605579c9a2e11ba46185d118d699ceb6Oh dear, its gonna be a really tough day for me today. In a good way though. I know you are already starting to think that I’ve started to go downhill eh? Never oh! Not even a litu. I will get to tell you what has happened and is still happening however.Eh, trust me is not easy. Ha ha ha! Ah ah!

In all honesty, I’m very excited today and sad at the same time. So I left home this morning, at my usual time (don’t ask what time) and I was walking helter skelter (remember those primary school compositions?) 🙂 🙂 :-). I got to the matatu, (not gotten a car yet) and just sat there. Something was really missing. First, I didn’t sit at my usual seat. And second, it felt all silent. What was going on?

I really sat thinking. I was just staring into the air and mark you, it was still a bit dark. I’m still excited though but I have forgotten something very important. The matatu has no music, and the lady seated next to me and she had some music playing in her bag. I think she had not inserted the earphones right. 😀

Now I know! Eh, Lucy, you forgot your earphones. How now? That should be like your wallet lol. You should never forget it. Hehe. So I figured why I felt so weird. It was because I had no earphones. You know sometimes when I’m leaving the house, I already know the songs I’ll listen to that morning. So now, while in the matatu I’m still in disbelief.

The conductor is asking for fare, but I’m so busy in my bag looking for my earphones. Unfortunately, there is just my charger.

Anyway, what excites you? What is it you cannot do without? Is it a good thing? Sometimes the things we can do without, we would rather even not be without it. But me? Music? My earphones? I would rather not be with my phone at all.

Now I’m just seated here. waiting for 5pm so I go home. Get my earphones and get all musical. I wish I was like those people who are so free and walk around with music on loud speaker. Lol! You will  not stress them by the way. Hehe. It is a good day still. Identify what you love and see if it does you good. If it does, trust me you’ll brew lots of ideas from the same that’ll keep you all fine tuned every single day.

I plan on doing another blog post later in the evening. I think I’m back by the way. So we will continue this wonderful journey of amazing stories and shares. Look out for the other one coming later in the evening!

I love music. I love my earphones, even if I’ll have to be without them today. What can I really do without you?

From my heart to yours. 🙂


6 thoughts on “OH, WITHOUT YOU (EARPHONES)

    1. Hahaha, looks like it is not just me with this “problem” music gets to do some kinda healing. It’s therapeutic. When one stops playing, I don’t see the use of the other. Lol. It’s just frustrating. Thanks sweetie for passing by though and sharing my thoughts. 😊


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