Hey lovely peeps! Well, people? Looks like I’m trying to keep at consistency. Well, it’s kinda a bit not easy but the thing is to keep trying. 

So now, have you ever gotten to this point where you want to keep at something, but there’s some forces telling you NO. Well this is some kinda tricky zone. 

I love my job, But No. There’s so much pressure, I hate my job. I love my bestie, oh No. But  she hurt me, she did something to me I’ll never forget. She betrayed me. I loveto wake up early. Oh No, but the last time I woke up extremely early, I slept almost all day at work, I’ll keep at sleeping a litu more each day. 

It’s called the struggle of consistency. I have come to realize that consistency comes with a passion, no matter how difficult the first results are. No matter how many times we keep hitting the wrong notes. No matter how terrible and stupid we look after several attempts. 

Some of these really successful people in life. Do you think they just got there? No. There’s some path you will need to walk. A must. This is the path that will determine if you’re willing to take the risks, with passion in order to achieve at the end of the day. 

If you’re struggling to keep a relationship. Have you tried? Have you had a passion in trying to make it better? If you’re failing in class, do you have the passion to try? To even seek help from friends? Is there love in your heart for what you have, what you do and where you want to eventually be at? 

Love what you do and keep at it. Only stop if it’s honestly far from what your heart would love to pursue. 

Thanks for reading. From my ♥ to yours. 😊


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