5a43468dbbce5ef7913e68b94de51880.jpgHey lovely people! I trust you’ve been doing really well. It’s only been a fortnight so I’m made to believe in my heart that things and situations are only getting better. For me, I keep learning. Trying to keep a positive attitude and also praying to let go of fear of the unknown.

The latter. I’ve honestly and for a very long time held on to fear over certain issues because I was afraid of how they’d get to turn out when I acted on them. I prayed and prayed over the same but never did anything about it. I along the way felt that the more I held on to the fear, the more what I didn’t want in my life kept coming.

Anyway, that was not the issue. Today I figured that so many times we are able to keep a behavior or an attitude consistent. But fear is involved in that, we are already afraid that along the way, we might tire of the consistency and just opt to do something different. This is what I’ve been afraid of and that’s why it was the first thing I mentioned.

During the start of this year, there is probably something that you promised self that you would keep consistent at. You even went ahead to say “I’ll keep this pattern consistent to the end of the year because it’s doing me a whole lot of good.” Along the way, you either begin to get too busy or lazy. It happens. And you stop at what you had been very consistent at yet it only brought good results.

The question is this “How do i maintain a consistent attitude or behavior?”: dcce4d5280354f8577232805102b2bc3.jpgIt is to keep responding to this call which is CONSISTENCY! When you start getting too busy, for instance if you are used to taking a morning jog before work and it gets too demanding, you could choose to wake up an hour or a couple of minutes earlier before you get ready for work. If you are used to having your morning devotion an hour before getting ready for work and it feels too demanding, wake up an hour earlier and have your devotion. Compensate the same hour with resting an hour earlier.

There’s only one thing we are needing to live with in this competitive world. It is sacrifice and effort. If truly you are willing to achieve, then somehow you will need to compromise. You will need to make painful sacrifices to keep consistent going!

Maybe you have made up your mind to do something amazingly good this week. Something new that your own self will appreciate at the end of the week. You have put strategies in place to ensure that it works out. I want to tell you that it is possible. It doesn’t matter whatever block, whatever challenge, whatever demands life seems to play at, it is possible. Tell yourself everyday you wake up, “I can do this!” and it is true because you can.

Lastly, worry not if you’re scared that there’ll come a time and you’ll weary of the pattern. That’s not yours to take care of. It is for the Almighty God who gives each day. Yours is to practically and in faith live each day at a time and being the best you can be.

I hope this changes your way of thinking today from “It’s difficult to keep at it” to “I can do it by all means!” Because you’re here to make a difference! Thank you! 🙂

From my heart to yours. 🙂


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