cc6788427c4b7c3a6fcb95e4e1bfaec7I didn’t know this was an experience very many people had, until I got listening to “Woman Made New” last evening by Crystalina Evert. That’s how I have come to understand clearly the tremendous power of receiving Jesus in a manner that’s worthy.

Hi wonderful people, are you keeping well? I’m personally trying really hard to remain upbeat and vibrant, and it’s going well. So, I was listening to Crystalina last night and I got be encouraged. Sometimes we may sit as an individual person and curse our past. This gets to happen especially when we see how people have made progress, how they speak about Jesus, the testimonies they get to give and we’re like, “Oh no… The kind of life I have lived, I’m not worth a testimony.” My dear, you are and I will tell you why.

It has not been once or twice I have been to Mass. And then we get to that point of communion. You know? Everybody is all lined up to go receive the King of kings into their hearts. So Lucy, is seated and looking. She feels she has sinned and so she cannot go. I will tell you in all honesty, nothing feels as terrible as remaining seated while the rest receive the Messiah. You are in Mass yes but you leave the church emptier than you even got in.

I remember even having one time this month told myself, “I have sinned. I will give myself sometime before I can receive my Jesus once more.” I talked to a friend and she told me. “Lucy, you are letting the devil deceive you into believing that you can’t receive the Lord’s mercy, because you fall too many times.” And I was like, “Alright, I will think about it.” She the referred me to Crystalina. I currently have some of her audios but I got to begin with “Woman Made New”. Upon listening to her encouraging so many women from her true life story, I was totally moved.

When she mentioned having gone to a Mass where Pope John Paul was presiding Mass, and it got to communion and she couldn’t go because she had sinned, I related!!!! Of course we need to receive Jesus worthily all the time. Her experience was emptiness, she was sad, tears ran down her cheeks. It translated more to Jesus asking her to receive Him into her life, so she could be transformed. But at the time, she could not.

But God’s Mercy, is without end. After that experience, she ran to confession and made a very good confession. Then she had an opportunity to once again receive Jesus and worthily, into her life.

I would love to narrate and narrate but then, there is always a lesson in everything I get to write. This I wrote because I know many have been in my kind of situation. Empty and wondering when they will ever have that chance to receive the King of kings into their lives. I have been there, I have felt the emptiness. But the sooner we get to understand that Jesus is indeed present at Mass and whole, we will always run to this Mercy seat we so often would rather not go to. (Confession).

Another thing, your past doesn’t define you today. The things you have done in your past do not matter today. If we choose to so often dwell on the same, we limit the Mercy of Jesus in our lives. If we choose to take them as wounds to our healer, He renews us once again and makes us whole. That’s where the testimony comes in. Someday, you may stand in front of millions and your story will change the lives of many. Let God use you. Receive Him today! Don’t feel empty while He is more than willing to come into your life.He not only lives in there, He moves and He acts.

Prayer for today:

Acts 17:28 In Christ Jesus I will live and move, and have mt being.

Be blessed today and everyday. Thank you for reading. From my heart to yours. 🙂


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