Good evening wonderful people. So this might just be the last post for this week. 😢, but I’ll soon be back and we will continue the wonderful sharing. 

So how exactly do we learn to live in love? How exactly do we know it’s right there in our hearts, and it’s more than enough to give? 

Well, I will mention 2 encounters I have had today. I walked from the office to where I get to board matatu from. That’s Ngara. As i walked there were so many thoughts in marathon in my head. I could gather none cause it was so much at the same time. 

By the time I was getting to the stage, I was even dizzy. Sometimes we put ourselves under so much pressure and it’s things we can’t even control. Psychologically, I was already into my future and I’m not even done living today. It was so much, so much because when I got home i was even angry lol. I must say I was angry over nothing. 

I think I will just remain with just that one encounter. I know sometimes we are beyond encouragement. Sometimes we are living today, but our mind is already 10 years ahead. That’s where we miss the point in this life. We forget to make best use of what and who we are today. We forget that there’s power within us to make us spectacular people now and in the days to come. 

Taking charge of today would mean that we control how we feel and especially about ourselves. Because in case you didn’t know, how we feel is how we act and how we act is  what we become. 

Love, love, love is where it all begins. I should tell you that because of those many thoughts in my head, I was a little upset and unleashed the same to someone. Let’s live the life we would love and love that same life because it breeds with it a lot of positive energy and light. 

I leave you with that and wish you a very wonderful week ahead. 

From my heart to yours. 😊


2 thoughts on “CONTROL IT

  1. “…That’s where we miss the point in this life. We forget to make best use of what and who we are today. ..”
    word. thanks for this wonderful post Lucy. we shall await your glorious return 🙂


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