b882f2a16b11ead91df98a66b63a31af.jpgThey say Old is Gold and yes, old is indeed gold… You know today I just got surprised that I have gotten a kind of obsession for the Enya music. Well, I get to understand she’s been singing since 1961, and I’m listening to her in 2017. Crazy, huh?

Well it is alright. There is something about her music. Now I understand why old people love old music and sometimes wonder what it is we are listening to this days. “Lucy, are you old?” Well, you are just there still “eating salt”

There is one of her songs that has become a total addiction for me since two days ago. It is called “Long, long journey.” You know it puts me in a certain mood that even when I’m entering the church or the office I just want to have my earphones on. Excuse me by the way! I’m addicted to the song. There are these words especially. Either I’m interpreting them wrong but wueh! She is good. Here:

30837534e83e2c06e540e078d833d3be.jpg And these also: Long, long journey
Through the darkness,
Long, long way to go;
But what are miles
Across the ocean
To the heart that’s coming home?

As in, that which you love so much and looking so forward to owning, you would even catch a grenade for! lol! Anyway I don’t mean it that way. What I mean to say is, as you know it doesn’t matter the ordeals you have as you storm into the gates of your goals… Those you really intend to reach. You will lose some things and some people, you will be broke at some point and rich again, but Enya tells us it is all worth it. For that dream, it is worth it!!!!! Keep keeping on!!!

Well, there wasn’t much I was going to say. As it is we had already interacted earlier, eh?  So keep calm and love Enya, my new best friend! Lol!

from my heart to yours… 🙂


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