You have been born and left alone. You’ve perhaps been saved by Good Samaritans who’ve been able to put you up in a Children’s Home. At the time it is all happening, you aren’t aware of it. That’s because you’re feeding, you’re sleeping, you’re playing, and by God’s grace, you’ve been granted a chance to go to school. 

Time is passing by. You begin to see things unmask themselves. In your school are so many people, some are used to coming with their parents and that’s who they are directly involved to. Sometimes your teacher will need you to send reports to your parents or even have you bring them over to school. 

You have known other children who’ve grown up as you, and you all get to call Matron “mother”. Could she have given birth to y’all? Of course not! It is then that you begin to ask questions. It is then that you begin to feel under privileged. It is then that you begin to pity self. Why? The fact that you have no parent to run to makes you feel like an exception. Like you haven’t been born to succeed. 

Little by little you begin to keep away from your friends. You feel alone. Yes there are others who are in your similar kind of situation, but they’ve found a life. They have found family with you and the rest. They have found a mother who never was there in matron. They have been abandoned yes, but the truth is they are not alone. The family is much bigger and greatly accepts them, and you. 

Your performance in school is deteriorating. You were among the best but because you have a picture imprinted in your mind that you are unfortunate, your performance begins to reflect just that. 

All this time, you are not aware that there’s a light in you dimming. You are not aware that there’s a power in you that’s being put to rest. There’s so much in you that is beginning to stagnate. “Mother” is worried. The teachers are worried. Your friends are worried, but you are not. 

However, there is something that gets everyone including yourself perplexed. It is the School’s price giving day. You don’t expect to get a reward, because you know for sure how badly you have been performing. As usual, there’s performances expected to keep the guests entertained. You offer to sing a song for the crowd. You have never done it before but you feel inside of you, you need to give the audience an exuberant kinda performance. 

So it is your turn. You’re at the front. You think it’s just ordinary that you’re standing there. Perhaps just passing time to get along the distractions in your mind out through this. But baaam!!! The moment you open your mouth to sing, the crowd is all silent. When you are slightly gone with the singing, some are standing and singing along. And by the time you are done, the cheering feels like a deliverance service at an outdoor crusade. You don’t believe it do you? You are crying because you didn’t ever think a person like you would wow a crowd. Well, so you thought. 

Everything then changes for you. Why? You discover that there’s is something inside of you that could make you a whole lot happier. Something really powerful. Something only God can give. 

A lot of us today are walking around like zombies. We are not even happy. We seek to find ourselves. Our balance, our happiness. It’s overwhelming to be somewhere You do not wish to be. Sometimes we would like to atribute the sad life to our background but no. That’s only something we choose to hold on to. It’s an excuse and it is lame. Because you’re moving power. 

Sometimes, it’ll just take you to try something, and in the end you will discover how much you get to love it. It took my example a performances to discover she could not only wow a crowd by her singing, but that she could powerfully move herself from sadness to extreme joy. 

As you walk about, as you sit, try everything out. Your passion could be somewhere. You haven’t been put here to be mediocre as sometimes we choose to be. We have been chosen to shake the world with the power God has put within us. I find so much joy in writing and knowing that at the end of the day, I impart one or two. But I believe there’s so much more unused potential in me that I need to explore. 

Are you ready to give yourself that chance? Are you ready to show us that power you’ve got? Because yes, you do. Forget the events of the past. Focus on now and what you can do, because as sure as your legs are in motion, there’s is power moving from place to place that is within you. 

Thanks a lot for reading. Share this widely so everyone knows that they are powerful in every way. 

From my ♥ to yours. 😊


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