Hey wonderful people! It has been how long again? Forever? Yes I know. So I have decided to bring an awakening to a page that was this close to dead. And then someone just mentioned here with me “Thank God for friends. You know who they are in crisis” Today, I have witnessed that power of friendship. 

I had come from an errand and I find a litu tension at home. Before I got home, I decided to pass by a kiosk and bought 3 bananas. I was extremely hungry after an exercise that took a couple of my hours for the day. As I was walking, there was this man behind me whose paper bag was being blown by the wind. I turn a little scared at what that sound was and he is like “Msichana, kwani umeshtuka? Pole ni hii karatasi yangu.” and I answered him “eh, nilikuwa nashangaa ni sauti gani hii nyuma yangu.” I told him it was fine and gave him a banana. He was so happy. 

So now I’m walking towards the house and then a lady stops me. “Madam, huyu ako na njaa. Si umpe ndizi moja?” so I give him my second banana and he is so happy. I felt really good that I brought some joy. Now when I get home, I’m so excited I open the gate smiling, I’m almost calling people’s names from the gate to share my joy. But what do I find? A litu tension. 

I sit quietly and just watch. There’s tension yes but something is keeping me calm. I watch the running up and down and in a very short time, everything is calm. There is gratitude. There is joy and an acclamation of peace. Thanks giving in every call. I asked a few questions and it reminded me of my little act. 

Sometimes we assume these little things. Sometimes we help only those whom we know. Sometimes we may think our help isn’t enough for anybody. Nothing is ever too little. The Lord went ahead and even resolved a personal issue for me. Hehe. 😊

Let me share a litu fantasy of faith I have. I don’t know what Jesus is about to do for me, but there’s something He is doing. I’m just anxious and happy at the same time to see how He goes around this I do not know. I hope I’ll be back here sooner to share the good news. 😂

This is what for many, little acts of kindness do. It doesn’t matter whom you help. It matters the impact you have and in return, God favors you. He does something you least expected. 

I had missed you my people. Talk again soon and thank you for reading. 

From my heart to yours. 😊😊


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