Good morning my very wonderful people. I’m trusting the morning is indeed a lovely one. This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it! Oh yes. 🙂 So today, I’ll be talking a little about myself. Lately I’ve been having pep talks with self and it is not only helping me have a positive mindset, it is helping me maintain the same. It is helping me understand why situations might be as they are. We all go through stuff, sometimes it really sucks, we sulk and complain, we are bitter yet we do not understand, so we ask ourselves why.

My profession as at now is Customer Service. This will be my 4th year in this field and I thank God so much for the experience and the extensive skill and knowledge. Now, it got me to a certain point that I had done enough. I mean, you see that particular time you get to say “enough is enough?” Well that has been me for quite sometime. Let me warn you that if you are about venturing into this field, it is routine. Every morning you will have to think of how differently you can work so as to make it interesting. So, that’s a 365 days task. Imagine, 4 years! Hehe. I was like, “God, how much longer will I be needing to do this?”

10e5c127c1ee43b002f0b2018fb5e9f5.jpgNow, it was until recently that I got to realize something. I even got to encourage a friend of mine with the same. Often as humans, when we have done something for far too long, it stops getting interesting and becomes rather boring. What’s more painful is that nothing else seems to work. It is at that particular point that all doors and windows seem shut.

So, I began to pray and also asked others to pray with and for me. I joined friends who were in my shoes and felt as bad as i did for not seeing a breakthrough come close. It was beyond much we could comprehend at the time, and the much we could do was pray. The much I could do, was pray. It remained and still is a special intention, because I still trust God for a turnaround. Now, I’m not complaining, I’m telling you my story and at the end, I will help you see the light in this you may be calling a misfortune. Believe me, it is not.


You will agree with me that as the picture explains it above, you would have asked a similar questions. In tears, I questioned but I never saw a forthcoming answer until recently. I felt I wasn’t living my purpose anymore. I didn’t delight in what I was doing. Worry is an enemy of joy. It blinds us from feeling the power within us and how we can make a diamond out of some dull personality. Worry blinds us from seeing the possibility we are already living in. Worry causes us to want to rush rather than make best use of the present moment. Worry drifts us far away from God because in our not seeing the result of our prayers, we end up feeling like He doesn’t really care.

Now, as I was talking to my friend yesterday about this same same issue, this is what came to mind. The very same statement that has inspired my post today.

“Do it. You’ll be great. It all starts with a small step you know? Sometimes I think in looking for jobs, the Lord still wants us to make best use of the gifts, the talents and abilities. So that in waiting, we are still truly happy. Because we are doing what we love.”

So yes, that apparently became my latest discovery. Do we thank life? No. We thank God who in every situations gets to make certain revelations to us at the appointed time it is supposed to. You know God has gifted each one of us differently. He may have gifted you with drawing skills, writing skills, swimming skills, cooking skills, tailoring skills, it is so much. I can tell you for sure that you can make an all rounded person if you were to figure out just how much you can do.

In your heart, you will get that feeling of wanting to do something very often. You probably want to spend some few hours of the day at the studio with your band, making good music. You probably want to spend some few hours on your computer, writing useful articles. You probably want to spend a few hours in your kitchen, making good food. It’s all skill and God has gifted you.

Now, it is probably that time we stopped asking “Why”, me included. That time we probably stopped feeling bad because of being rejected at interviews. Stopped feeling bad for getting regret letters and so so much that’s a negative kind of force from the external. The internal is much more powerful. Begin to get addicted to your passion (in a good and positive way). A kind of addiction that will not only bring self satisfaction (which is important) but also reach out to those around you in an amazing kind of way. As you wait, do what you love and the Lord in His infinite goodness and mercy will bless every area of your life.

As for me, in my waiting, I decided to positively get addicted to my passion of writing. I would not keep going had it not been the positive thoughts I receive from people like you who get to read all round. Sometimes I’m afraid that when I write, I’m not making any sense. I want to delete everything and just let it be, but I go ahead and write anyway. That is because I love it.

So I will encourage you this way darling. In pursuing what you love, do not be afraid to disappoint. Do it anyway. Along the way you will fall, you will receive negative critics but that should not be the reason you remain on the ground. Your patience will be the reason you shine someday. You will shine in brilliance.

I would love to relate today’s post to this word of God: “Habakkuk 2:3

Be brave in waiting! 🙂 God surely will bring it to pass.

So thank you very much guys for being with me through this post. You’re the reason I will not stop because everyday, we learn together. Share widely to help another person as it may have helped you. 🙂

From my heart to yours. 🙂



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