3365efc4d1098e3aa2f144cc45d35668Hello and a very good morning people! Yass it is Friday, and what does that mean? It means that the weekend is here with us! Hulululu! I’m excited for a couple of stupid reasons but one genuine one is that I’ll get to sleep a little more tomorrow. Come on! We all love a litu sleep, don’t we?

A long time ago in a certain small town, there lived a king named Herod. I know that name sounds familiar right? Well, it is him. Herod, but not the very cruel one that wanted to kill our Baby Jesus. 🙂 Imagine I also thought he was the one? I’m only learning that they were different. Eh! Read your Bible Lucy!

It so happens that Herod’s daughter had a birthday party. We are all aware of how Kings would rather hold these parties for their only children in the palace. Lol. That is where even the princesses get to mingle with princesses and then you get to here anga who married what.. Anyway, that aside. Herod, the king asked his daughter to name what she would love for her birthday. Before she could even say anything, the dad was already like “name anything! Anything you want i will give you. Even half of my kingdom!” Hehe. “I promise!” I don’t know whether he used the words “i promise” by the way.

But that sounded so much like it to me. The daughter didn’t know what to ask for at the time, so she went on to ask her mother. “Mother, what should I ask for for my birthday?” Mother without even blinking an eye. “Ask for the head of John the Baptist!”. Daughter without even reacting in shock or pausing to gasp some breath ran to the father, “I want the head of John the Baptist.”

Herod, was shocked. He didn’t have anything against John and he was sorry. But he wasn’t mean? Why was John in prison though? Anyway, we will find out. So for me, I got to look at it and saw 2 particular issues rise from this story that we need to look out for as christian daughters and sons of the King. We also belong to a King btw!

Here is what I saw: Why would Herod’s wife even without thinking twice just ask for the head of John? A righteous man of God who did no one harm? Here is why. She was jealous because even in His humility, he was still more famous than their kingdom was. He would be able to do things they couldn’t do, and attract a crowd unlike them, just through the power of the word of God!

Lesson 2: The power of “I promise you”. Often so blindly, we tell our friends, our loved ones, our closest people that we would want to so much please. There is a consequence. I’d rather you tell someone, “I pray to love you every single day.” “I pray to get you that passion cake you love so much”. “I pray to call you later in the evening before I sleep.” etc. You know the consequence of an unfulfilled promise? You will often lose people you love and lose a trust you can never rebuild. Be careful with what you promise. Even if it is a little promise.

Back to Herod’s wife and the jealous part. We can never stop the Lord from doing what He needs to do. If you are humble, He will lift you up. 1 Peter 5:6 says.. “Humble yourself before the Lord, and He will lift you up.”

If you are humble, if you honor the Lord, if you proclaim His living word, blessings are bound to follow you. These blessings include fame and people will be envious of you. Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. Do not seek to avenge. The Lord will do that for you on your behalf.

so here are the lessons for today as we get into the weekend. Be humble, and watch out for promises. They have a consequence.

May the Lord bless and keep you. 🙂

From my heart to yours, with love. 🙂


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