A very good morning to you wonderful people. I trust you’re well. And that it is all good things. Someone must have been right when they said and told me too often “The sin that’s committed most by us humans, is judgement” true to the statement, it is. There’s no Single day that gets to pass without us making judgement. It’s either good or bad but at the end of the day, it is judgement. So what would we rather do? Be quiet? Well if it is for the best, surely then we need to try to. But some will ask, how about if I’m judging the situation positively? Well, okay… I don’t know. But it shouldn’t lead you to negative judgement. You know? 

This is the sad truth of this wonderful and happy life. Often we judge people by what we see. Who they are, we don’t know. But what they do, at that moment in time that our eyes are on them, we judge so harshly. That’s sight judgement. It gets even worse when we judge by what we hear. There’s no love at all in our words. Take for example, and I’m sorry to use us ladies as examples but the point needs to reach home. When we were younger and still in school maybe, we did make choices. Perhaps we said this “I will not date until I’m with a job”… “I will not go to clubs and pubs, those are not good places”…. “I’ll not be friends with those guys, they drink, they smoke, they are into drugs and etc… ” You see, the choices are good yes, but there’s the aspect of judgement. You categorize people who do what you chose not to as the worst kind. You can’t associate with them. Huh? I know. I have been there. 

You know the kind of question that comes with judgement? “What’s love got to do with it?”Yes. There’s no love at all when we are judging. We are rather justifying ourselves and actions as better and the rest as bad. On to my topic now. “Their history, your story” do you remember that lady that used to be your friend? She got into a relationship and was impregnated. The boyfriend left her in darkness. She is alone, even in that sterile room with doctors all round her. 

Do you remember that boy? Yes. The one who got into drugs while in first year? He couldn’t get through campus. Drugs have turned him insane. Now you are talking about how he would have made better choices.  Sweetheart, what do you know? Do you write their story? 

Here’s the worst part: 

You didn’t know for sure you would get into drugs someday. You didn’t know for sure you would be impregnated and now someone else is talking about the consequences of your choices or actions. Yes.. Where are you at now? Those whom you saw as the worst kind, had their share of pain. At the time, you would only talk. Now their wounds are healed and their brokenness is mended. Their dark past is long forgotten. Their dark past is your current story. 

What’s my point? Let’s give room for love. Let’s allow ourselves understand. For from understanding, we do not even have time to condemn, to crucify or to judge. Do you remember a time we spoke about wounded healers? That’s what we are called to be. Not to judge. That’s for God. You do not know where you will be, at a time when you don’t even expect. Love conquers everything.  

I love you all so much and thanks for reading. 

From my ♥ to yours. 😊



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