706543cebbfc6b156a53c73cd03bf609.jpgMorning wonderful people. Can you recall the pain of a healing wound, that starts to peel off just again and makes it once more fresh? It is quite painful right? How do you handle the pain? Do you sit and cry? Do you clean it again? Do you just leave it exposed to the dirt and let the germs in?

Well, I’m trusting that your weekend has been really great. If I’m to speak of mine, there is nothing much I got to do. It was too short. I’m even somehow sleepy this morning. Lol! Anyway, I’m not complaining. If anything, it is still a day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.

So, I’m going to speak of scars today and perhaps we will get to share a litu on how exactly, we can keep the wound not open and exposed, and maybe how we can handle its freshness when it gets to peel. Everyone has been hurt in this life. It could be by your boss, your colleague, your best friend, the love of your life, even a relative.

That’s a really fresh and painful wound! Handling it at the beginning becomes even the most difficult thing to do. We focus so much on the pain, we cry, and we wallow in self pity. It is normal. You will get speaking to one, two, three trusted people and you will get to find out that if they understand your position, they will most likely give you the same kind of advise. “Let go”

Now the healing process does not begin with your confidants asking you to let go. It begins when you now confront your pain. How exactly you want to take care of the wound. It may not heal completely to be forgotten, because even a physical wound gets to leave a scar.It is however a battle. It inflicts hate, anger and a whole lot more bitter, bitter feeling.

I have grown up to know that Jesus was and is still the only wounded healer. But we too, can become wounded healers to those that are holding on so strongly to hurt, vengeful feelings and a lot more.This was a battle for me this morning. Sometimes I think, “Ah, Lucy, you’re just fine. Wuup! Wuup!.” And then I get to remember and I’m like “That feels like a stab in my chest!”

Then I get thinking to myself. “I’m holding on to this bitterness. How I’m I supposed to forget? To let go? To just live as if nothing happened?” 🙂 🙂 I do this in soliloquy. Hehe. Asking and answering myself. Lol!

When I choose to hold on, here is how i choose to treat my wound. I choose to leave it exposed. I do not sanitize it, it is just there exposed to dirt and germs. That means that my wound will never get to heal. I will be a walking wound. How about if I choose to let go? (Not a one time thing). Letting go means step by step. Surrendering the hurt to Jesus, asking Him to not only heal you but to help you forgive and finally, believing that through forgiving, He will heal the wound. He will sanitize it. No germs, no dirt, no dust. It’s clean and will start drying up and heal completely.

So now, how do you become a wounded healer? Everyone in this world is wounded. You become a vessel for those the Lord gets to put in your path. You become a wounded healer in understanding the pain caused by holding on to hurt. Letting the wounded person know that it is possible to move on, even if it does not take place suddenly. Knowing that they have been wounded, they can surrender, they can forgive and the wounds can dry up only leaving a scar, a sign of their strength in overcoming!

God bless you. Go out and be a wounded healer darling!

From my heart to yours. 🙂


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