Heeeey good people, well, I came across this particular photo somewhere on Pinterest and I was like, “Oh hey, this is so true? ” Hehe. I’m I wrong? Anyway, it has been a few days past and I didn’t get to say anything, but then now I’m here, and I mean, I will always be here. 

Well, I do not want to talk like one who’s love phobic, or to sound like one that knows too much, or to say and not mean it. I will just get to say, that which I know. 

How often have we trusted our decisions 100%? Trusted ourselves so much that we didn’t want anyone telling us anything besides what we already knew and felt? I know it is one too many times… Ah! I’m not even an exception.  Whether or not the decision was wrong, it satisfied us. 

I would love to mention just a few pointers on how, we fail to align our will with God’s own, in our love lives today. Wooooooh…. A little jitters I must say. Doctor love? No. Too much experience? No. Perfectionist? No. A learner? YES! Hehe. You must now think, “She may not have anything to share. After all, we all are learning.” Let us see. 😊. Where are we going wrong? 

  1. We stopped to pray. 

Do you remember that hour? It must have been a day you took. A night, a week. I do not know. That period of time you normally would pray for a life partner? God answered you. He did. And later, He was of no use. You have what you wanted, let God go back where He came from. 

  1. Worshipping the relationship. 

Oh yes! This is too common for us all. When we are finally in and in love, our lives begin to totally get dominated by it. Left, right and centre. Our friends, we don’t need them. Our youth colleagues and the activities, I don’t need it. The church, forget it. Praying? Ah never. 

  1. Too much self trust. 

Psalm 32:8 I will instruct you and teach you the way in which you should go. Give you counsel and watch over you. 

Often when I think of those moments of pride and confusion, this prayer and scripture comes to mind. We often want to believe that things should go our way. It is often what we feel that we want. How about God? Does He want it? Is He in agreement. Does He counsel you day by day, asking you to stay and guiding you through a particular path? 🙊

  1. The judge

When you have fallen in love and are now in and in. Have you come to evaluate this other person? Always pointing out their mistakes? How they speak? How they eat etc? Is that how you learn them? Where is room for love if they are now suddenly in your chart so you’d observe? I know. We have all fallen in here. 

God simply finds us fit, and gives us that mandate to take care of those He puts into our care. How? To thank Him for them. To pray for their best always. To bring them through tough moments by speaking hope to them. To pray with them. To love them how we can, trusting God to teach and guide us. Not leading them to sin. Forgiving them. 

So what did I mean, Never His, just ours?

I meant that for so long, God has stopped mattering to us and especially when it comes to love. We don’t trust His will anymore. We have gone blind and done so much that we have regretted later. We probably were with wrong people, other times pushed the right people away, and much much more. When God is in it, we will understand His will. We will have patience. We will know what is best and what’s not. Because, love is patient and kind, love is generous, love does not keep record of wrongs etc. 

You know that scripture in Corinthians yes? Let us always pray this prayer. 

Father Lord, I thank You for hearing me. You are the guardian of my heart and of my life. You have entrusted him/her to me. May I not seek to compromise anything and especially out of selfishness. Instead, may I seek to love as Your word has taught me to. May I not focus so much on self that I forget You. Instead, may I always entrust myself, him/her to Your will, so that you will instruct and counsel us. Most importantly, may Your will be more important than my very own. More than anything else my Jesus, I love You and I thank You. Alleluia. Amen. 

You may share this widely, so That we all get to learn one or two things. I’m so glad you passed by and read. Thank you. 

From my ♥ to yours with love. 😊


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