Hi good people? It is Monday, a wonderful day of the week. Well some if not most like to think of it as the worst, but this is some kind of pacesetter. My weekend has been quite mind boggling. Yes, I mean anxious and happy, and scared at the same time. Let’s say, there’s communication that has been going on in my head for a long time. My heart already made the decision, but my mind’s been taking its time. Difficult, huh? 

Well, what I need to do is a bit huge. I know it’ll turn a lot of things around (That’s the scary but) but I know it needs to be done. I’ve perhaps not believed in myself much to make it happen. So it didn’t land me on a comfort zone. It landed me in a state of a litu confusion. As a result, I have been hurt and made choices I haven’t been proud of later. You know? Maybe I looked at it this way. That I needed to start from 10, down to 0. (zero). It should be the other way round, 0 and up to 10. 

I want it! I want it! Yes I do. But I’m scared. I decided to have a conversation with my friend last evening. We thank God. I received much more than my heart and my mind had desired. There is one thing she mentioned. “When you’re scared of doing something, it means you’re about to do something really brave!” Well I deemed that true because the result could be lethal. But at the end of the day, life does need to be lived differently and not normally. 

Figuring things out. Sometimes we do not want to change because of the comfort of the present. A temporary comfort. We do not want to risk losing that little joy that may not last us much. But come to think of it, is it worth it? Wouldn’t I rather attack this whole thing step by step in boldness and have a joy that lasts me much longer? We all struggle with some things, because we do not want to change it. Because we are afraid we will be alone or people won’t agree with us. PEOPLE! You are not even in the list. PEOPLE matter to you more than you do. 

We’ve been put to challenge quite often even by the simplest questions and truly you’ll realize we have had little or no zest at all to keep self happy and satisfied. But for others? It’s 10 to 0. Lol. Let’s have some litu love for self. Let’s change priority. When we are not thinking of us, then we will be stuck at wrong places. Probably with wrong people and doing wrong things while there’s so much to explore. 

I know it is scary. But it’ll be well worth it sometime. Let’s do this. 

Thanks for reading and have a great Monday. From my ♥ to yours with love. 😊


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