Hey guys! I trust it has been a really great time! That you have had a truly wonderful short weekend. It’s never enough, remember? I’m doing well and still learning from my teacher, life!!!! 

Sometimes we think that we know much while indeed we know nothing. That’s why most times things fall apart even without us understanding why. In this case, I would love to say that, it is the little things that matter the most. 

There’s a song that goes like “All I once held dear, built my life upon” Often we forget that to grow, we need to start from somewhere. Whether it is your job, whether it is your friends, your relationship, your faith, everything starts with something minute. 

Let us take for example, you may have gotten attracted to a book because of its title, because of its front cover, because of its introduction etc. You didn’t get to read the whole book at first to get to like it later. It’s pretty much the little details of the book that led you to read the entire book! 

The same way with how we relate with people in this life. Something may have attracted you to them. You may have a friend, whom you got interested in because of how they’d manage to keep calm when everyone else and everything else had gone South. That way you were able to create a relationship. When later you forget how you got to learn, simply by that one thing, your life begins to turn in such a way you didn’t expect. 

Let’s value life’s little lessons and hold on to them. There’s none too petty. We keep them in our hearts because later, we will remember just how much we will need the little lesson for progress. 

Thanks for passing by. From my heart to yours. 😊


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