Oh shoot! It’s 2:32am and I’m out of sleep. We love to say when something’s almost getting empty. Lol. I just had some funny kinda crazy dream (I don’t know what I just typed) that I didn’t wish to get through with. First I see a baby in the picture who’s so adorable, of someone I know. 😂.  Yes. Hehe. I take a selfie with baby and she throws up on me and I’m like “aye, each time I’m taking a selfie with baby she throws up. Is she allergic or something?” so baby daddy tells me. “No. Baby has small throat” Hehehehe.. Eh! Dream 2, would have been nightmare in real life so let’s forget it. I thank God my eyes opened. I cannot even guess the ending. 😂😂😂.

So guys how are you? It is Saturday. I proceeded to post at this time not only because of insomnia, but also because tomorrow doesn’t need me exercising my “you’re an early morning person” sleep is important. 

There’s some great transitioning that’s happening within me right now and I’m learning to truly appreciate it. I don’t know if there did come a time for you, where you always expected things and situations remain as they were even when you’d been through that very rough patch? A time you thought that you needed to be there 100% for someone? Even at your most important personal hour? Anyway, let me cut that short. 

The older I’m getting, older since we are getting nearer to my birthday in the next like 9 months, I’m learning hard but really great lessons and I’m thankful. I’m learning that whom you’ve been in the past doesn’t need to always remain the same. Friends who have been with you in the past will choose to leave. Not because they don’t value the friendship anymore, other times, their task is simply done. You get to realize you’re gaining a new circle. Not that you’ve abandoned the other, but things are simply changing with the changes you’re making in your life. 

When you are taking time to spend a lot of alone time, your soul gets to release a lot of positive energy. You get to realize the importance of what you never thought was. I’ll tell you what has remained most important to me thus far. Here’s my little story. 

Since 3rd January this year, I made a resolve. (I’m praying to keep it all year through) How does your day begin? I wake up very early and the first place I go to before I go to work is the church. I have made Him so much of a personal affair that my disappointments don’t matter to me anymore as He does. In my doing this, I realize that nothing, absolutely nothing belongs to whom I thought it did. For instance, I let go of the fact that the office I go to belongs to some people and now live with the fact that it’s His office. I’ve let go of issues that I would rather have held on to, I now live with the fact that He is intentional, whatever come may, He has got my back. I let go the grouchy look and feel in the morning, I now live with the fact that when I look left, right and centre, He is invisible but very much present and I smile. 

It’s probably not all you need to do, but there’s got to be that one way you’d use to “Let go” of who you used to be and “let go” of how you’ve let situations be and just move on. Moving on means you’re not on the same current spot. It’s associated with growth and freedom. Life’s truly some kinda teacher. It’s showing me more of that every single day. 

If you honestly need to get to where you’d want to be however long it’ll take, CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE by the way. Be happy. Attitude is a great contributor of progress. 

For your great support and always and all the time positive thoughts through different forums and platforms we interact on, I heart you guys and that’s why this is:

From my heart to yours. 😊😊


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