1704ed3378f692e9b0aef832cb54ed27.jpgGood morning good people. By the way I wanna say that from the depth of my heart, to those that have been a part of this journey, read my posts, shared their thoughts and overwhelmed me with gratitude for the great lessons, THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU!

So how are you since yesterday? I trust the past hours have been fair. If not, it’s a brand new day. May the Lord take you away and amaze you, overwhelm you with unending joy, peace and love for this entire day. You can’t afford to miss these gifts.

Many may have spoken about this before, probably mentioned it as a passing conversation, but I choose to be a plus one, mentioning it again today. 🙂 I’m allowed by you, right?

So when I woke up this morning, I could remember certain instances and statements as “It’s a new year and I can tell it is spoilt for me already.” Others get to say, “Goodness, this day is just crappy for me.” Then other times we go like “Shoot, this is just the worst day of my life” and then another last one, “Where did I ever go wrong?” Some like to use Swahili and say “Aki nilikosea Mungu wapi?”

Well it is in human nature to complain, but other times there’s too much complaining. It becomes nagging. I mean, has there not been a single day you had something to appreciate? I know sometimes you will wake up and you’re ill. How about, “Thank you Jesus. I’m sick today but I still woke up and I know it is You that woke me up.” Then you’ll go to work and it is the same bad atmosphere. How about “Thank You Jesus. My job is so overwhelming. Too much pressure, but I have the job.”

Other times you’ll feel, “I have this friend, I’m struggling to like him or her.” How about “Thank You Jesus. Other people are lonely. They’re without friends. They’re lonely they don’t feel Your ever presence. Thank You for my friend.” Each time you make a complain so bitterly, do you remember how much God has favored you?

Sometimes we also like to think that others are favored more than others are.I’m learning and I can boldly tell you today that there’s no such thing by the way. If God sees us equal. Why would He favor others more? I take it this way. We have been gifted differently, so He favors us according to the gifts He has given us. Why we don’t see it is because we are so much in competition with life, and with people, we want to do better what others are already doing which is their own, while we should be making good what we ourselves have been given.

The year is still so very young. It’s still January and this is a time you’ve been given to think about how you can have a new beginning. Remember there is no day, not a single day that the Lord is absent. So if it’s feeling crappy, tell Him you don’t feel so good about it. But still, thank Him that the day happened anyway.

I’ll say this prayer for you and for us all:

Dear Jesus, I thank You so much for hearing me. I come to You humbly at this particular moment. I know I have sinned. My thoughts have failed me, my words have failed me and so have my actions. I have done much that You hate, and that includes complaining. Today I want to ask that You help me. Create in me a clean heart. Purify me. Do not take Your Holy Spirit from me. I know Jesus that sometimes situations may not have turned out as I would have wished them to. May I not forget that it is not in my position, but Yours my King who holds all the earth, to work things out. May I always remember that You love me every single day. For all the time I complained my Jesus, have mercy on me and forgive me. Put in me a heart that seeks to be grateful, every single day I wake up. I love You my Lord, with all my heart. Amen.

From my heart to yours. 🙂


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