Lord, just keep my eyes open so I’m able to write this to the end. A promise is a debt! Lol. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.. Hey guys how has been your day today? I’m trusting good. Everyone should actually get using fantastic, because it’s the weekend! Alililili! Oops! Let me use English ululation (wuup wuup)! 😊😊😊😊

My title? Yes.. That’s what I’m going to talk about. Has anyone ever smiled at you so genuinely, (or is it me that smiled at them?) and you felt like a whole new power or positive energy was somehow ignited in you. Just yesterday, a story was given to us. 

There was once this lady who went about shopping at Naivas Supermarket, Westlands. Then she was able to meet a certain gentleman who was an employee of the supermarket and she somehow managed to get some assistance from this man after which she told him, “God bless you”. The man later got to ask the woman “Who is your God?” It turns out later, that the man one day went to Consolata Shrine, Westlands, looking for this God of this woman. See what the words “God bless you” did! The impact they created. 

The same thing happened to me earlier today. During Mass, there is a part we get to where we greet one another, “Peace be with you.” in this same church and for a very long time, there has been a certain woman I have been observing. The thing about her that caught my attention is, how she’d read the readings at church. 

From a close glance you can tell that she’s a bit aged. But she is really smart. First she is so eloquent, smart physically and sounds really intelligent. Now what happened today is this. 

During that time of “peace be with you” she was just in front of me. And she turned. And she greeted me with the greeting. That was not just it. The warmth in her smile. Hulululu. “Thank You Jesus for making me sit there today” my whole day today has been with an extraordinary excitement and joy. Been at so much peace i didn’t even notice the day come to an end. She turned everything around for me today not just by the greeting, but by the smile also. 

So what I’m I driving at? There’s a famous quote by whoever that says, “You may be the only Jesus people see”. How is your attitude towards other people? I can tell you for a fact that you never can tell who is broken and who is not. You may also never get to know whose life you change by saying “God bless you” or “peace be with you”

The woman doesn’t know me. Neither do I know her. I may never see her again. But let’s wait for Monday. But the Lord knows she really did impart in me today. Remember, “You may be the only Jesus someone sees” 
God bless you! Peace be with you! 

Thank you so much for passing by. Have a fantastic weekend. From my heart to yours with love. 😍


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