hearts come from those we love.

In the recent past, I have been trying to understand the word “activists” you know? I have followed quite a number on social media and I must say I developed an interest when my younger sister joined the activists club. Little by little, I learnt that they did not do it for recognition, or money, or fame, it has been none of it. They have done it for love, and more importantly for those who couldn’t raise their voices.

It didn’t occur to me that there’d be a great passion for some things that we so often overlook. I agree that sometimes, social media is a great waste of time and especially if those on it share nothing constructive, or you end up sharing nothing constructive as well you know? Attention? Yeah right!

You may be wondering what I’m trying to talk about, yet I’m already 270 words done already. But here is the thing. Well, let’s say I’m almost getting there. A day ago, I was watching Nat Geo world. Apparently I haven’t been a fan or rather, a wildlife enthusiast, but I think I’m beginning to. I’ll quote once more, “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” I was watching the wild cats! The fierce ones at that! Cheetahs, Leopards, Tigers, Lions, Hyenas (oops!) TMI.

I can tell you for sure. I loved the view. I was mum. I just wanted to watch. Just that. Thinking about how much I get to enjoy it, I’m brought to a nostalgic feeling when people poach these animals that entertain us, melt our hearts with love at admiring their beauty, so that they could get skin, fur, mane (from horse) I didn’t know it was called that and a whole lot more.

There was something about me on Monday. These particular animals would kill one another to survive. Lions killing cheetah, cheetah killing antelope, hyena killing wilder beast etc and seeing how they struggled to death kind of pained me. They thing is that they are animals and that’s their only means of survival, so excuse them? They lose nothing, if anything; they get eating to their fill. But it pained me.

There was one incident that pained me most. There were three cheetahs playing and one had been slightly injured. I honestly did not know all my life that cheetahs are afraid of lions and that lions can kill cheetahs and not even eat. I mean, just kill. So when the lion approached, two cheetahs fled. One couldn’t run as fast because he had an injury and that was the end of him. Just like that. He was left for the scavengers.

I will relate this story or rather my experience to our activists today fighting for girls’ and boys’ rights, fighting for peace in our country, fighting for rivers to keep running, fighting to eliminate sewage so that we eliminate cholera and other waterborne diseases. They are the lions in our lives and what they fight for is their treasure. When we contaminate these rivers, exposing it to drying by using it for wrong reasons, we leave the helpless at the mercy of death. Animals and people. We put them in the injured cheetah’s position.

Rather than doing the exact opposite of what they fight for, let us support them. I realized after watching the documentary on Nat Geo, these animals are a treasure for us. They do not have well paying jobs to find themselves flour and fruits to survive on. Thus they kill each other. However if we were to stop the poaching for selfish gain, eliminating them would be hard. Because even if they kill each other to survive, they are still multiplying!

We talk of lagging behind economically, but the truth is we have placed the misfortune on ourselves. Because we have ears and do not listen, eyes and do not see! We have treasures but our hearts are truly far away from it. Salute to all activists out there working round the clock to save what’s been destroyed. I may not have the voice like you do, but trust me I support you 100%. Let us save wildlife, let us save rivers and together we will get moving forward! In the end, let our hearts be tandem with our treasure!


This is all from my heart to yours! 🙂




Good morning lovely people. I’m trusting y’all are feeling good and lovely this Thursday morning. Lately I have not been as consistent with my writing or let me say with my keeping in touch but hey! I think about you still. I’m grateful that I’m stuck in traffic to be able to share a few positive thoughts today. 

You can all agree with me that since the gear started, we have either tried to come up with plans or certain patterns. Almost 3 months down the line, we are still struggling to keep up. When I say we, I’m including myself so much. 

What I’m I talking about for example? 

1. Waking up early and at a certain time. 

Well, what we do when it comes to this is every week we set a new alarm. We keep doing this until we can adjust to one and keep at it. But it’s failing. 

2. Healthy eating. 

We say it in our mind. “Oh yeah! This year and the years to come, I will start to eat healthy so that my body and my mind are positively alert all the time! Wuup wuup… Great! You flop

3. Sleep early. 

After making this decision, you are the one that sleeps last and latest in your house. Lol! 

Well anyway, these are just but a few examples. There are so many more. The truth is that once the body is accustomed to a certain way of life, adjusting to something new is a bit uncomfortable. Change is never comfortable at the beginning. 

On thinking about it though and a few struggles of my own, I figured I’m not putting in as much energy into trying. I still want a little comfort as much as I want the change to come. The two can never go hand in hand. They will probably meet and kiss later but not at that time you are beginning. 

So whatever change you are making, start small. Start with a little adjustments. You too Lucy. And I believe at the end of the day, if our focus becomes the result of the change we make, we will get doing it. 
Lets be a bit brief today. Thanks for reading. From my heart to yours. 😊



She feared she could rise, fight her fear and stand, yet all that power was within her.

e9a1c12061aaba6150d53ee1c2ff396e.jpgCherono was a young beautiful Kalenjin girl who lived in Kenagut, a shanty town in Bomet county. Born and raised by her grandmother, that was the only parent she’d known all her life. Often she’d see her mates with parents but in her very early years, she never got to meet her parents. They were there, very alive but life’s busyness had gotten them so much to that extent they wouldn’t spend time with their little girl.

Cherono however worked very hard and would often perform exemplary in her studies. One thing limited her though, she didn’t have that courage and oomph to stand up for herself. She often sought the approval of others before she’d make any decision. Everything that was crucial in her life depended entirely on others opinions.

Many years passed and Cherono continued to live under the shadow of others. She couldn’t recognize her shadow so she’d come out of it and eliminate whatever barred her success. Sometimes it is usually something from within that at times takes a lot of time to define. Was it her fear? Was it her attitude? What really was going on?

Cherono now had grown into a lady. She had done well in school, completed college and gotten herself a luxurious life. Something was still missing despite all this. She didn’t have a good relationship with almost all the people she interacted with, but she did have some friends and others who were her supporters. This greatly disturbing her, she decided to perform an exercise to see of things for her would get changing:

  1. She prayed.

I will not delve much into her story but I will use these things she did to explain how life can get to turn around when all may be going well, but the most important stagnating. Do you remember a verse in Ezekiel 36, where God speaks to Prophet Ezekiel and assures Him that He will change the people’s hearts of stone to hearts of flesh? Cherono asked the Lord to change her heart so she could relate well with people and for sure the Lord had her. She began to win positive relations and friendships.

  1. She took time to self.

Cherono decided to for a moment take time to self and evaluate her life and its pattern. Sure enough she discovered that there were things which were so routine and didn’t grow her in any way as they were always the same things.Sometimes, we tend to accustom ourselves to the kind of life we have known. We do not want to go that extra mile because we are afraid of the outcome. However, Cherono discovered that routine and normal is boring and discovered she needed to learn new and pursue greatness.

  1. Self decisions

There comes a time in life where in a good way we get to say enough is enough, and appreciate the consequences of our decisions. That’s where growth comes in. Making a wrong decision, seeing its implication and knowing that next time, you could do better. Our decisions are what either build us or destroy us depending on what we choose to do. However letting others decide us for us leaves us with regret for a lifetime as well as the urge to keep blaming those that decide for us if it fails.

4. The Bold Step!

Finally, after we have made the decisions and its stuck on us like tattoo, we now take the bold step. We begin to do the unimaginable and the unthinkable. We begin to give a chance to what we couldn’t do, we begin to become fierce and the fear begins to go. We begin to express our thoughts and our feelings boldly, without naivety! We become completely new versions of ourselves.

So what now? Sometimes what limits us to growth is the fact that we think that time has already gone against us and we therefore cannot be where we had intended to be. The past can of course not be changed, and it is what it is. However, there is a high probability that the present and the future can change, depending with your determination.

5d248029451a864d2f0955aca2ff0c57.jpgWhile it is true that your decision to start growing and being independent will cause some conflict within and without, I say go for it. Make the boldest of choices without fear and celebrate the fact that your humble beginning results in prosperity.

Hey guys! It has been forever I posted something for us, but let’s say today I just decided I would. Well, it has been a not so good month for me but things are slowly looking up. Here’s to positive vibes for Monday, all from my heart to yours! 🙂





Child, I know how often you’ve been alone. How many times you have felt alone and assumed that you lived this life alone. I can feel how much your soul and not just your heart have been clouded by fear. How scared you are to take a leap of faith. You may want to call yours a leap of fear and therefore opt to remain as you are. Naïve and alone.

Child, things have gone so wrong for you and you already can tell that there’s darkness in your future. Sicknesses, rejections, losses, name it all. You’ve been through it all. But that is just the beginning. It’s instilled in you a lot of fear when it happened but little by little you begin to get fierce.

Child, little by little it has felt like the pain of the stab of a knife. Tears trickling down your cheeks at the thought of the darkness that surrounds you. You wonder to self, “When will this ever end?” It feels like it has been long overdue, and it is now the time to take the risk. It doesn’t matter the cost.

Child, for so many years of your life, you lived another you. You have never been your truest version, rather someone else. People have met a different you. They haven’t really known the real you. Fear changed you. Hurt changed you. Pain changed you. You let life change you.

Child, you think of the decisions you have made. Things you did that you regret now and wonder how to make amends. You wonder if life will ever shine it’s bright light towards you, or it’ll always be against you. Too long you justified everything you did, because you were scared of change.

Child, people have loved you so much. People have cared enough for you. People have gone out of their way to bring you joy. The sad thing is, regardless of the kind of life people have made you live, lavishing you with joy, wanting the best for you, you didn’t give either of that to yourself. Your life has been determined by just what you received. So if it was negative critic, you dwelt on just that.

Child, you now probably feel like you need a whole lot of answers to your life. It feels like you’re escaping while in real sense, you are taking the first greatest risk of your life. You do not know about tomorrow, nor about what’s in store for your future. It is kinda scary, but something inside tells you “go for it!”

Child, it is encouraging to see how much you thirst for growth. Your past life is of course pitiable, but it has resulted to someone a little fierce. You now want to do things by yourself, believing in yourself and it is amazing. The hurt may have been intense but it brings forth a great breakthrough! It’s nice and exciting to see what you’re becoming.

Child, my final and last statement will be to wish you well. There is no one who matters more than you. Everyone else may think you cannot, but the truth is you can. When you’re overwhelmed by fear, tell yourself it’ll pass and have a winning spirit. You were not born to suffer, and your life shouldn’t be one of suffering. It is never too late to make a difference. Every single heartbeat counts. Every moment of your life is a time for difference. An opportunity to clean the slate and start all over. You’re a diamond and thus should live as one.

Now this is from my heart to the heart of a diamond who has been and still as fierce, and is now in pursuit of living life fearlessly! I wish you well and I wish you God. 🙂



Hey guys! This is me again. Tonight’s post has been inspired by a discussion I have had with a friend after work today. Love, love, love. Did you ever love something or someone so much that you’d constantly dread losing it or them? I have been here. It could be a person, your job, your pet, something really close to you. You want to do possibly everything and anything just to keep it or them. 

So in discussing this whole issue called love, I got to understand that the dread to lose is more of fear. It comes and overtakes the love that is in itself pure and very genuine. We begin to make judgements, we begin to point out faults so that they are easily and quickly corrected before all hell breaks loose and the loss takes effect. 

Sometimes the fear causes us to take matters into our own hands. It comes to make us slaves of ourselves and of others. We deny others their freedom to express themselves, cause we want them to be what we already picture them to be in our minds. This results to friction cause there will be constant misunderstandings, arguments and all other unnecessary stuff. 

I think we shouldn’t dwell on fear when it comes to love. Whatever is meant to be will be. There’s not a need to try too hard to impress. Whatever is meant to be appreciates us as we are and accomodates it. Instead of trying to make us versions of who we are not, it focuses on making us better than we are today. 

Last but most important, love should teach us to seek and desire God more than anything else. Where God is, there is absence of fear. Where God is, there is certainty and surety of what’s already happening. Where God is, there is an unshakable foundation that’s not easily destroyed by fear. He is the answer. 

Today, tell the person you love fearlessly that you do. If it’s your job, work at it like you never have before. True love has a lasting reward and only God gives that reward. 

Thanks for reading. From my ♥ to yours. 😊


76f05f3bb713864742b0a6db63c1337a.jpgNikita, a young girl of 15 years had a great desire in her to get married. She’d often tell it to her sister who was way younger and they’d both get very excited about it. However, they both came from a very poor family. Nikita tried all sorts of jobs so her and her sister wouldn’t sleep hungry. At times she’d think her dream to get married someday was quite absurd, given the kind of life they currently lived. She was very pretty, had a good heart and was always there for people that needed her. Whenever she didn’t have anything tangible to offer as help to all that called on her, she’d give all her time just so the other person felt cared for. She didn’t have it all, but she lived a happy life regardless and that came from the joy she’d often bring into people’s lives.

Daily, Nikita would pray to God so that their condition would change someday. Poverty is painful and it hurts even most when you are so much willing to help and can do nothing about it. Nikita still reminded God how much she dreamed of getting married. To a man she loved and live a happy life. This was her biggest dream at the time. To have a wonderful family of her own. She also wanted her sister happy. Her sister had wanted to be a doctor and help patients who had heart problems. She too hoped that someday, heaven would open and rain down favor. They believed in a God who turned great impossibilities to unimaginable possibilities.

Sometimes Nikita thought to herself, maybe because of my status, the fact that I’ve been born poor and still living poor, I may never get married. No man will ever look at a poor person and desire them. At least that’s what she thought. What she didn’t know is that status has not earned many anything. What earns us is our personality, our kindless, our good deeds and our faith in God. :-). So of course she had her doubts but her dream and desire would still linger numerous times in her head. She still dared to hold on to hope and to her dream. When she was 21, she met a man who loved her I imagine more than she even loved herself. Apparently he was a man from a good background. That kinda scared Nikita, but the man loved her anyway. For a while she wondered what people would think. Would they think she was with him for his money? All these crossed her mind and she would often hesitate. The man still loved her. It didn’t take them long, they got married and Nikita was able to put her sister to school. A lot did happen after that but it’s about you, I want us to learn that nothing’s impossible. 🙂

0c68b32752d833bb4260af2fe9b1e2d2.jpgNo one holds your dreams for you. No one gets to know what it is you desire to become, until you tell them. I have learned with time that people talk and people change. But that shouldn’t deter you from moving forward. I have also come to learn that God knows even before it happens, what will happen on specific days and times. He knows you will laugh today, cry tomorrow. He knows you will hope today, give up tomorrow. He knows you will have in abundance today, nothing tomorrow. That’s what is important. To understand that He knows even our dreams and desires and hopes we could keep claiming them in His Name.

There will come a time when people will laugh at you, jeer at you, curse at you, mock you and say all sorts of things. However, what do you think of yourself? Will you let your dream pass simply because everyone else imagines you’re not the kind to achieve? Are you almost always worried about what others say or think about you? Remember, your heart is your voice and where it directs you, you go. If today you dream to fly to Paris for a 3 months holiday, claim it in Jesus Name. If today you’re dreaming to change the lives of many who’ve probably lived your kind of life, one of fear, claim it and just begin small. If today you’re hoping to own your own company, claim it in Jesus Name. The Lord is in love with people that claim their dreams in His Name. It’s just the beginning of an unlocked potential and soon you will be blessing and celebrating. Be kind, be silent and just pray. The Lord is still fighting. Walking the paths He intends you walk through so that at the end of the day, you will achieve that dream. Claim it!

Exodus 14:14 says, The Lord will fight for You, you have only to keep still.

I’m speaking to one out there who’s dream has been crashed by people’s opinion. It is not too late to dream again. That dream you have is God’s calling for you. That dream you have will not only change you. It’ll change the world and do something more miraculous and great. It’ll bring God all the glory and all the honor and that is what we are here for. To live it all for God. Keep dreaming and keep hoping because at the end of the day, you will have lived your purpose.

Thank you for reading. From my heart to yours. 🙂


On that particular morning, she’d woken up feeling so bad with herself and with everything that surrounded her. She didn’t know that this was the actual day of her turn around. Not that anything would happen, but because it was the actual day that things would begin to make a huge difference. All along she thought that she needed huge support. That she needed a person right there with her to remind her constantly of things she needed to and not to do. She forgot the most important thing of all, that she needed herself most before anyone else came into the picture.

Metilda was a fine young lady who lived in a small town of Nairobi city. She was a conservative kind and always had lots of dreams in her head. The big question to her had always been, “how will i make my dream come true?” Often she’d feel quite sad because she’d hoped that sooner and not later, answers would come her way. Nothing and it remained so for a very long long time. Her life had been routine. She seemed to be doing the same things and was at the same places and points for many years of her life.

3d43d5410ddcd1012b75a8b5ed15037b.jpgOne fine morning, Metilda woke up feeling quite disoriented and disorganized. She didn’t have anything to look forward to that day. As you all know, no day should turn out the same as the previous. Because no single day presents opportunities similar to what’s already past. What does that mean? That every single day is a chance to be better, brighter and happier! Ola! That wasn’t the case for Metilda. In any case, she felt like she’d taken ten huge strides back! Aweful, right? 😦

It’s very insane to think that you’re moving backward, unless you’re doing the very same things you’re trying to eliminate that keep pulling you backward. It’s insane! Metilda had a fine routine for everyday. It was however different today. I don’t know why but since she’d hoped all her life to find balance and purpose, this probably meant that she’d know where exactly to begin. She knew inside her there was a calling. But everytime she tried to live that calling, doubt would cloud her vision. She’d begin to make comparisons of herself to others that had already made it. You know what mistake she often made?

Metilda made a fuss out of her past circumstances. She’d often relate her present situations to either things that have happened in the past, to people she’d hurt and already apologised to and much more which at the end of the day was more of a cross to carry. Do you think it’s easy carrying a cross? Well, No! Her life never got to have any meaning. She was never truly happy. Others came before her and she had not had time to truly make herself happy. She lived to impress and when she felt it didn’t go that way, everything went downhill. 😦

35bb78d9f0d72ba2c4e185b901571f7aThis was her time for one big bold step. Metilda didn’t know when or how she’d begin, yet she knew just what it is her heart was yearning for. On this particular day, she was beyond excited. She knew that her time to finally make the difference had come. The time for her status to finally change was now. Status? Yes, yes…. She felt a little bit fizzy from flat! She had wanted to let everyone know just what she felt inside, but something told her, “begin first, the share the joy.” 🙂 It’s a good feeling to know that there’s something inside of you. It becomes the best feeling ever to know that it is exactly what your heart settles for. Metilda knew that from then, she’d begin to make a litu, even a huge difference for herself and more for those she found in her path. This turned out such a great joy!

Darling, here is the thing. Perhaps today, you’re walking in Metilda’s shoe. You may perhaps have wanted to know what happened to her after she realized what brought rest to her heart? The exact same thing that would happen to you today, if you began to command your life, and your status and your days!

Often we will want to hear from others what they think about us. Remember you will meet different kinds of people, and each will have their own to say. If you choose to live by that, then you choose to walk in different skins. Because you’re ready to live every single opinion you have heard about yourself. Difficult eh? Last week, I happened to get listening to an amazing singer, Brandon Flowers. The song was, “Never get you right.” and there were some words to the song:

Everybody talks from the wrong side of the mask
Gliding through the universe as the world goes rolling past
But don’t give in to the pressure ’cause it isn’t gonna stop
The world goes on around you whether you like it or not

Your opinion about yourself should count most. Your decisions should matter more cause at the end of the day, what you choose, you become! Take that bold step today. To let go of others, and begin being yourself with courage. Sometimes you want to say or do, but you’re afraid, “What will they think or say?” If it is for your good, then do it. Change shall begin to come fast and furious! Hehe. 🙂

Thanks for reading! From my heart to yours. 🙂


Good morning lovely ones! Y’all doing well? I am. I have something to share. It all comes to mind and then I believe it always compels me to write about it because there’s something just special about it. So, my post will probably be a bit short today, but it’ll get happening anyway.

Have you probably found yourself trying to analyze things happening in your life just so you understand it? Let us take for example, you’re a person who’s been looking for a job for the last 3 years and none has seemed forthcoming. What’s happening in the world today is that people are working more with networks. You probably have none but God. It looks vague but He is all you got.

You probably have a very sick relative who is also all you got. They’ve been in and out of hospital but still, no healing, just accumulating bills. All you have and all you fall heavily on, is God. People may probably have told you, there’s probably no hope. The relative is not meant to live much longer.

You have relatives close to you addicted to alcohol. They are not doing well. Some never go to church. There’s never any kind of glory you have seen in your home. None happening to you. All that comes to you is the toughest. Nothing has truly come easy and for what you have so far achieved, it has all been a great struggle. You’ve got great talent, you are very wise, but you have no idea of what to do with all that so you are just there hoping that someday, things will change.

So what has this caused you to do? You have only God. So now you are trying to understand Him.You now want to know how exactly He is working situations round. You ask questions. When will this end? When ever will my situation change? When will I start to experience Your glory? Why are things ever so tough?

Now here’s what I felt because I have been here also. Does God allow tough situations come our way? Yes He does. Does He work differently in the lives of everyone? Yes He does. But why would He allow tough situations yet He is all good? Intentional? He does it all for love. Take an example of you. Do you remember when you were little? I do and I remember how mum would whip me seriously. She did so when I did wrong and today I live well in knowing she did it all for good. At the time I’d think “mmmh… mum hates me” but today, I’m more grateful for that beating. She did it for love so she’d see a better woman become of me.

The same way, God allows pain because He loves us and so that we may become better and stronger… I have seen this from an article I was reading, of why God allows tough times.

We are tested to teach us to rely on God “We do not want you to be uninformed, brothers, about the hardships we suffered in the province of Asia. We were under great pressure, far beyond our ability to endure, so that we despaired even of life. Indeed, in our hearts we felt the sentence of death. But this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead. He has delivered us from such a deadly peril, and he will deliver us. On him we have set our hope that he will continue to deliver us, as you help us by your prayers. Then many will give thanks on our behalf for the gracious favor granted us in answer to the prayers of many” (2 Corinthians 1:8-11).

So if you have only God. Then you have all you need during this time of great trial. I understand how difficult the endurance part maybe, but yes. It is all for good. In fact when asked, when asked why you have been in such a situation you can’t change for so long, boldly say you believe that God will change it someday. He did it for Hannah, He did it for Sarah, He did it for Jacob who labored seven plus seven years to get Rachael. He will do it for you who’s prayed for that breakthrough since forever. He is not silent to your cry. He is aware of all that’s going on. He still needs you to keep depending on only Him.

Finally, stop trying to understand God. Stop trying to analyze how He works. Stop putting Him to tests so He gets to prove Himself to you. Only love Him and keep believing He is working for your good.

Here’s to a smile for Friday, and for the breakthrough that’s coming your way in Jesus’ Name. whatsapp-image-2017-03-03-at-7-30-19-am Thank you so much for reading. Share widely and have a blessed day and weekend filled with renewed hope and faith.

From my heart to yours. 🙂


c3a7fbaf53aa1ecdb0eda1643fa502f8.jpgIn the silence of your heart and that of your mind, there is a certain kind of hurt. There is an imbalanced emotion and a struggle to love self and others. This is how pain speaks and even if we didn’t know, pain deserves to be discussed, to be heard and to be healed. I’ll tell you how.

So good morning to you beloved. On this 2nd day of March, It is my hope that you are doing well. Lol, it feels like I’m writing a letter of application for a job. Hey! Are you hopping from one place to another and leaving a joyous effect? That should be life today, tomorrow and the rest of your life.

Today I’m going to delve a litu into the issue of silence and hurt. But we need to understand sometimes that silence is relieving and other times, it causes a kind of pain that feels like a stab in the back, right through your chest. Well, I just want you to imagine that kind of pain. It is unfortunate that silence also gets to make us walking zombies. We have problems, we are hurting, there are grudges we hold, yet still, we choose to suppress it in.

Another thing we have to understand is that the negative effect is not to us only. Once we have all these issues bottled up, we start to hate, we start to look at people and situations very differently. We stop to love. Imagine a situation whereby you are in your office. Your boss came up to you and decided to embarrass you in front of all the other employees. There was probably this report you needed to submit last evening before you left the office but for some very genuine reason, you did not make it. You do not address the issue with your boss, you stop talking to your colleagues, but you keep working until you are finally able to submit the report. It’s painful.

The effect now becomes this. You hate your boss with your entire being for humiliating you, and you have lost friendships you created with your colleagues. Why? Even if they try reaching out to you, the fact that the deed happened as they watched makes you feel like their victim. Like they’d done some kind of collaboration with your boss and now your life is surrounded with bitterness. Nothing seems good to you anymore. Not even the job you so much loved. What, what then are you supposed to do?

On the second week of February, I put myself in this kind of situation. I spent an entire day with my best friend. I later towards the end of the day got to witness something that threw me off balance. One, I didn’t even talk about it. I just suddenly became very furious, I began to treat my friend with cruelty and they couldn’t even understand it cause I said nothing at all about it. I was the most bitter person that evening. I didn’t see anything wrong with what I did. What I knew is that it was I that had been hurt. I couldn’t even sleep. (True story). I wasn’t aware of what was going on on the other end.

What is it I didn’t do and probably what you have not done yet? Speak. Speak this way: c9f03f2a15813116376153518f3ca562.jpgIt is also imperative to understand that you just don’t get blabbing. The useful kind of silence comes in when you sit, reflect on what’s happening in and around you, that way you will know how exactly to address the issue. Never speak to make another person look like the villain, speak in such a way that the other person knows that it’s not only for your good, but theirs as well. That’s when people get to know what changes they need to make within themselves and how they can make adjustments to what probably causes them to keep bringing the dead kinds of air or painful kinds of moments.

So I’m here to let you know this. Until it is proven necessary, then keep silent. But if you’re most certain that speaking out will not only make you better but those around you as well, then speak. Speak and release the hurt. Speak and change yourself to something better. Speak and change the other person to someone better. It never is harmful to speak up. It is just powerful if done when necessary.

Let us take an example of Jesus. At that time during His passion, everyone was so brutal with them. He kept silence most of the time because He didn’t want to cause a scandal because of the difference between who He really was, and the perception everyone else had. Everyone else who didn’t want to hear or know the truth. At the most opportune time and when it was absolutely necessary, He spoke in form of prayer. This happened at the cross when He prayed for all of them. Prayer remember, transforms us. Jesus wasn’t selfish to seek justice for all He went through. Instead, He knew His prayer would transform the lives of His oppressors. He in a loud voice looked up to heaven and prayed; “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

May we always look to Christ as our example, so that we will be build in character, from the inside out. Thanks a lot for taking time to read. Please share widely.

From my heart to yours. 🙂